The Chosen One

David Codrea linked this essay in his Friday War On Guns entries.

It deserves wide distribution.

8 responses to “The Chosen One

  1. Anyone who desires to bring Bolshevism here also desires to bring the oppression that is incumbent with it.

    Such a man is my mortal enemy.


  2. Perhaps I spoke in error. Bolshevism implies at least a hint of nationalism. The current POTUS is more of an internationalist marxist, or an anti-nationalist socialist.


    He’s my enemy.

  3. Enemy Mine, as well. He’s piped a tune, but none will dance.

  4. That pic makes me want to hurl…..chunks!


  5. As you prepare for the coming “Structural Adjustment”, keep in mind that the power structure, from The Chosen One right down to the local LEOs, are little more than agents of asset-stripping global central banksters:

  6. alarmrideratl

    You’ll like this one here; it’s a real, non-sarcastic, “Chosen One” painting:

    obama  by alex grey

    I like Alex Grey’s other work, and seeing this one in the mix was disappointing.

  7. “There seems to be no reason to question its validity any more than that of any dollar bill…”

    I downloaded the .pdf of the “long form birth certificate” from the White House web site. It was clearly a manufactured document, made in an electronic format, not a photograph of any kind of paper document 49 years old. The document offered to the AP was a printout of this electronic document, likely photocopied before distribution to obscure the means of alteration/manufacture. Posting the electronic version with so many obvious tags/hints to origin on the site was an amateur mistake, which could be attributed to employing ideologically pure interns rather than document-making professionals with experience doing this kind of thing. Karl Denninger has a good essay on what and how.

    Dollar bills are about this same quality, of late.