“Keep It Running” Gear

Bill Buppert posts this gear review at ZeroGov.

Worth the read, and I’d be interested in any experience readers may have had with either tool.

5 responses to ““Keep It Running” Gear

  1. I have used the CAT for over a year and it helps speed up cleaning.

  2. I can tell you just from looking that these tools look like the answer to a few of the more tedious issues with the platform. I might look into picking some up. Thanks!

  3. This is another good one to have for the home cleaning bench, but has a lot of little pieces that can get lost in the field:


  4. I just this AM ordered a tool in the kit form from Sam. Promt,honest,and freindly as all get out! I’d order another just for those reasons. This guy earned my business in anything he decides to offer the community! Check it out everyone.