Not So Far…

As long as there is little or no risk to bad behavior, it will continue and grow.

That’s the hard truth.

Here’s even harder truth:

You will be a murderer and a fugitive.

Or you will submit – whether as one who complies in terror, or sullenly, hoping that someone else will solve the problem.

Or you will be a collaborator.

Or you will be a prisoner.

Or you will die.

There is no “opt-out” position.

Any questions?

Choose wisely.

36 responses to “Not So Far…

  1. I’ve been saying it for years. Until the invading bullies get their noses bloodied they will continue to bully. A bully soon finds another target when he knows he will likely receive retribution for his behavior.


  2. Until the cost of doing this business is painful for those who engage, it will continue to increase. There is no downside for LEO. They get bigger budgets. They get to seize the assets. They get to feed the Ego.

    Very cool graphic, too.


  3. Maybe they will catch you and maybe they wont. If they do catch you, maybe they will catch more of you than they can handle. Get your head screwed on straight and harden your hearts.

    • Neither predator nor prey initially, but eventually – when things heat up – those of us who haven’t already died will need to become predators.

    • Thanks for the reminder, Mark.



    Assassination market starting up here soon — probably the 4th.

    Who will put their money where their mouth is?

  5. Just for clarification… what is the definition of “unlawful arrest” ? 😉
    It seems like a chicken & egg kind of thing (unlawful arrest is usually determined some time AFTER the arrest has been made… not before). As soon as you wake up at 3am from your door being broken in and begin defending yourself, they WILL shoot to kill you and yours.
    So I do not take any comfort in knowing that there is this legal precedence.
    Do what ya gotta do. Change the rules on them if you can.
    That is all I will say in this forum.

  6. Something to consider: what rule of warfare says that you must respond at a time and place of the enemy’s choosing? Choosing to fight an enemy when and where he is strong and relatively invulnerable to you or your forces is, quite simply, STOOOOOPID. It will get you put into a box and accomplish none of your goals. An example of such behavior is trying to resist a no-knock warrant at 3:30 AM that is being “served” by a dozen SWAT members in armor with full autos and night vision goggles. Best case scenario there is that you get a rifle butt in the face, and get the crap beaten out of you before and after they cuff you and take you downtown. Worst case is that you and some other members of your household (you know, the wife and kids that you’ve got a duty to defend) get killed, and the papers make you out to be a complete wacko (and your ideals as part of the deal). A better option, IMHO, is to let your house get searched, let them arrest you if that’s what they want, and then fight them. Even if you are convicted of some “crime” using evidence that was gathered illegally, you and your family survive. You eventually get out of prison, and can then take your sweet time to remedy the wrong that was committed – at a time and place of YOUR choosing.

    Living to fight another day is an age-old concept. Fighting to the death in the most disadvantageous circumstances may meet some concept of “honor,” but in the end it gets you dead with little or no effect on those who did it. Is that what you want, or do you wish to have an impact on the future?

    • Q: what rule of warfare says that you must respond at a time and place of the enemy’s choosing? A: Modern US warfare against foreign enemies using ROE that allows the locals maximum freedom of movement/timing/action while requiring US forces to act as defenders of “meals on wheels” to feed/resupply the OpFor via their homefront (wimmin & future-fighters). SWAT warfare against domestic populations are not quite as systematic as the pre-WWII block-by-block clearing of Warsaw, but if you are a target the result is the same.

      Bob Wright had the best quote with (para) “there’s plenty of you Fed’s right here…” when asked about traveling to defend against the next Waco Killers event.

      Job #1 of the insurgent fighter is to survive. Dying “to make a point” is a FAIL. Even in prison and friendless, intelligence can be gathered, lists/plans made, silence practiced, months counted down. Good behavior gets you out early so that work can really begin.


    • What if “jail” isn’t the destination….what if it’s a camp?
      What’s the saying?

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .”

