American Denial

With the hat-tip to Colonel Bunny at the Reb, please read and then forward this look at American blissful ignorance.

And those panicking, drug-withdrawing masses when The Bad Thing actually happens?

They are functional OpFor.

They will do anything for the promise of “the way things were, once again.”


Forget that at risk of your own life.

5 responses to “American Denial

  1. Overheard in the company break room today:
    “… but we’re not sure about buying the house – the market for selling is really bad -”
    “Yeah, and the debt ceiling -”
    “Yeah, the debt ceiling. It’s so silly. Everyone knows they’re going to raise it. They’re being so unreasonable about it. I mean, you can’t just do spending cuts, you have to increase revenue too. And not raising it could cause such huge problems. The Republicans are just doing this to hurt Obama and stop him from getting re-elected …”

    At this point I left the room, so as not to start screaming incoherently at the speaker – a mid/late-30s white man with a title of “Director”.

  2. It can happen here.

    It is happening here, right now. Several fronts of the polygonal battlespace are hot, others are warming up.


  3. Denial kills period. Sadly, I have no pity for those who willfully ignored the signs.

    Our tribe is as ready as we can be. Our AO will be secure, by any means necessary.

    Those who have half-assed it, or not even tried will be food for the golden horde.

  4. A. S. Layman

    Stockholm syndrome on a mass scale.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    OpFor, yes; functional, maybe not. When the supplies of Prozac, Ritalin, and other such drugs dry up, there will be a lot of very non-functional people out there. If they couldn’t deal with the stress of life in the salad days (and not denigrating the fact that holding a job, keeping a family together, roof over head, food on table, etc. is stressful even in the good times), how, exactly, are they going to handle what’s to come?