Read it.

Understand it.

Oppose it.

By any means necessary.

Or not.

17 responses to “Ordnungspolizei

  1. This is combination with the newly created, by executive order, Rural Councils, will zoom us towards engagement by several magnitudes.

  2. Pat Hines Said: “This is combination with the newly created, by executive order, Rural Councils,”

    Holy Cr*p…I hadn’t heard about this one yet. That is one of the scariest piece’s of law I have yet to see come out of Washington. Just Wow.

    To quote one article regarding the EO: “In other words, the U.S. government and the big corporations are going to team up to dominate the economies of our small towns and rural communities just like they dominate the economies of all of our big cities.”

    How anyone one can argue that this EO isn’t Socialized Central Planning is beyond me. Plus Obama’s Antipathy statement come to life in legislation.

  3. Its late, my back hurts, I have insomnia, and now this…
    What fresh hell awaits us tomorrow.
    Too damn angry for words.

  4. They were there “to sort of invent the wheel in advance in case we have to if there ever is specific intelligence requiring us to be here,”

    Maybe it should read “to sort of invent the specific intelligence in advance…”-you know, just to be honest here.

  5. Fuck the Gestapo.

    They ain’t touching me.



  6. Probably another Social engineering ploy at the direction of some social psychologist, perhaps to move things along, then perhaps the sociopath who shot up Gifford was a catalytical tool like ‘Gunwalker”, Maybe it’s time to boycott all public transportation, establish networks to help others in spite of the system, let the Government bleed out.
    And in the meantime, prepare for the worst, people will have to come together in small groups to survive, multitalent, functional units with common interests and trust. It is imperative to be self reliant.
    Let Their Cities become Ghost towns.

  7. Actively resist or fade into the shadows and operate unobtrusively?

    I would agree with Mr. Hines:

    This is combination with the newly created, by executive order, Rural Councils, will zoom us towards engagement by several magnitudes.

    This is merely speculation based on opinion and observations…

    I’m not sure how many dotgov quislings would return from the north Georgia hills trying to enact a travesty such as this. The word “revenuer” is still in frequent use.

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  9. With each new day and and every new demonstration of the growing police state, I awaken thinking it must have been a bad dream, this can not be happening!….Only to be faced with yet another affront to freedom. It is happening! We are allowing it to happen!

    Why do so many people line up like cattle to be violated in such a way? This is what is most frightening about all of it…..the people are allowing it.

    The standard line of questioning free-thinking individuals should be asking each and every time they are confronted by agents of the state should be: What is your reasonable, articulable suspicion of criminal activity that permits you to search me or my property? I do not consent to any search of my person, papers, or effects. Am I free to go? If everyone in this situation demanded to have answers to these questions this would have to come to a head or stop. They can not lock up all of us.

  10. Semper Fi, 0321

    Kinda like getting on the train to go to camp. Maybe they’ll have fun things for us to do.

    People never change, the proles will always stay ignorant and do what they’re told. There will always be guppies to feed the sharks with. Natures law.

  11. See this link: BO’s Rural Council

    Think about what this means when the Chinese (& others) are buying up large tracts of available farm land and other natural resources outside the borders of the cities. Getting that dotgov presence out in the hinterlands to do bidding for our masters? Just sayin’. Perhaps the tinfoil is on too tight today.

  12. Mark Matis

    When is it time for the pigs to rot in hell for what they have done to this country?

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    @Semper Fi: “People never change, the proles will always stay ignorant and do what they’re told. There will always be guppies to feed the sharks with. Natures law.”

    No offense meant, but it’s not like “the proles” are alone in not doing anything. The simple fact is that *no one* is doing anything. Yes, some people have stockpiled food, ammunition, etc., but nobody has really taken any steps at pushing back. There aren’t even many people running for office or trying to reform the political parties/start new parties. The TEA party movement was nice in theory, but even still, the core is comprised of people who just want to make sure that *their* free stuff keeps flowing.

    As far as more aggressive stuff goes, the last few groups to give the Feds a bloody nose were the Branch Davidians (and they were only shooting in defense), McVeigh/Nichols, alQaida, and Nidal Hassan. That’s also part of the problem – the Davidians aside, that’s a rogue’s gallery that few would want to be associated with in any way, shape, or form.

  14. Alan W. Mullenax

    So, after staring at that photograph for a really long time I had two thoughts.

    One. If I were there and that was my perspective, and assuming one of those yellow vested cretins was in front of me, moving quickly and…. Uh, never mind.

    Two. Looks like a Green to me. A contingent of armed Patriots politely asking the nice yellow vested individuals to cease and desist their unconstitutional acts and leave the area immediately.

    Those are my thoughts.

  15. Semper Fi, 0321

    Jimmy the Saint,
    most of my Tea Party friends just followed what Faux News said, that was it! I tried to tell them the ORIGINAL Tea Party got hijacked by Faux and Glenn Beck when they were just starting out, only a few months old. So we now have the Faux Tea Party(90%) and a few that still follow the original doctrine. But most folks never saw thru the smoke and mirrors from the TV b/s. Tea Party will never go anywhere, they were blindsided by the media and the masses just see them as racist country bumpkins.
    Yes, nobody is doing anything. Push back? You’re kidding right, everyone I know in my small town sides with the TV / .gov. None of them will think for themselves, they just do and vote what the TV says. I’ve shown them ‘V for Vendetta’ and many other movies, I really believe it’s just too hard for them to understand that Uncle Sam is a rapist and thief. They refuse to see that there is anything wrong(denial) and have told me I’m an anarchist! I give up, let them hit the wall at 90 mph, tough shit on their part!
    I have stocked up and am waiting, nothing happening in my AO. Very quiet, just like I want it. Why should I drive to AZ or GA to get involved in their local b/s when they should be taking care of things themselves? I should not have to leave my firebase to help another that is doing nothing to save itself.
    Once the fire dies down, we’ll see what emerges. It’s all I can do from here.

  16. Grenadier1

    Yeah Semper Fi why whould you leave YOUR hiddy hole to engage in any form of resistance? I mean if they show up and burn some other poor bastard out of his home why should you care right? Not in your backyard. I assume that your name implies service in the USMC? Good for you, but perhaps you have been out to long to remember the “take the fight to the enemy” lessons. Always forward, always uphill, always to the sound of the guns. Always faithful.

    If anyone believes they can just sit this one out they are badly mistaken.