Barnhardt: The Combine

From Ann Barnhardt:


New term. And no, not in Latin this time. This is the brainchild of Andrea Shea King and ThirdWaveDave.

We need a name for the collective criminal enterprise that is our Federal Government. Democrat. Republican. Marxist. All of them, because they’re all in it together. The name?


A combine is defined as a combination of persons or groups for the furtherance of their political, commercial, or other interests, as a syndicate or cartel.

Uh, yeah. That’s it. That’s it EXACTLY.

Children, the Republicans are going to sell us out. Do you know why? Because Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Boehner and McConnell and Cantor . . . they’re all on the same team.

The Combine.

Obama’s little hissy fit this afternoon? It’s all playacting for our benefit – to keep us fooled into believing that they are “representing the American people”.

They represent THEMSELVES. Their priority is looting the government for as much money as possible before the economy implodes, getting that wealth ferreted away somehow, and then using that same wealth to seize control after the implosion.

It’s ALL about the COMBINE.

And this time, it is going to be for somewhere between $2.0 and $2.4 trillion dollars. And it’s all going to go offshore or otherwise off the grid, laundered through unions, foreign governments and sympathetic corporations, which will then launder it right back into the pockets of the Combine.

It’s time to start buying and storing potable water and storing gasoline. Silver is still under $40 per ounce. And, of course, ammunition.

Lots and lots of ammunition.

6 responses to “Barnhardt: The Combine

  1. Mormons have been referring to this Combine as the “Secret Combination” for 170 years or so.

    The ‘R’ vs. ‘D’ conflict is Kabuki theatre for the smarter-than-‘reality’-tv crowd.

  2. If you view the Combine as being in it for themselves, I think you miss the bigger picture. What they really, actively, seek is the total destruction of both the country *and themselves*. They despise the good and the productive precisely because they are good and productive. Until you grasp that, you won’t understand the full extent of the danger we’re all in.

  3. The “Combine” has been used for years by John Kass @ the “Chicago Tribune” to describe Illinois politics. The charade of Blue Team vs. Red Team presented to the public has little to do with the back room deals. Busily enriching themselves, friends and family, both sides work to separate you, the chumbalone, from your money, freedom and liberty.

    This Illinoisan has been living with this system for my entire life.
    BBC gives a nice overview of recent IL political history here:

    My condolences to ya’ll out there, suffering shock and awe, of the exportation of the “Chicago Way” to Washington DC

  4. And also…..Doing what their masters tell them to do.


  5. This has become my theme song:

  6. She doesn’t go far enough. Mencius Moldbug’s “The Cathedral” – the combination of academe, the media, and the political bureaucracy headquartered at the State Department – is a more complete description of the actual distribution of power.

    Of course Moldbug in his inimitably jovial fashion self-identifies as “a neo-fascist hate blog”, disbelieves in democracy the same way he disbelieves in God ( and whenever he says anything he does so at great length, so he may not be to the taste of everyone here.

    He always makes me think, though.