Denninger: Here It Comes

KD readies us for the inevitable.

Think the folks in DC have completed an organ donor card for the former USA?

Me neither.

They’ll try to sell ’em.

7 responses to “Denninger: Here It Comes


    Having read the post by KD, it appears that the key words are they”may” lower the Fedgov credit rating to AA. Not that they will, they “may”. If you go back to the TARP criminal enterprise, Dubya had his operatives twisting arms of recalcitrant pols and pulling them into cloakrooms, making threats about martial law. These bond raters are not immune from underhanded government extortion. KD may indeed be right, but I will believe it when I see it.

  2. To me, the inevitable is the refusal of FedGov to restrain itself and the resulting consequences of that. I agree with your point about the downgrade.

  3. Given the picture, I thought this was going to be about healthcare.

    Let’s try this video instead:

    Remember to pick yourselves up afterward and press on.

  4. Given the inherent caution in public statements by financials that “may” should be read “will”. The uncertainty is not if it will be lowered but how much. If its going to flush then lets not be the ones that pulled the handle, that may be important someday. Of course when I say “we” it not like they are listening to to us anyway.
    How are the preps going?

  5. I am not as ready for this as I want to be, Makes little difference though.
    Nobody is gonna do anything to stop it. The socialist dems don’t want to and the gop-pers are to weak. Guess I’m screwed but not as bad as more than a few others like the woman that thought that Obummer was gonna pay her gas and everything else.


  6. This makes NO sense to me!
    If we don’t raise the DL, bonds and “entitlements” will still get paid — this is all by law.
    What WILL happen is that the regime will be FORCED to BALANCE THE DAMN BUDGET!
    If my family decides to stop spending twice what we earn, it would HELP our credit-rating, not HURT it!
    Where’s the problem here, then?!

    I say it’s all EXTORTION – trying to FORCE the Republitards to allow the looting to continue!

  7. Dedicated,

    It’s theater. Not real. Don’t take them seriously. At the end of the day, they’re all going to do what they all want: hold on to power. Until the financial house of cards finally collapses, of course. Which needs to happen.