Any Confirmation From Boots On The Ground?

Much badness, if these stories are accurate:

Account Of Racist Peoria Mob Spurs National Attention

Peorians Living In Fear

Illinois readers on the ground, what are you hearing? Please remember to include links and/or other documentation if available, and to distinguish between fact and speculation.

Thanks in advance.

39 responses to “Any Confirmation From Boots On The Ground?

  1. Obama’s Brown Shirts are starting….

  2. Illinois. Who’d have believed it? Wonder what the good folks of Peoria think of gun control?

  3. Yet another confirmation that the damn Army COE blew the wrong levee. They should have blown the levee on the Illinois side and solved 2 problems. Win/Win

  4. Expect more black-on-white mayhem in the coming months. Lawrence Auster has done a good job of cataloging these so-called “flash mobs.”

  5. Here’s a link to a news video about the story. Still the same guy quoted in the original story, although they are also showing a police vehicle that’s been parked in the area:

  6. Funny how the “news” media never sees racism when Blacks are threatening or attacking Whites or Asians. They go to absurd lengths to deny or twist the story in order to cover for their chosen people. Thankfully we have access (for now) to the Internet.

  7. I have family in Peoria. Will try to confirm/deny.

  8. Woodrow P Dingus

    scroll down to the June 25th entry

  9. John Thomas

    Here’s another story, but from Philly. This one just involves “Young people”:

  10. Drudge is now linking to the following article that downplays the previous report:

  11. drew in sc

    These sorts of stories justify the existence and use of bayonets.

    • What is the spirit of the bayonet?

    • No, thanks. Start at 500 yards and by 300 I guarantee the mob will have chosen a new direction. In my book if a mob scares you at 500 yards it’s a deadly threat (besides which, if you should glass an assault on another in my state, you are within the statute; range is not a factor). Got Cadence?

  12. Love the “downplay” “reports” – they weren’t threatening anybody – they were just demonstrating that “this is THEIR hood”.

    The police say “nothing to worry about – just stay inside and lock your doors.”

    W — T — F?

    2 words for everyone, everywhere: CONCEALED CARRY.

    Laws against that? Then you must decide whether you’d prefer to be alive and tried by 12, or dead and carried by six after being beaten to death by 50+.

    Remember this line – which might prove useful: “No – you’re Right! I CAN’T kill you all — but I can kill YOU! And You, you and YOU and probably YOU as well.
    Who else wants some? You? How about YOU?!…”

  13. The state of ILL does not have legal civilian concealed carry.

  14. Since most of you have recognized and rejected many of the lies forced upon us from above, commenters are welcome to email me if they are ready to finally withdraw consent for the last great great lie most assiduously enforced by the NY-DC-Hwood axis: That we are all equal, there are no group differences, discrimination is wrong, race doesn’t matter (and is an artificial construct). The apparency of this falsehood is proportional to your (and your kin’s) future survival.

    It is past time to deprioritize politeness and feel-gooded-ness. Ask yourself if any other group puts pretty lies at the top of their priority list? At least begin by leveling the battlefield.

    “But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

  15. ” A police nuisance abatement truck called the Armadillo, outfitted with cameras, was parked on the side of Thrush.”

    nuisance abatement truck?


  17. Of course this is going on all over America. You see it every time you ride public transportation in a heavily black metropolis. The young blacks swagger and preen, they are quick to take offense and even quicker to throw punches.

    It is ethnic intimmidation at it’s most basic. “We can do whatever we like because we are black. If you say anything to use we will beat you. If you fight back you will be called a racist.”

    The media coverup by calling the perps “teens”, covering up the basic truth of the events. They are shameless collaborators. The police advise people to stay inside while black gangs are rampaging through the yards and front porches. Anyone who did otherwise would be treated far worse than the mobs are.

    This summer the flash mobs have really ramped up and there have been bum-rushing incidents all over. They have figured out that what works for 4 or 5 rowdy brats on a bus can be scaled up to 50 or 60 young men bum rushing a department store or mall.

    Many talk tough, but if you use your CCW permited firearm to blast a feral Affrican-American 15 year old stealing a pair of sneakers expect no mercy in Black Run America. You will be hung out to dry.

