Yet I Sit Here Now, Typing

Arctic Patriot contemplates taxes, government, his children, and Cassandra’s curse.

Read it all, please, and share it widely.

I will be held accountable for all that I did and all that I did not do.

Think hard on that.

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    Collaborative document on next steps:

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  2. Alan W. Mullenax

    I assure you that I accept any and all accountability.

    But unless and until other men are willing to come and stand beside me shoulder to shoulder, it really doesn’t matter now, does it?

  3. Isolated individual deaths, however nobly motivated and heroically achieved, are meaningful only to the person involved if adding nothing to the larger purpose.

    That is the central dilemma which has, so far, prevented us from kinetic redress of grievance. No one wants to die alone and to no good purpose, let alone expose their families to the reprisals that would surely follow.

    Where is The Resistance? The Maquis? The Apache? The Green Mountain Boys?

    Organized, unified, dedicated.

    Mobile, agile and hostile.

    Jon III

  4. Take Heart my Friend, if you have raised up your Children to know the Lord, you have done well, to show them your Faith and Courage while living is all GOD asks, your words reflect an Integrity and Character of many Americans who are real Men that feel a deep sorrow over America’s demise at the hands of Tyrants, I have felt this way for years, knowing that I have and still instill a self reliant and “Prepare for the Worst” style of living in my Sons is why I am of Sober Preparedness to Die defending their rights and my grandchildren’s. So when the time comes to take action, you will have many Brothers, Patriots, Fathers, Grandfathers, Warriors of God to stand with you to defend the Legacy of this Great Nation that was Blessed by God, as so many of our Nation’s Warrior’s have done on battlefields across the world before us, Now it will be on our own soil, I really can’t think of a more Noble cause my Friend. And that is what your children will remember.

  5. Mark Matis

    Isolated individual deaths are not meaningless if enough Bad Guys are eliminated prior to same. Guerrilla actions are by FAR the most effective weapon against an overwhelming enemy. The real “secret” to effectiveness, however, is to hit them where they do NOT expect to be hit. As I have said before, a company car in the driveway is a good sign of evil therein.

  6. Taunting his future executioners:

  7. Alan, if you want to to do that shoulder to shoulder thing, send me an e-mail.

    • Alan W. Mullenax

      CA should be forwarding address to you.

      I already requested to make direct contact with you.

  8. Well so did Thomas Paine and I cant say his efforts were wasted.
    In a war of ideas an awaken mind and a keyboard is nuclear warfare.

  9. Mark, note that I said, “if adding nothing to the larger purpose.”

    I would add that isolated incidents simply afford the Enemy another opportunity to demonize and marginalize the cause of Liberty and anyone who espouses same. As long as they have The Big Megaphone, and the willing, braindead, propagandized, uneducated, greedy, hedonistic vast majority of what now passes for Americans, that will continue to be the case.

    Not that we shouldn’t act……

    Jon III

  10. Alan and Sean, I’ll rub shoulders. Let me know.