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Arctic Patriot: Two From American Mercenary

Read it all, including the embedded links.

Then go do some PT.

You’re going to need it.

The Cliffs: Body Armor

Alvie nails it.

Do you understand yet?

Eternity Road: Outriders

Read them all:

Part I

Part II

Part III

To repeat some classic advice:

Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

And a question, from the same source:

Are you gonna pull those pistols, or whistle Dixie?

Billy Beck: The Secret Police

From Billy Beck:

They’re coming.

Please observe that they are being brought to you by unions.

Do you understand yet?

May 26, 11 | 3:51 pm

Arctic Patriot: Thoughts On The American Redoubt

Read it all.

That Was Quick

Re vehicular ‘black boxes’, read this.

And this.

Guess that used car just went up in value.

As Texas Goes…

To be fair to Texans, at least some of them stood.

So take the questions asked by Alvie, and ask them in your home state.

By the way, anyone feeling chesty needs to look real hard at the red/blue county-by-county breakdown in 2008 and prior years:

(click to enlarge)

To summarize the overall situation:

1) Electoral politics will do nothing except (possibly) buy a little time

2) Many red voters are just as adamantly against you “crazies” and “radicals” as the Rachel Maddow crowd.

3) Many readers of this article will be betrayed for their principles to the government by members of their own families and/or trusted associates.

Get ready….

Sultan Knish: Failed State Colonization – The Greatest Threat of Our Time

Read it all.

And don’t think it can’t or won’t happen domestically, either.

Do you think the people in state X want to be overrun by refugees from the failed state Y to to the south?

Fun times coming, boys and girls.

Fun times indeed.

Rawles: The American Redoubt



Especially with a cold-eyed view towards

1) What is coming, and

2) What you have today (‘cuz that’s likely all you are going to have) to face it.

If relo makes sense, better sooner than later.

People will be the dispositive issue.

And friends take time.

GardenSERF: Toxic Peace, Permanent Death, Surviving Memory

GardenSERF riffs off this piece from yesterday’s edition.

They really, really do think they know what’s best for you.

And they are going to continue to do it.


Please read this Wired article, along with its embedded links.

Here’s the floor speech by Senator Udall referenced in the Wired article.

Guard towers are almost completed, folks…

Repost: Hoist The Colors!

Read this classic.

If you needed to take action tonight, do you know what you would do?

You should.

Don’t Want

Black Boxes In Cars

Lithium Coming To Public Water Supplies?


From the Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys.

The Cliffs: ‘I Will Stand For Liberty’

Or not, as Alvie discusses.

I know – let’s vote in 2012.

That’ll fix it.

Fred Reed: On Patriotism

Fred Reed “examines the firmware of war.”

Read it, note your reactions, and think them through.

The gang thing is going to dispose of issues on this turf.

Bet on it.

Just as it has disposed of issues from the days of Og and his big club.

Best to understand it.

Barnhardt: Weekend Debriefing

From Ann Barnhardt:


Thanks so much for indulging my little mini-vacation this weekend. I went to Las Vegas and attended Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. I can’t say enough about the excellence of the Front Sight programs, facilities, curricula, and most especially the instructors. They are professional, uber-competent, yet friendly, good-humored and approachable. Just outstanding. On this trip I took the 2-day practical rifle course (AR-15) on Friday-Saturday and the 2-day tactical shotgun course on Monday-Tuesday. Exhausting, but great, great fun and a near-vertical climb on the old learning curve. Significant events of the weekend in chronological order:

A.) I flew and checked my own weapons with the airline. I was anticipating a big hassle, but got exactly the opposite, amazingly. The TSA gal at the Denver airport in charge of inspecting checked weapons baggage was just about as friendly and helpful as could be. She also is a big Front Sight fan and was DELIGHTED to hear that I was headed out there. And yes, she was totally swooning over both the pink AR and the twin Remington 887s. She gave me some advice on padlocks and securing the hard cases, and then we stood there and chatted for about ten minutes. She then shook my hand, and then had to give me a hug. If only all TSA personnel could be like her – truly helpful, pleasant, and steeped in common sense. What a delight.

B.) I stayed at Sam’s Town Hotel/Casino in East Las Vegas which was very clean and comfortable. I got a rate of only $29 per night, and it is off the Strip, which I despise. The only time that I can recall when I felt the palpable presence of evil was years ago inside one of the Strip hotels – just outside the door to a nightclub. I think it was inside the Luxor. I just knew that there were very, very bad things going on beyond that door into that nightclub and felt a very urgent need to get away from there quickly. I’m done with the Strip.

C.) Sam’s Town seems to cater to the older/redneck crowd (not necessarily meant as a pejorative) and is very laid-back. However, once again, I was struck by what I saw just walking through the casino. We’re talking a good 100,000 square feet of slot machines, and sprinkled throughout are what can only be described as zombies sitting at these slots. The only proof you need that casino gambling is bad for humanity is to LOOK at the people sitting at the slots. The only word to describe them is VACANT. They are all just staring at the machines with a completely blank look on their face and the only movement is the right index finger. At least with the table games there is human interaction and mental engagement. Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, in these games you are engaging a dealer and the people around you. In these games there is strategy and you have to think a little bit. The slots are just mind wasting. People don’t even sit with their family/friends. People are all sitting ALONE, spaced out away from other people. There is no conversation, no smiling – nothing. Just blank stares. The light level in the casino is kept static at all times, and there are no windows to the outside. Life is literally passing these people by. It was very jarring and sad to see the casino dynamic again. If you don’t go to casinos, don’t start. If you or a loved one does, try to get out of it. It’s an addiction, and a very destructive, consumptive one at that. And no, I did not gamble AT ALL while I was there. I’ve only ever played Blackjack, and I doubt I will ever do that again. I’m just not interested. Brokering futures is quite enough, thank you.

