FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

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Of course, things might all just end happily ever after.


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  1. There used to be a two-week course taught at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, that followed that book. It was, for people in National Guard combat units, an achievable thing to accomplish, in a way that getting sent to Airborne or Ranger schooling, was not.

    What’s in the book, is good basic stuff. As presented, I’d call it a morale booster for a person who chooses to learn from it. (Boosted morale for up-and-coming partisans could be a good or an ill thing, your choice.) I’d call this manual a significant step up from the Smart Book that people used to have to have on them at all times.

  2. This is the 1984 version. If possible, one wants to get the 1967 version as well – and compare and contrast. The Army goes through doctrinal cycles, emphasizing different things at different times… It has been years since I have compared the two versions, but if memory serves there are worthy topics in the ’67 version left out of the ’84 version.

    Examining the tables of contents, the 1984 version topics mirror, to a great extent, the topics in Part I of the ’67 version. What it lacks is Part II, Patrolling…

    The Table of Contents of the 10 July, 1967 version reads as:
    Part I: Combat Training of the Individual Soldier
    Chpt 1: Introduction
    Chpt 2: Combat Training
    Chpt 3: Individual Protection (Active, Passive, Health/Hygiene)
    Chpt 4: Combat Intelligence and Counterintelligence
    Chpt 5: Messages and Messengers
    Chpt 6: Survival on the Nuclear Battlefield
    Chpt 7: Survival. Evasion, Escape
    Chpt 8: The Sniper and Infrared Equipment
    Chpt 9: Counterguerrilla Operations

    Part II: Patrolling
    Chpt 10: (Introduction to Patrolling)
    Chpt 11: Patrolling Responsibilities
    Chpt 12: Patrol Planning and Preparation
    Chpt 13: Conduct of Patrols
    Chpt 14: Point and Area Reconnaissance Patrols
    Chpt 15: Raid Patrols
    Chpt 16: Ambush[es] and Ambush Patrols
    Chpt 17: Security, Contact, and Economy of Force Patrols
    Chpt 18: Motorized Patrols
    Chpt 19: Search and Attack Patrols
    Chpt 20: Airmobile and Waterborne Patrols
    Chpt 21: Immediate Action Drills for Foot Patrols
    Chpt 22: Defense Against Ambush – Dismounted Units
    Chpt 23: Patrol Bases
    Chpt 24: Use of Scout Dogs with Patrols
    App D: Patrol Tips
    App E: Infiltration Course


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