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Post Apocalyptic Skirmishing: Lessons from Little Bighorn

Read it all, including the embedded links.

The more things change….

Not So Far…

As long as there is little or no risk to bad behavior, it will continue and grow.

That’s the hard truth.

Here’s even harder truth:

You will be a murderer and a fugitive.

Or you will submit – whether as one who complies in terror, or sullenly, hoping that someone else will solve the problem.

Or you will be a collaborator.

Or you will be a prisoner.

Or you will die.

There is no “opt-out” position.

Any questions?

Choose wisely.

Codrea: Today’s Resistance Radio

David posts his program preview and makes this request:

Spread the word on this, OK?

Nobody else is doing a daily exclusive gun rights broadcast in a major market during morning drive time, and if this works, it could not only create an opportunity to spread to other markets, but also open doors for efforts by others. We complain our voice is not heard in the media–here we’ve got a foot in the door at an NBC affiliate station to promote a full-blown no compromise message. Just a few short months ago I certainly would never have predicted I’d see that happen–or that I’d be a part of it.

Pass the word, please.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

As suggested by a reader.

Of course, things might all just end happily ever after.


VDH: Reelecting Obama

The Prof gazes into the 2012 election crystal ball.

As for me, I’m proud to stand with these nice folks, both on their own individual merit and as poster kids for the Free Sh*t Army as it completes the conquest of America:

Re-elect Barack Obama 2012.

The worse, the better.

How China Sees Russia

A reader sends this article on the Bear and the Dragon.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam is pantsing old women who are dying of cancer.


Five Primary Tribes

Read Sam’s latest.

Think about your area.

Include in those thoughts this vignette:

According to a uniformed police officer in a major American city earlier this year, a few inches of snow and ice were all it took to reduce shifts in his precinct by 50% – 75%.

Think the Coming Excitement will have the same or even an increased effect on police absenteeism?

I do.

Now think about what that means for you and yours.

And take action while you still can.

SOP Resources

Read these two comments in response to this post:

1. Try Dr. Joseph Martino’s excellent work, “Resistance to Tyranny”. It has everything you’re asking for and then some, and is available on Amazon. Cheap.

2. Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks
SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook
FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad

Virgil sends…

Get those resources, study, adapt, implement, and train.


EFF: Know Your Rights

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation comes this FAQ on digital tools, the popo, and you.

Read it.

Share it.

Live it.

WSJ: The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think

Read it all.

Estimate the likelihood of continued near-zero interest rates.

Pass the link to your clueless friends and family.

Ask them if they understand yet.

Do you?

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

There’s a big damned problem…

Curtis explains.

Texicans, your move…

SK: Get Well, Hugo

Sultan Knish snarks about Venezuela, its jefe máximo, and the future.

¡Viva Socialismo!

American Denial

With the hat-tip to Colonel Bunny at the Reb, please read and then forward this look at American blissful ignorance.

And those panicking, drug-withdrawing masses when The Bad Thing actually happens?

They are functional OpFor.

They will do anything for the promise of “the way things were, once again.”


Forget that at risk of your own life.

“Keep It Running” Gear

Bill Buppert posts this gear review at ZeroGov.

Worth the read, and I’d be interested in any experience readers may have had with either tool.

Welcome To Our .mil Readers Today

Sure are a lot of you showing up on Sitemeter today.

Best wishes, fair winds, and following seas….

Any Confirmation From Boots On The Ground?

Much badness, if these stories are accurate:

Account Of Racist Peoria Mob Spurs National Attention

Peorians Living In Fear

Illinois readers on the ground, what are you hearing? Please remember to include links and/or other documentation if available, and to distinguish between fact and speculation.

Thanks in advance.

The Euros Go Python

Fire up the vid above above as you read this Drudge lead as of 2300 EDT Sunday night.



MCDP 1: Warfighting



Take more notes.

Think about your situation and your AO.

Think more.



Do more PT.

Harden your heart.

Alea iacta est.

Gunwalker: Muir’s Day By Day


More UAVs

Expect more “innocuous” use of UAVs in the coming weeks/months/years, as evidenced by this recent US Forest Service alert.

Wiki on the Raven.

More on the Raven from Global Security.

How about the agencies in your AO?