D.) My first course at Front Sight was the 2-day practical rifle. Yes, the pink AR was quite a hit. The instructors loved it, as did the students. I was quite the odd sight, I’m sure. It was “cute” until the shooting started, and then it stopped being “cute” and started being old-school bad@$$. It was a little stiff, but once we got it greased up good with brake cleaner, things started to fall into place, but I still want to see if my gunsmith can loosen it up a bit more. The Eotech sight was outstanding, and my 50 yard zero was the best in the class. I put 8 rounds in a 1 1/2″ shotgroup. I figured out that if you are precision shooting with a holographic sight, turn the intensity all the way down. The lower the intensity of the hologram, the smaller the red dot. Then you can tuck your tiny red dot into your target and be uber-precise. If you have it turned up to full brightness, the dot is huge.

E.) Just FYI, if Hugo Chavez is sent packing in Venezuela, it will be by an elite squad of commandos carrying pink ARs. Viva Venezuela Libre!

F.) Sunday was a down day (natch). I attended Mass at a lovely little Latin Mass chapel. While there, I was recognized by a stranger for the first time. A very kind man called out, “Ann? Ann?” as I was walking out, and then introduced himself as a “fan”. He was a little “starstruck” and even teared up. That’s me. I make grown men weep – but usually it is from misery and terror. This gent was misty because he was HAPPY to see me. That was a first. It certainly is an odd and humbling thing to be recognized at all, and then to elicit that sort of response. Guys, I’m not anything special. I’m just a person with a terrible gift for logical thought and doling out @$$chewings. We all have our crosses to carry. That’s mine. Ugh.

G.) I don’t have much of a “bucket list”, but one thing I have ALWAYS wanted to do is see Hoover Dam. And did I ever. I did the rancho deluxe tour – the power plant AND the interior of the dam. All I had was my iPhone, so my pics are a little weak. If you want to see Hoover Dam pics, just do a Google search. For all my cattle people, here is a nifty picture: it is one of the plaques on the top of the dam showing that the turbines and generators were made by Allis-Chalmers. Cool!

H.) I think Hoover Dam is probably the pinnacle of American, and perhaps even HUMAN achievement. Think about it. At some point, some guy walked into some other guy’s office in the 1920s and said, “I think we should dam the Colorado River. I think we should build a 750 foot tall dam with several million cubic yards of concrete and then run electrical generators off that dam to power a good chunk of the Southwest U.S.” And then the other guy said, “Yeah. That’s a good idea. Let’s do that.” And then . . . THEY DID IT. In less than FIVE YEARS. Dude. That could NEVER happen today in the U.S., because we are all a bunch of pullusfimi.

Did you know that Hoover Dam is NOT anchored into the canyon in any way? It is merely WEDGED. The weight of the dam itself is the vertical anchor, and the force of the water behind it is what seats it horizontally into the sides of the canyon. When they built it, they didn’t know for certain that it was even going to work. BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY. That is AWESOME. But due to this design, if there is an earthquake, the dam can MOVE and resettle itself should the ground below or the canyon walls on the side move. SHUT. UP. Hoover Dam. I love it very much.

I.) My second Front Sight Course was the 2-day tactical shotgun on Monday-Tuesday. I ran my Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical. Yowza. 887s are seriously serious about their business and I have the sore shoulder complete with bruise to prove it. But, pain is merely weakness leaving the body, therefore I am stronger now. Considerably stronger. Things really started to come together for me in terms of form and execution on day 2, even though I DID walk into an ambush in the tactical simulator. Dummy. But, Mohammeds one through four ate my lead. A fellow student took some pictures of me with a real camera, and when I get those I’ll post them here.

I got home last night at 1:00. It was an excellent trip.

Solar Charger

A useful tip from Free North Carolina.


You thought you’d always have access to a AC outlet or a DC car charger?

Billy Beck: It Really Is War – Just Like They Always Said

Billy Beck cites and expands upon Mike Vanderboegh:

It Really Is War: Just Like They Always Said

“For in the jungle, even the biggest predators can be killed without consequence.”

Mike Vanderboegh

The mandarin class: they know not with what they fool around.

The power of state necessarily devolves away from “law” and more toward “rule” as its interventions distort the culture into more frequent and greater crises, requiring range-of-the-moment responses. Did Richard Nixon set out to destroy the Fourth Amendment and forcibly suppress its principles when he declared war on drugs? Does it matter whether he did? No; what matters is the illustration of what I’m saying, in the court decisions that Mike linked. Look back at American history and tell me how this government could have come up with another way to lever its sheer power through your front door, and then tell you with a straight face that it’s for everyone’s safety. Maybe they could have, but they didn’t, and the fact is that the violence foisted upon this culture by this so-called “war” (they really, really should never have dared use that term) is staring so coldly back at them now that they must declare themselves masters of your home in this instant attempt to contain what they’ve started.

At the same time, let’s stipulate all the way to Mike’s metaphor of political ecology. I think that “without consequence” cannot be true. There is always a consequence to taken life, and The Law of Unintended Consequences extends to every point of the compass.

No one knows where it would run, and least of all; me.

May 24, 11 | 2:49 pm

Two From Arctic Patriot

Read and think hard about both, please:

Individual vs. Collective

Purpose, Direction, and Motivation

…There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I
We’ve been through that
And this is not our place
So let us stop talking falsely now
The hour’s getting late…