    It is interesting to contemplate the end stage of our societal dissolution. Few are willing to discuss where we are headed bluntly, even on boards like this.

    • This is correct: there is no death penalty for stealing shoes. If the feral young man assaults me or my companion, then the law is on my side. If I was an employee, and I defended myself in the store, I would expect to lose my job. As a customer, I’d have my attorney make a written report to the local po-po station that a weapon was discharged at so-and-so after such-and-such, before making a hasty and frightened exit with my dear mother on crutches. Unknown result other than escape. The weapon is being held by my defense attorney. Just like with a car accident, the report promptly filed becomes the truth, especially if no contradicting report is filed for months/ever.


    Maybe the media will take notice when one of these “racial” flash mobs shows up in a trendy leftist neighborhood such as Beverly Hills, CA or Malibu, CA, and start pulling these Evian-drinking, tofu-eating, Obama/Clinton-worshipping “progressives” out of their Prius’s and Foresters. They did it during Watts ’65. Then they were pulling them out of their Cadillacs. One can only hope.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Black gangs tend to be less of a problem in LA than in many other areas. Not that they aren’t bad news, but they are badly outnumbered by, and losing ground to, the Hispanic gangs. They’re hard pressed to hold on to what they’ve got, let alone going outside their areas and stirring up trouble.

      Also, the LAPD (“Where every man is a King!”), LASO, and local city police departments in the wealthier areas are not exactly tolerant of outside folks, especially ones with bad intent.

  19. Jackson, you’re not alone. I know where we are headed, and it ain’t Utopia. Anybody thinks it won’t have race as a heavy brand in it is living in a fool’s paradise. No one seems to remember the riots of the 60’s and what fueled them. It was mostly bullshit. What’s that smell?

  20. Race does not exist for purposes of explaining to a jury why I fired on or bayonetted a person. I would never shoot someone over their alleged “race”, but would definitely fire on threatening bad behavior.

    Advice for good people who look a lot like people behaving badly: avoid those people, esp. when they are threatening, intoxicated, or in large potentially violent groups. You don’t want to be confused with the people “getting into trouble”.

    “discrimination” is a powerful technique to use for good. Avoid those things that will cause you harm. Choose those behaviors that have historically worked out well most of the time.

    “No ma’am, If I was expecting trouble, I’d have brought a rifle.”


    • I would never shoot someone over their alleged “race”, but would definitely fire on threatening bad behavior.

      Blacks are 13% of the total population and well over half of violent criminals. “Avoid bad behavior” is another way of saying “avoid blacks” without having to say it.

  21. I’m speculating, but in this day and age of tyranny from within, there are no coincidences. With that caveat out of the way, this stinks of further precedences that establish a pattern of marshal law and excuses to implement it in everything but declaration. Empty “Detainment” camps ringed by razor tape in the northern tier states, false declarations of a flu epidemic, a ghost command and control structure run by the military on sovereign soil, state and federal justices writing new laws that rescind due process of the fourth amendment in the form of illegal search and seizure by apparatchiks of HLS and law enforcement, habeas corpus and posse comitatus stretched to the point of breakdown, a general blanket pardon for violation of the rule of law for any members of the ruling Amerikan Nomenklaturer, mmmmnn?
    Theft of billions in intrinsic wealth, robbery of every form of prosperity of the American people, deliberate flooding of hectares of invaluble farm land and subsequent purchase at unheard of distressed prices by the likes of George Soros, destruction of every facet of the coal and oil industry via back door tactics and regulatory tyranny, “food safety” acts on the order of obama care designed with one purpose in mind, to control food all the way down to the garden and critters in your back yard.
    Tell me, somebody, in the last 20 years, and especially with the ascension of an illegal alien usurper and his shadow gang of commie radicals and Chicago mobsters, has a single Liberty or prosperity been created you can name?
    We are in for it. These crooks, traitors, ponzi scheme artists, tyrants and radical chic elites are not, I repeat will not willingly give up the banana republic, cash cow and private piggy bank they have set up for themselves formerly known as a Constitutional Republic, a system of government of, for and by we the people. My country is on the verge of becoming a total serfdom.
    Now just what do you suppose is going to happen when us slope heads and bitter clingers begin to revolt and demand this tyranny end via the 2012 elections? Are these people who have robbed us of everything right down to our seed corn, who are safe and cozy with the wealth and power they have stolen, are faced with destruction of everything they have connived and rigged, are these traitors going to just give in to a bunch of mouth breathers in flyover land?

