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  1. The Trainer

    Anything worth sharing is also worthy of a secure network.

  2. CA,
    I just did a quick skim.That’s alot of info to go through and learn,and I really dig that stuff. Maybe its the 60 hr week with another day yet to go till its over. Best to start at the top? Any tips to the best way to jump in? Man have you been busy! Thanks for this!



  3. Chris – initially please suit up into a Tor browser session:

    Then meet us at the new digs here:

    Your commentary and expertise is wanted! Thank you!

  4. Alan W. Mullenax

    Fuck this horseshit.

    Stand in front of me. Shake my hand and look me in the eye.

    Ask me questions. Answer mine.

    Know me. Let me know you.

    Make me feel that it is in my best interests to lay down my life for you.

    Make me feel that, please.

    Tempus fugit.

    • There is no substitute for this face to face contact you describe. That is why I think RTC rallies and the like are critical.

      We can’t discount other means of communication though.

      This is going to be a fight on many levels, and there is room for both kinds of engagement, IMO.

      Like you though, I value most the things you have described.

      I wish we were neighbors, Alan.


  5. @Alan

    I have valued your no-nonsense attitude for some time. I’m really sorry that something about this rubbed you the wrong way.

    The reason I went out and did this is that there are a lot of folk out there that are a far sight less courageous than you are, that can still make valuable contributions.

    Please consider how the Redcoats hated when Patriots didn’t arrange themselves in nice firing lines, and fought the “indian way”, from behind cover in ambush. We throw away any advantage at our peril.

    I hope you’ll reconsider. You are more than welcome to join us and use your own name. I’m sure there are others that feel the same that will do the same. That’s your choice.

  6. This stuff makes my head hurt.

    I’ll just stick with two tin cans and some string.

  7. Hey guys, its doable really. Its just different. And face to face is always good as well. We’ll help each other,thats what and why its here, as well as us too!


  8. I would also recommend the use of Marine Band radios in the inland US. We do that in AZ.

  9. Billy Beck did a essay once explaining in some detail what the Endarkenment is and means. Somehow I have misplaced it, if anyone has a link it would be appreciated. Searched though Two–Four but cant seem to find the bugger.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Speaking as a techie, anyone who puts too much trust in this supposed anonymizing software is likely to be very surprised in a bad way, when the time comes. The more “secure” others want me to believe some third-party tech is, the less reason there is for me to trust them.

  11. I like the anonymity. I’ve been a long-time member of this community, and I’ve blogged off and on using various aliases. I’d tell you who I used to be, but then it wouldn’t be an alias, now would it ? 🙂
    Basically, I think the Tor thing is good, using the .onion addresses is even better. Installing TorBrowser is easy enough for most people, but the piratepad software seems to be less than reliable, and has a very poor user interface. Nobody but the most hard core geeks will touch it.
    I’m just spitballing here, but would it work to install or something on the .onion address for ease of use?

  12. @alan:

    Others have tried to smooth your feathers, I won’t.

    Just because you either don’t understand or don’t see the value here doesn’t make it “horseshit”.

    Straighten the fuck up, soldier.

  13. Right on, Peter. Were it not for miraculously fortunate circumstances, most of the founders would have been rounded up and sent back to England for execution. There are times when it helps to be able to have an anonymous discussion remotely. We don’t all live in Boston this time.

  14. Alan W. Mullenax

    If I knew exactly who you were, I just might straighten the fuck up.

    However, your point is well taken and I apologize if I hurt anybody’s feelings.

    I get angry from time to time. God has been working with me on this for the last 30-35 years. I figure I should completely have it completely under control in another 15-20 years.

    Understand it’s also an expensive undertaking for me.

    Since I’ve come to know you guys on a certain level, I’ve broken two keyboards and shot a monitor.

    But I am working on it.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Oh, if nothing else, I am a soldier.

      Thanks for noticing.

    • Alan, I have every intent of making it as “unexpensive” as possible. You have my word that if I am online you will be helped out promptly and with respect. The logs reflect this.

      bea1tim3 seems to get it – if everything happens out in the open, there is no “central command” to take out. Tor allows this. Can’t stop the signal.

      We need your strength. We need your backbone.


  15. Grenadier1

    The first element in the toolbox that I have been talking about for some time. We are on our way to an open source environment

  16. Grenadier1

    Survival Blog linked to it and now John Robb over at GG has linked to that. Very cool stuff. Bringing it all together.

    Might I suggest that we have a space for Intel gathering?
    Target identification, geospacial references and mission planning to follow?

  17. Alan W. Mullenax

    All right. Listen up. I’m gonna need help.

    I just don’t understand this stuff.

    I need to talk to somebody. A real live person.

    • Alan – I’m sorry no one got back to you sooner. We’d assumed this thread was dead.

      Please go here:

      And speak up in the chat window. If anyone is online at the same time (that isn’t just lurking not saying anything) you WILL be helped.

      If -I- am online, I will PERSONALLY take full ownership of helping out.

      You may have to hit it a few days in a row at different times, sorry, schedules do not always line up.

      Same goes for anyone else interested but having issues.

      If you specify a channel you would prefer, I will see what else I can do.

  18. Alan W. Mullenax

    most everything comes up “Can’t find server”.

  19. Grenadier1

    Brainstorming about this thing

    One section for target selection. Info about potential targets should be entered. A facebook type “like” function will allow everyone to select the targets to be investigated.

    One a target is selected its moved to the Intel section. Targets are entered and everyone gets to contribute intel. Once a specific protocol has been fullfilled then the target becomes and active mission.

    Active missions are moved to the mission section. Individuals or groups “check out” (like a library) the targets and do their mission planning without posting tha plan. Once the mission is planned it is acted on.

    Missions that have been completed are posted in a completed section. The plan is posted for critique and analysis. Everyone then votes on the bounty to be awarded for the mission.

    Since we are not in a full operational mode at this point the missions can be more of an intel gathering operation. We could add property damage to this if we need to step it up.

  20. Grenadier1 – I advise you to PLEASE shut this train of conversation down on the “open” Internet. I say this in all respect.

    Your insights are valuable, and if you need any assistance to where these things ARE being discussed, please see my note to Alan, above.

    People with your insights and energy are wanted. I only wish for you to be safe.

  21. Grenadier1

    Hey no problem I am still figuring out the TOR thing so it may take me a little bit to get there but I will

    • As you learn if you could help others out here – share experiences – it would be most helpful.

      I am spread very thin.

      We will be holding a “town meeting” soon in order to create a mission statement we can all agree on.

      We need the input of WRSA folk – they are Right Thinkers. I invite you all to show up for this. It is important.

      PLEASE ask for help at the piratepad:

      I have delegated as best I can to others to watch that channel and assist all who ask.

      I may not be able to help you directly, there is much heavy lifting and I am reaching the limits of hygiene. 🙂

      Thank you for your continued interest.

      I have attempted to answer your call to action.

  22. Just a note – piratepad is having some issues currently, which means crossing the lookingglass is a bit harder.

    For reference – you want to get Tor running:

    Then go here:

    Sorry folks – beyond my control.

  23. Piratepad JUST came back up after a two-day downtime. Everyone that couldn’t make it in, I apologize we didn’t have some other mechanism in place.

    I PERSONALLY took that project on and now bring you the following links:

    During that outage the main site was never down, but if you hadn’t made the leap you were effectively “locked out.”

    Hope to see you on the other side – we now have a stable platform for chat and are going to hold a “town hall” quite soon.