VDH: Reelecting Obama

The Prof gazes into the 2012 election crystal ball.

As for me, I’m proud to stand with these nice folks, both on their own individual merit and as poster kids for the Free Sh*t Army as it completes the conquest of America:

Re-elect Barack Obama 2012.

The worse, the better.

18 responses to “VDH: Reelecting Obama

  1. Obama will win the next election because America refuses to hone up to its erosion on every front: social, economic and moral. Perhaps, it is simply this country is lost to those who share the vision of implementing third world standards. In any case….

    Beans, bullets and band-aids are the order of the day.

  2. Obama will win because it’s through the fire of collapse that we will be tempered once again.
    Collapse is inevitable boys, there is no solution to be had by using the ballot. The game is rigged. And it will be run, flat out, until it drops over dead.
    So quit your chin music and get your preps in order. As above, like RIck said. beans bullets band-aids.

  3. The fecal material is already in flight to its destination of the rotary device.

    Calculations for time of impact and disbursement pattern vary.

    Warning sequence complete. You may return to regularly scheduled distractions.

  4. Why, may I ask, is the older white couple a subject of your disdain and sarcasm? Because they draw a Social Security check? While you were running around fat, happy, and sassy, they were protecting this country, doing their jobs, paying their taxes, and being good lawful citizens. All that stuff you were too young, and too stupid to do. I’m getting mighty tired of the targets being drawn on old white people. For all their mistakes, for all their shortcomings, they were running this country, and doing their best while we frittered away our youth.Yes, I know, entitlements, Medicare, SS, yadda yadda yadda. If we didn’t spend our blood and treasure trying to make moslem-ass countries something they will never be, I’m willing to bet we wouldn’t be half so deep in the hole. And I doubt you’ll find them in the same league of looters and illegal aliens, when it comes to decency.

  5. johnnyreb

    So you’re equating us senior citizens, proud patriotic folks that worked all their lives, played (mostly) by the rules, raised families, fought wars, and paid taxes for 40 0r 50 years with Lootie and the welfare cockroaches, and the La Raza scumbags?


    Screw you, asshole.

  6. johnnyreb

    BTW, to “equate” means to make the same, or equalize.

  7. TSA automaton

    i believe they mean that most of the old folks,blacks ,hispanics and limp wristed commie libtards all have one thing in common THEY VOTED FOR OBAMANATION

  8. Anonymous

    Sean writes: “If we didn’t spend our blood and treasure trying to make moslem-ass countries something they will never be, I’m willing to bet we wouldn’t be half so deep in the hole.

    Quite true. The white middle class couple is the “we” who has been voting for decades to fund the empire with stolen tax loot.

    johnnyreb writes: “So you’re equating us senior citizens, proud patriotic folks that worked all their lives, played (mostly) by the rules, raised families, fought wars, and paid taxes for 40 0r 50 years with Lootie and the welfare cockroaches, and the La Raza scumbags?

    No. The mainstream senior citizens were far more productive, and even more destructive, than those marginal players could ever have been. It hasn’t been illegal aliens that voted for bigger government for the last 230 years.

  9. Sean and JohnnyReb:

    The FedGov is broke – its liabilities far exceed its assets.

    That’s called bankruptcy.

    It’s arithmetic.

    Four-function arithmetic.

    It’s a fact.

    Just as it is a fact that the money that each of us has paid into SocSec, Medicare, Medicaid, and other “safety net” programs has been spent, year after year – decade after decade, by Congress as part of its current budget operations. The cash you “contributed” (at FedGov gunpoint, BTW) as your SocSec “contribution” was spent by Congress and in its place was substituted non-negotiable governmental promissory notes.

    It’s a fact.

    Check it out here, in the column labeled “intragovernmental holdings”:


    Those nice old white people in the picture are likely now or certainly soon to be Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit recipients.

    That new program, enacted in 2003, was utterly unaffordable then – before the Collapse.

    It is completely implausible now.

    It’s a fact.

    The only way the nice old white people in the picture continue to get paid their SocSec and Medicare “benefits” is for the FedGov to borrow more money.

    It’s a fact.

    That additional debt and its attendant interest is part of the debtors’ chains that have been wrapped around every person born after 1970 who will NEVER see any of the FedGov transfer payment “benefits” allegedly “earned” by Team Geezer.

    That too is a fact.

    The Geezers got fucked by elected charlatans in DC and their own willful blindness as to the underlying fraudulent nature of SocSec and other welfare programs.

    Rather than taking that fucking as adult men and women, Team Geezer insists that their grandchildren and successive generations be saddled with “debts no honest man can pay”, to quote The Boss.

