More UAVs

Expect more “innocuous” use of UAVs in the coming weeks/months/years, as evidenced by this recent US Forest Service alert.

Wiki on the Raven.

More on the Raven from Global Security.

How about the agencies in your AO?

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  1. Our woods nazis are getting worse all the time. Law enforcement has gotten ridiculous(they actually are not legal law enforcement, they just made themselves such, the county Sheriff has authority over them in every instance), they are no longer here to help, the first thing you see now is a ticket book. Even the fire crews swagger around like they are LEO’s.
    Another excuse to waste all day playing with their new toys, should take them all summer to learn to fly them.

    • Forest LEO’s gained credibility and life under the Clinton admins push to add more police across the nation. In the 1980’s Forest Service LEOs were non existant. When they first came into being the Forest Service had no authorizations to carry firearms. The only agency in USDA that could “pack” were Ag Meat Inspectors. In order to circumvent the issue Forest Servive LEOs had meat inspector duties quietly written into their job descriptions. Viola, the evolution of the Pine Pig! Now the pigs fly.

  2. I think that a well-trained peregrine falcon could take a Raven (in-flight) out-of-service. Raven’s top speed is around 60 mph, peregrine falcons attack their prey by diving and hitting a wing at speeds believed to be in excess of 300 mph. Falconry anyone?

  3. DIY yourself an RQ-11 clone for the price of a new Glock pistol.

    90 minute linger time, space, weight and power for upgrades, base price $90 each in single quantity sounds like a deal compared to the RQ-11 US Gov price around 4/$Million in 2004 adjusted to 2011 FRN’s.

    There are microcontroller projects available to use with these small electric aircraft that will navigate to way points, linger while watching a certain spot, return home or to designated landing zone and land (or attempt landing) when elapsed time has passed or system power drops to designated level. No mfg can sell a turnkey unit ready to go to civilians without facing liability and regulatory destruction, but there are some websites showing/telling how basic such a project is when equipped with a credit card and some hobby skills. This is the tiny version of why you can’t buy a new Cessna Skyhawk for the same price as a Toyota Corolla.
    Of course, the FAA doesn’t like “robot aircraft” operating under US citizen control/programming. Think about Joe Stack. The US Gov would like a monopoly on really useful automated small aircraft flights.


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  5. Grenadier1

    You think your Sheriff has authority over the woods Nazi’s? That aint the case on Federally controlled land. A recent SAR operation in my AO had the local tree police refuse to allow the EMA’s search team access to the area without first coming in to the EOC and being read the ten commandments of tree huggery (Thou shall not snap a twig in “MY” forest).
    Fed’s trump local pukes regardless of the badge type.