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The free money pipeline’s getting cut off one way or another, sooner or later. The only question is do we want to try and dead-stick this bird in, or do we just let it fly out of control and do a Texas Lawn Dart?


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  1. Arrival time is the same either way, and fire control teams will be standing by. Chaplains are available if you can notify us of preference.

    When given a choice, pick a bird with a good glide ratio, with controls that work without engine power. DC-3/C-47 is an affordable vehicle that can be negotiated with, in a way that a late-model megabucks Airbus with a GUI computer-pilot cannot.


  2. Meh…

    I advise we ALL join the FSA (Free S*** Army!) if at all – legally – possible!
    After all, I think we’re all agreed that the collapse is – at this point – inevitable, the only question being “when”!
    With that being the case, let’s get busy!
    Free S*** for EVERYBODY!
    Accept whatever you’re eligible, use the savings to finance preps!
    Seriously – JOIN THE FSA!!

  3. I like the Texas Lawn Dart option…..Spectacular!

  4. Anyone else having problems with Kerodin’s site today? I’m getting 503 errors.

  5. If we’re doing the lawn dart thing, I’m going to unbuckle and enjoy the free fall…

    I mean, hell, might as well enjoy it until we get to the sudden stop.


  6. ++ on getting the freebies folks. You paid for them, it’s not like there’s a social stigma attached to it anymore. Get in there and reclaim some of your and your parents hard earned tax dollars. The parasites are just going to cosume them anyway.

    Think of it as drinking the water you can’t carry with you…

  7. Excuse the slight plagiarism Ron White…

    How far will will the engine on this plane get us?

    All the way to the scene of the crash…

    Maybe I will write a book…101 Things To Do Until All Hell Breaks Out: Fighting Boredom During the Endarkening.
    Chapter One: Cache Hide and Seek
    Chapter Two: Collectivist Bingo
    Chapter Three: Sex, Lies, And Sheeple
    You get the idea.

  8. I vote Lawn Dart.

    Someone or somebodies stole my black lawn jockey statue / I could use something large and ugly to replace it.

  9. @CA – your email is full and rejecting new messages.

    no alt. channel, but wanted you to know parts III and IV are up. thank you for previous exposure.


  10. Cut off Social Security and see what happens. Remember all that talk about what would happen when there was no more food? Well, picture not only that, but millions of people out on the street because they can no longer afford rent, let alone their mortgage or even their utilities. The welfare queens have it made right now because they’re in the minority – when most of this country turns to the state for food stamps and public housing, and there is none to be had, it ain’t gonna be just the welfare bums pissed off. And guess which way the anger will be turned? Hope these politicians have their own private armies, because we’ll be coming for them first.

  11. TPaine: They’ll NEVER cut off welfare, because every city in the nation would burn — same reason they never checked out Dear Reader’s birth-cert and why he’ll never be impeached. Those folk have made it pretty clear in recent years that if you piss them off they start burning sh-tuff…

    Likewise, Dear Reader may – MAY – delay SS checks if the debt-ceiling deal doesn’t happen, but ONLY as a political ploy and ONLY if he thinks he can make the Retardlicans take the blame for it…

    Otherwise, they’ll print all the $$ they have to print to keep the welfare-cases quiet – if we became Zimbabwe they’ll still be making sure THAT bunch gets their “entitlements” … The ONLY way that ends is a TRUE TEOTWAWKI scenario, and even then only after TPTB are all in their fort in Argentina, or their nuke-proof bunkers or whatever…

    Nonetheless, I *DO* think it’s possible to end “the welfare state” but it would HAVE to be done carefully, slowly and with plenty of warning… Even then there’d NO DOUBT be SOME burning and looting involved — hopefully WHEN The time comes we’ll be prepared to handle that…

    OTOH, maybe there’s something to be said for “setting it off” and letting the TRULY stupid and TERMINALLY lazy… well… remove themselves from future consideration… I sometimes wonder if that wasn’t Nagin/Blanko’s TRUE reason for their (mis) handling of Nawlins… but I digress…

  12. D-Dad, you speak as if burnings are a bad thing. I think it’s about the most expedient way to remove vermin.

    Calm dialog and a slow tightening of the belt could be compared to the 2008 bailout or this recent debt ceiling increase circus. All it will do is prolong the pain and simply forestall the inevitible. The parasites at the top and the bottom both cannot be reasoned with. They do not hold your values dear. They refuse to be educated or even regulated and the game is rigged so that they cannot be forced. It must fall, the game shut down, in order to be replaced.

    The fastest way around the fire is through it.

  13. The Worst Case Scenario without foreign invasion (if Chinese Red Army had unobstructed sea lift for 10M+ men and gear/supply line to Port of Oakland) will perhaps look like Nova’s American Apocalypse scenario. He does a good description of the DC/Maryland/Virginia region in a slowly-getting-evicted to the outdoors leading to the shelters being permanently full then food distro going dry both for-sale and charity food at about the same time. Of course, preppers have food, but they had better not show it or look too much better off or expect to get lynched. Folks do everything from sit back and die to go on a rampage, depending on their situation and how motivated they are to live or preserve their children.

  14. Oh how I love Our Tam, starting when she was a moderator at the old High Road gun-nerd board, and threatened to ban me for rude remarks about policemen. She is the autodidacticated absolute Queen of Snark, and Truth. Some say the noblest work of God is an honest man. That goes double for an honest woman.