    Ergo, Team Geezer is an absolutely willing participant in the depredations of the Free Shit Army, along with
    – Lootie,
    – Team Undocumento,
    – Farmer Bob the Ag Subsidy Felcher,
    – Crippled Candy and her All-Gimp Needy Chorus
    – Major Remuneration and his Dogs Of War Defense Contractor Tapeworms

    and everyone else who lives by the vote, rather than the value-adding of their own productive efforts.

    So JohnnyReb, right back at ya.

    Don’t forget that intergenerational retribution is part of the polygonal battlespace.

    And despite the FSA unit motto of “I needs my check”, members of the productive class are wising up to the fact that they really don’t needs to be paying for that check.

    Looters and moochers – your time is over.

  10. Alan W. Mullenax

    Damn Peter. Excellent retort. I’m saving that one.

  11. johnnyreb

    “Don’t forget that intergenerational retribution is part of the polygonal battlespace.”

    So now I know the ROE.
    I guess I am to assume that we oldsters will be considered by you young bucks enemies of the resistance and should be terminated to make way for the new guard.

    You may assume we’re easy targets because we’re old.


  12. johnnyreb

    And just a thought.

    Intergenerational retribution works both ways.

  13. JohnnyReb:

    Your outrage at Team Geezer being named as part of the Free Shit Army would be a LOT more plausible if you spoke at all to any of the facts set forth above.

    Your refusal/inability to do so, along with continued huffpuffing, kinda proves my point.

    Have your explained your position and its consequences to the young ones in your tribe?

    “Kids, Grandpa and Gram believed what they were told by politicians, who explained to us that the laws of third-grade arithmetic had been repealed. So because we were promised moonshine and horsefeathers, we are going to run up appallingly-high medical bills to keep our creaky old keesters alive a few extra years, we’re not going to pay those bills ourselves, and we’re going to leave those debts to your generation to pay. You’ll never own a house or be able to save for your own retirement, but hey – we got ours. Happy Independence Day, kids!”

    Have you done that, sir?

  14. johnnyreb

    I have done much better than that as a matter of fact.

    However, it’s quite late and I have to get up early tomorrow. You know us Geezers need our rest.

    I’ll be back tomorrow, provided some angry young person doesn’t decide to put me and my creaky old keester out of my misery.

    • Sir:

      That’s the first time someone has called me an “angry young person” in quite a while. I’m flattered.

      Here’s the thing – I don’t propose shooting anybody who isn’t trying to hurt me or the tribe.

      It is my most fervent hope that something miraculous happens and all is well.

      Maybe there really ARE skittles-farting unicorns.

      But we are gonna need a whole big herd of them soon.

      I appreciate your continued readership and what you have done for your family.

      Perhaps in the morning we can think together on how to prevent or at least short-circuit the ugliness that is coming when the moonshine and horsefeathers run out.

  15. Not all seniors are in favor of the economy-busting SS and Medicare programs — but most of the ones I know are. As a political force, seniors have been strong endorsers of egalitarianism, the war on poverty, the war on drugs and American Imperialism. There’s no doubt that there are many positive things we should thank individual seniors for, but as a group, as a voting block, they have contributed hugely to the current depressing state of affairs, and have, until now, also been one of the primary beneficiaries.

  16. johnnyreb

    Your numbers aren’t my problem. In fact they may even be worse.

    I have never voted for a Democrat nor voted for any welfare program or tax increase. And I damn sure didn’t vote for Barry.

    I have never joined a union, or supported special rights that made victims of special groups to secure their dependance and their votes.
    For 50 years my taxes have gone to pay for things I had no say in (like paying the SS for the generation that came before me)
    and policies that destroyed families, industries, whole cities, and the work ethic and morals of several generations, and the Education system.

    I notice you didn’t include banksters and politicians in the group of enemies.

    Funny thing about the groups of moochers and looters ya’ll are so quick to equate me with…..they all want me dead too.

    So do the liberals, the Commies, the Marxists, the Progressives, the Unions, the SPLC, and plenty in my own Government would be just as glad if I just dropped dead.

    I can’t believe you’d lump us in with such filth. Another thing all them and you have in common…….it’s my fault things are so bad. Of course they think it’s because I haven’t provided them enough, and you think it’s because I’ve provided too much. And you’re both wrong.

    We both know there’s only one solution to the restoration of the country, and I’m on enough lists already.

    So no, you and I won’t be coming up with any answers anytime soon. And yes, I’ll probably keep reading. I’ll just make sure to sleep with one eye open from now on.

    • Sir:

      The omission of the banksters and politicians was an error. Thank you for the correction.

      Let me try from another angle: Accepting as I do your assertion that you are one of the “good seniors”, then what in the name of heaven can/should be done about the bad seniors – i.e., the AARP gimme crowd?

      It’s an important damned question, as the +50 (AARP eligibility) crowd is going to be growing in power for sometime into the future.

      Absent adjustments to the claimant pool, what can be done?