Five Primary Tribes

Read Sam’s latest.

Think about your area.

Include in those thoughts this vignette:

According to a uniformed police officer in a major American city earlier this year, a few inches of snow and ice were all it took to reduce shifts in his precinct by 50% – 75%.

Think the Coming Excitement will have the same or even an increased effect on police absenteeism?

I do.

Now think about what that means for you and yours.

And take action while you still can.

8 responses to “Five Primary Tribes

  1. We’re fortunate to live in an area in which a police presence is neither wanted nor needed, and we have very little of it here.

    In fact, we view them as the greater danger to our safety.

  2. I am in the opposite situation from Pat, our area in southern AZ is swarming with every manner of armed tax-eaters prowling for the low hanging fruit and chumming for revenue. They are a far greater threat to the average citizen (witness the state murder Jose Guerena in Tucson) here than the illegals and privatized criminal organizations and goblins.

    What would happen if cops went on strike for weeks or months on end? Things would be dicey…for about an hour. Then civil society would breathe a sigh of relief and the privatized criminal element would find their occupations much more hazardous than when they operated under the police umbrella that, if anything, encouraged their behavior.

    We just went through the Monument Fire down here in AZ and the community really pulled together and, of course, the cops pushed and shoved, threatened and cajoled (in AZ, you need not comply with a mandatory evacuation order but they will harass you), made a mess of traffic and evacuations and otherwise used it as an opportunity to intimidate and push folks around. Volunteer actions and responses were tremendous as evidenced by the floods in TN and the Dakotas.

    Humans can police themselves without using proxies with guns to incentivize the proper behaviors.


    This was explained in the book: CIVIL WAR TWO by Thomas W. Chittum. HIs predictions have been slowly coming true. Plan. Prepare. Network.

  4. Mark Matis

    One can always hope that police absenteeism will become terminal…

  5. Semper Fi, 0321

    I’m with Pat, very few LEO! 1 deputy sheriff lives a block away, he was at the senior citizens center last year telling them they didn’t have to listen to the census takers, it was all B/S!
    So things are very quiet in my neck of the woods, EXCEPT the BLM and Woods Nazi LEO’s! But there’s only 2-3 of them for thousands of miles of roads.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Disagree with his point somewhat in the particulars, but not in the general. In Southern California, for example, the immediate conflict would likely be Hispanic v. Black, as it is already ongoing, at least in the urban areas.

    I also suspect that to the extent there is a “white” tribe, in many areas, it will be very factonalized. There are plenty of whites, primarily on the Left, who really, really despise their race.

    Oddly enough, the LEO tribe, to the extent it forms, will probably be most dangerous in suburban areas. Their numbers will be *relatively* more effective in dealing with smaller communities as opposed to large ones. In a total collapse scenario in LA, for example, they’ll be very hard pressed simply trying to stay alive and in control of the more-or-less safe areas (the Beverly Hills and such).

  7. I refer to LEO as a gang, the biggest gang in the US. There are more than a million LEO in the US. One million. TSA, HSA, FBI, Border Patrol, State police, local cops, and every other acronym you can come up with. Not counting the black ops or shadow forces we are not aware of.

    In a SHTF situation, they have ammo, weapons, gear, etc. They will be a problem. Not all but some.

  8. Mark Matis

    They ALL will be a problem. A very few may not, but they will be the exception rather than the rule. Or do you imagine that in the departments where these murders are being committed, that ANY significant number of their fellow “Law Enforcement” are saying ANYTHING negative to them?

    The only good pig…