      Be careful you don’t wait too long to resist. When the wolves are at the door….it’s likely past time, but I’m not going to follow the advice to “play along” as the good little sheep and hope for an early release. Just as the Boston Massacre helped steel our forefathers to the thought of revolution, so too may our sacrifices.

    • Millions of russians went to the gulags under this logic.

      It makes sense, but if everyone “lives” to fight another day”, “another day” never comes, and the end result is submission.

      Someone’s gotta be the idiot.

    • Witchwood

      Even in prison and friendless, intelligence can be gathered, lists/plans made, silence practiced, months counted down.

      Do you know what happens to middle-aged white guys in prison/jail? They spend their time either getting f*cked up the ass, or in combat trying to prevent getting f*cked up the ass. The guards will be chuckling all the while, btw. When you go inside, the state gets to see you tortured without doing the torturing themselves. And when you get out, a great deal will no longer have value to you, since you won’t be a man anymore.

      Personally, I’ve already sworn my oath. I’ll not be taken alive if I can help it.

  7. Oakenheart

    Texan, what if it’s some home invasion gang yelling POLICE but actually being pookie and his bro’s from down the screet? Well, guess you’re just F’d out of that “later”. That’s the problem with this “police” tactic. You have no way to tell if it’s legitimately cops or not.

  8. First: there is no longer any such thing as an unlawful arrest. We have seen that the LE agency can arrest for any reason – even unConstitutionally – and be found to have behaved “properly”. This concept only worked when the Constitution meant something to law enforcement.

    Second: Going after “them” first means you will not be targeting the individuals who need it the most, unless you have developed the necessary intel beforehand. (If you can, great, go for it. Otherwise you are wasting ammo. The truly bad ones won’t care if a few of their co-workers are lost, except that it will produce an environment where they can kill more freely.)

    Third: dying – through direct action or by being left wounded until you expire ala Guerena – may be acceptable to some of us if we are willing to trade our life for one or more of those LEOs who think it is great to be able to play with the military toys and have a chance to kill someone with them. A handgun may not penetrate a SWAT helmet, but your .308 or .30-06 will do so easily. If they are lined up in a stack, you may even manage two hits or more for each shot.

    Fourth: Following Solshenitsyn’s advice to make them understand they need to say goodbye to their families each time they go to work is the only way to change their behavior. I will add this, as I have in other venues, though it may well eventually get me a visit from DHS or whomever – if FreeFor makes a point of targeting pelvic shots where possible (you know you are going to die anyway), where a non-lethal hit will not only drop the thug but perhaps also render him incapable of passing on his filthy genes, perhaps even more will decide a SWAT stack is not where they want to be.

    • It is the hammer that strikes the nail but it is the carpenter who swings the hammer. There will be no change in events until the carpenter starts getting hit by the hammer.

  9. A. S. Layman

    Read and study the 47 Ronin, particularly the actions and planning of Asano’s retainer Öishi Kuranosuke.

  10. For your consideration, Patriots:

    We surround them. Don’t wait for the knock on your door… and never never give up… ◄Dave►

  11. LEO only does what his Commander allows. Why start at the bottom?

  12. Mark Matis

    As always, the only good pig…

  13. Following the SWAT raid that killed Mr. Guerena, everyone on the blogosphere knew the names of nearly every member of the execution squad. I have read other event histories that have also listed the names of the invaders. Perhaps if some of these individuals ended up as targets, the word would get out. Only a suggestion, of course.

  14. I think someone once told me about the “Cannibal Dilemma”. How long do you wait to start eating some of the corpses after the plane crash in the remote location? If you wait too long to decide to do it, it will not help, since you are already too weak and will die anyway.


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  16. AP:

    “Someone’s gotta be the idiot…”

    Awesome unit motto.

    We now need it in Latin….

