WSJ: The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think

Read it all.

Estimate the likelihood of continued near-zero interest rates.

Pass the link to your clueless friends and family.

Ask them if they understand yet.

Do you?

5 responses to “WSJ: The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think

  1. We have this problem in Texas. Thousands of homosexual, communist, yellow, pieces of shit live in Austin, and they strive with all their might to screw 20+ million Texans, whenever they can.

  2. Are we to believe that Mr Lindsay and the other great financial minds that frequent the pages of the WSJ are just now accepting this as “news”?….really?
    Anyone with eyes to see and an even rudimentary grasp of mathematics knows the financial station of the United State Government is untenable.

    The question remains; what are those who lead us into this mess going to do about it?

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    I have a brother in law who is a banker/financier who sounds just like that article. Ask him a question and all you get are statistics and rates that really mean nothing to someone who doesn’t read the WSJ. I really believe that most of these people are that clueless, they read numbers and the rest of the world doesn’t exist outside that sphere.
    But the fact of the matter is, these people are so far removed from reality, they haven’t a clue of what’s real or fantasy. For several years I’ve been telling my sister and brother in law to start stocking up; food, equipt (he almost pees himself when I mention guns, she’s the shooter in that family), etc, and he just goes back to quoting statistics and how Wall St. has everything under control.
    Oh, and did you know that FDIC will make sure you don’t lose any of your money in the bank?
    I would truly love to see the look on his face when TSHTF and he can’t access his account on his laptop. His entire life will dissolve right then and there. As well as millions of other clueless guppies.

  4. Estimate the likelihood of continued near-zero interest rates.

    That’s easy. To quote Dean Wormer (telling Bluto his GPA) “zero point zero”.

  5. TL:DR…
    What’s on TV tonight?