    You best be asking yourself this serious question of the truth of what is transpiring all around us.
    Just ask the Jews, they know how these things go.

  22. In my humble opinion, and having personal knowledge of the civil rights era, the heart of America has come a long way in the right direction in respecting all races. No, not everything is as it should be; attitudes can and do nullify the good that others have done.
    If these reports are correct, I don’t believe it is a true representation of the Black Community at large. There may be pockets of such attitude and behavior, but don’t allow suspicion, rumor and the old ways re-infect. Certainly, criminals need not be tolerated and self defense should be exercised, but if we all fall off into the ditch, who will pull us out of it.

    • I don’t believe it is a true representation of the Black Community at large.

      It never is, is it? Every time something like this happens, even when the question of racism can’t be denied (Beat Whitey Night, “we’s gonna kill all the white peoples”) it’s never, ever, ever reflective of the vaunted black community. That’s why Africa is such a humanitarian paradise.

      Virtually all blacks in this country harbor varying levels of anti-white rage and resentment.

  23. Sounds like a scene out of “Camp of the Saints”.
    For anyone who didn’t read it when it was suggested here about a month or so back, now might be a good time. About 100 pages in the pdf, completely worth the read.

  24. A. S. Layman

    More and more it is truly beginning to morph into another Zimbabwe courtesy of our dear reader Obamugabe. How does it feel to be a white farmer in the early days of his purge. Reparations anyone? Ask how a black farmer with a petunia in a broken pot can get their $50,000 fair share of the payola. It was simple, didn’t have to reflect much light.

    All of this nonsense is intended to do one thing: Pit us against them. If one questions dear reader one is billed either a racist or, if you happen to be black, an uncle Tom. If one tries to plug the wellspring of bennies and subsidies you might as well whiz up a rope for all the good it will do. Whilst those who have a modicum of perception understand what is going on around them and make whatever arrangements they deem necessary to insure their own personal safety the vast majority will not do a thing. To make plans one has to acknowledge there is a problem. Since those in majority have their head so far up their backsides that no amount of break-free and round extractors will effect extraction they will NOT acknowledge a problem. That is, until it’s too late.

  25. Fer Fal at Surviving Argentina has had some spot on “directives” as to flash mobs and street thugs be it 2 savages or 20,and how they’re dealt with there now.

    And they’ve been living and dealing with it for a decade already……..


  26. Tribes.
    Know yours.
    Know the hostile ones.

    Don’t be blind.

    • Got Tribe,
      Locked, Loaded, Armored, prepped, and trained as well as a half-Mil/half-Civ tribe can be. Got land, got hardening in place, the rest… well you and a few others here already know. Our AO will be secured by any means necessary. I STRONGLY suggest anyone who has not finalized, gets very busy. The dance is about ready to begin…


  27. Mark Matis

    The “carried by six or tried by twelve” analogy only works if the “Legal System” will allow it to work. Understand that the Judge rules his courtroom, and gets to decide what defense you are allowed to present. MOST judges spit on the intent of the Constitution. Or have you not realized that yet?

  28. Lock and Load.

    It’s going to get worse.


  29. Mark Matis

    And for mttoppatriot, the REAL question to ask is “WWLED”? For it will not be the Masters coming for the patriots, but instead LE. By now I would hope you know the answer to that.

  30. Sanders: The spirit of the bayonet of course, is, to kill. CB. Love that lalaland you live in. How’s that desegregation thing working out in our major metropolitan areas? Things a little rocky in Chicago, Newark, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, L.A. etc? Man, I can’t help but extol the wisdom of that Fair Housing Act of 1964. You just can’t discriminate who you rent or sell to. In other words, all your property now belong all us. I understand about 15 square miles of downtown Detroit belongs to………… nobody. No go zones? Flash mobs? Who’s brave enough to walk down the streets in St. Louis, or D.C. or Oakland, Dallas, at night, alone? Yep, we’ve come a long way allright, and things are so much better now.

  31. Arm yourself. If confronted then engage the perps with a shot to the head. Shoot the son-of-a bitch in the head !