Gunwalker: The Scandal Spreads To Another Country

Read, then forward near and far David and Mike’s latest scoop.

The question remains, however:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Does anybody think that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice can properly investigate this international criminal matter?


Until a special prosecutor is appointed and funded, the people who designed, approved, and executed this madness will continue to collect their taxpayer-funded salaries, benefits, and retirement packages.

5 responses to “Gunwalker: The Scandal Spreads To Another Country

  1. On another note, his dad came across a few bucks. Getting the kid a Springfield Armory M25, and one for himself. I asked him if he would get me one to. He said only if I wear lipstick.

  2. Not just the US public/Mexican public needs to be feeling the pain of criminals with military-grade weapons, but all of the countries of Central and South America who might not be on-board with a hemisphere-wide gun ban and inspection/control regime (meaning inspect/restrict/control everything of interest or value). A crisis of this magnitude takes a whole bunch of coordinating for a long-long time. Someone has some recordings of briefings or some memos passed out summarizing the treason-against-humanity.

  3. No prosecutions.

    No resignations.

    Traver looks like the odds-on favorite inside the beltway for Director, though others are rooting for Cefalu.

    And one unavoidable fact: The only ATF Agents who abided the US Constitution, by letting Citizens buy and dispose of firearms in accordance with 2A are the same guys getting bung-raped by the Government.

    The guys who wanted to violate 2A are represented as heroes.

    Tell me what is wrong with this picture.

    GunWalker: Sparklie.


  4. Wanna bet this extends to Guatemala, too? Maybe farther?