  17. “Someone’s gotta be the idiot…”

    Quis Fatuus Esse

    (gleaned from several online translators)

  18. How about a patch, featuring a silhouette of the “Minuteman Statue” and the motto: Quis Fatuus Esse

    Or a poster, with the words under the classic photo,_Massachusetts

  19. subtle variations on ‘someone’:

    aliquis – someone, anyone, anything, (adv.) in any respect
    aliquid – someone, somebody, something
    decessor – someone who retires / a predecessor
    exclamo – to shout, cry aloud, exclaim, call someone by name
    effector, effectrix – producer, someone who causes something

    subtle variations on’ idiot’:

    cuculus, cuculi – ninny, nincompoop, cuckoo
    stultus, stulti – fool
    fatuus, fatui – foolish, idiotic

    After further review, maybe go with plural “Stulti” or “Cuculi”:

    “Aliquis Esse Stultus” or “Aliquis Esse Cuculi “

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  21. Grenadier1

    Lets pull a few things together from different trains of thought. If we are not yet at the place where eliminating the thugs outright is acceptable maybe we can take a different tack. Your local Police department carries itself around in a vast array of vehicles. Many are taken home by their drivers. Lets note those locations for future use. Many are parked in “secure” locations. I use the quotes because they are really only secure because no one thinks anyone will risk going after them. Lets change that. Vehicles cost money and if your local PD is anything like the majority of local PD’s they are burning through their budgets much quicker these days. If they have to replace a large number of cars trucks and vans they will not have the funds to do it without seriously impacting their training and operational budgets. If they do replace them burn them again. If they dispurse them to the officers homes tag those locations on a GPS for later and burn the car in the driveway. This is a very low risk form of operation. Utilize remote control systems for delivery and it gets even more risk free. This may have the effect of incresing asset theft by the PD but that plays into our hands as every normal citizen who suddenly finds themselves divorced from their personal property by the local PD will have some serious second thoughts about who the good guys are.

  22. Diamondback

    @Grenadieri1. Yup, there’s three just in my neighborhood. Within two to three blocks.

    It’s past time to at least prepare your op orders (in your heads, no evidence please). Locate, recon, plan and wait.

    Everyone read, “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross ( I couldn’t hardly put it down even as long as it is.)

    Groin and upper, inner thighs are great targets. Tear up that ole femoral artery and they lose energy fast.

    Hey, they could turn in their badge and honor their oath of office instead, correct?

    Fact is, even if each of us only gets one of them, we win with millions and millions of patriots left to continue the fight.

    Personally, I cannot think of a more honorable way to go although I strongly align with Gen Patton’s comment to the effect that it’s our job to ensure our enemy dies for their cause vs us dying for ours.

    5.56NATO Battle Rifle is ok, 7.62NATO is BETTER!

    Just sayin’

  23. Diamondback

    Just an after thought but WHAT IF the LEO’s homes started being invaded too! You know, shoot first and sort out the facts later.

    Only thing I don’t like about that option is the potential for their family to be injured or killed. But, they don’t seem to care about ours, so …

  24. Grenadier1

    .Slow your roll there dude. We are still in the tar and feather stage.

  25. Grenadier1-there are no rules in warfare. The sooner you realize that the easier it will be to plan/run ops.

  26. I have made my peace with God, I have had a tearful talk with the wife.
    I have looked for ANY other way. I do not see one. I have made a living will and a normal one. I have prepared to the extent I am able. Assets have been squared away for the family. Caches placed properly. The “List” exists only in my mind. I am as ready as I can be. My only prayer now is that when the day comes (or dark of night) the God lets me Stand and be true to my Oath.

    You see fellas, I really hope its not in vain, I truly hope that I will not be alone. I hope we light a thousand fires, in a thousand counties and kindle the righteous hearts of a million others, who will say on that day…

    “This is it, no further. One more day with my children is not worth the loss of my honor. One more night with my wife is not worth the loss of my manhood.One more sunrise or sunset is not worth the cost of my soul.
    So, be it.”