AP: Calculating The ROI

Read Arctic Patriot’s commentary on this article and this article.

After doing so, you may want to actually go and try the steps suggested here.

After all, as you learned at Faber College, knowledge is good.

4 responses to “AP: Calculating The ROI

  1. The difference between the high priced hunting rifles and those Enfields, 1903s, Mausers, Mosins, and other mil-surp bolt action battle rifles is durability.
    Wont find any Metal Injected parts on an Enfield will we?
    Sure my Savage 308 is sub-MOA, accurate as sin (longest range I have is 300 yards damit). But if I had to choose which to take into the field it would be the modified Mosin. Cant hurt the thing with a brick and 1.5-2MOA (decent ammo of course) will get the job done.
    Thinking of picking up a Mauser but I have so many other priorities to contend (sighs).

  2. Though I don’t have one and probably won’t, I’d suggest some look at the Gunsite Scout Rifle, a 7.62 NATO/.308 Win bolt gun with a single column magazine that hold ten rounds. It can be set up with either a conventioinal or forward optical sight mount, based on the Ruger M77 receiver.

    My personal choice is a Remington Model 673 in 6.5 Remington Magnum with a Harris bipod, 2-12x variable Optical sight with bullet compensating reticle. Trigger by Jewell.

    Swift Scirocco 130 grain Spitzer boat tail
    Velocity at 700 yards 1800 feet per second, energy 990 ft.lbs. drop 86 inches

    Sierra 123 grain hollow point Match King
    Vel. at 1000 yards 1580 fps, 685 ft.lbs., drop 211 inches

    To see additional data that may help you generate a range card for your rifle and ammunition of choice go here:

  3. Prairie Fire

    My second line scoped rifle is an 11/53 Fazakerly. Pretty much cherry when I got it. Put an ATI mount and IOR Valdada M2 on it, and my own hand-made wood cheekpiece that rivals the quality of what the British used to bolt onto their buttstocks. The rifle’s stock trigger took to basic work real well, and is nice now. The scope’s BDC doesn’t match real well the .303’s trajectory as ranges increase, but I’m learning to compensate. Have to segregate cases for that particular rifle away from other Enfields, since that one has a long chamber. But all in all… it is a good second line scoped bolt gun. And it does have an advantage or two over a M700, as it chugs along with its faults.

    I do think that Lord Roberts would approve of it. (Especially with a couple of non-authorized spare mags, to make up for what chargers can no longer do with that gun.)

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I too have several No.1 and No.4’s, excellent rifles. I scoped a ’43 Fazakerly, try as I might I just had to take the scope off again. Wouldn’t hold zero well, just like the No.5 jungle carbine.
      I have built several truck/scout guns for my friends based on the Indian 2A 7,62 Nato. Cut the bbl to 18″ and mount new sights from Williams with a peep rear. Everyone has just fallen in love with these, handy as all get out and 10 rds of .308 soft point is hard to beat.
      Ugly as they are, the L/E’s have served a long time and won’t let you down.