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The game is proceeding according to their plan.

And most of the quislings are already in place.

Tick, tock.

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  1. Thanks for the links.

    Wheels within wheels. It frustrates me when mostly-like-minded people (Freefor types) bounce around like so many tires tumbling down a steep hill.

    The enemies’ wheels are interlocked and well-coordinated. They are united. They are resolute. Together, they stand as a giant wall our individual, wildly careening wheels will merely bounce from, if they are not destroyed outright on impact.


  2. Yeah, you understand.

    You played dodgeball with your kids.

    I showed two lovely young ladies (escorted by mom) one of the world’s great cities.

    These are the good old days.

    Sigh in reply….

  3. Sighs
    Starving the Monkeys is looking more and more like a work of genius though I hate admitting it. This F’in thing is F’in enormous.

  4. Alan W. Mullenax

    So, anybody going to Atlanta for the RTC gig?

  5. This “Stability Police Force for the United States” is a rational response to a government in public denial about the realities of Peak Oil and in particular the implications of the Land Export Model and dire warnings in the much suppressed 2005 Hirsch Report. The end of growth in net energy production means the end of the collateral for debt-based fiat currencies, including the US Dollar. Currency collapse leads to default, which automatically triggers seizure of the collateral on the bad debt. The undisclosed principle objective of an SPF will be to conduct asset seizures and provide security for the banksters and bankster agents conducting the receivership, liquidation and reassignment/export to foreign interests (i.e. Communist China and Russia) of seized American assets – including natural resources (gas, coal, oil), farm land, industries, machine tools, waterways, highways, trucks, farm machinery, heavy equipment, ships and boats, national cemeteries and memorials – in short, anything of material value or anything that can be tolled and taxed.
    Nothing short of a massive preemptive US military intervention (think D-Day) can stop this hidden-in-plain-sight financial terrorist campaign, and thus save the world’s last best hope for a democratic, free capitalist country.

    • different Anonymous

      Peak Oil (which might be true) does not mean Peak Energy (which is most definitely false). The US is NOT facing the end of growth in net energy production. There is 200 years of coal buried in the US, which can be reformed into liquid hydrocarbon fuels in the short term. Solar is available in the short term, and collection/use is distributed. In the longer term, the Thorium in that coal has ten times the energy the coal does. Longer than that, I hope the electrostatic fusion experimenters get fusion working based on Boron (cheap and plentiful enough in Death Valley to use as a laundry additive) which does not make neutrons as pollution.

  6. Highlander

    Lest we forget, our birth was against all odds and the most powerful nation on the earth. We were repulsed and beaten many times. Stick to your princibles, maintain a stout heart pray to the Great Creator for wisdom and understanding, follow the path of the Founders, this monstrosty will be beaten once more.

  7. “This time, we get to be the Indians.” – CA
    The american indians ‘starved monkeys’. How’d that work out for them? Jews in Europe starved monkeys. Starving Monkeys does not bring on victory. It’s just something you do when you can do nothing else, to make yourself feel better. It produces papercuts at best. But it takes major trauma to stop a large aggressive animal attacking you.

    Winning is when you stand over the dead and dismembered corps of your attacker and you take possession of his wealth. Sherman, Stalin, Mao, Patton, and Washington understood this.

    We have not accepted reality. Our enemies have.
    Marxists understand that which western civilization abhors. And they are happily breaking our eggs to make their omelette. This society lacks the will to defend itself, to defend liberty or property. Unwilling to do what’s necessary to stop the attack, means we surrender to whoever attacks faster; marxists, and then islam.

    When some enforcers kill yet another Jose Guerena, when another transnational dictate becomes policy via a 3 letter agency- Nothing is done to stop the attack or to take huge hunks out of the attacking force. Nothing. Ever. We are ripe fruit, waiting to be harvested.

    Winning starts when attackers are repulsed, and when the ‘home base’ of the attacking force suffers much larger reciprocal damage. That’s when winning starts. Until then, it’s called “Losing”. The laws and regulations and policies are battlefields where ‘starving monkeys’ creates a vacuum the enemy gladly exploits.

    Our civilization refuses to fight back against the rapist. So more rapists come. And more. Starving monkeys is akin to ‘denying them your enthusiastic participation’. The rapists still do what they want, when they want, and take what they want, but you pride yourself that you denied them something they don’t care about or need.

    The rape stops when the rapists are no longer able to rape, and their ‘home base’ is in rubble, and their support Quislings spend the rest of their days regretting they ever supported such activities.

    Winning and Losing:
    Colonists were tarring and feathering and burning to drive out their oppressors locally.
    Occupied Europe.
    The Quislings and collaborators after WW2 in Europe.
    Russia and East European States via Stalin.
    The South via Sherman.
    China under Mao.
    American Indians.

    One side will have their way.
    Can we add ‘bitter clingers to western civilization’ to that list?
    Or does the remnant of western civilization have the will to add ‘transnational marxism’ to the list? What are the mechanisms of the rape? Where are their bases? Who are the local enablers? How do they reward their mercenaries? What are the dependencies? How many of those systems can be disrupted, and by what methods? The rape has to be contested: Identify and engage schwerpunkt vulnerabilities.
    Abdicating (‘starving’, ‘surrendering’) political, legal, educational, industrial, and financial realms is not a plan to win.

    The rape is undeniably in progress.
    Will we find the will to make it stop?
    Or ‘starve’ the rapist by denying willing participation?
    Just pretend it’s not happening, lie back, and think of Marx.

  8. A. S. Layman

    Take away the wizardry, the magic, the sorcery, and mysticism from the movie “Lord of the Rings” And you have a good analogy of what is currently happening here. Sauron and Sarumon have built their base constituency; the Orcs. They have enabled them, fed them, supplied them with weapons, and are now sending them out on recon and probing missions to determine where the weak links are. Currently these are in the form of flash mobs, rogue ABC agencies, and various other .gov entities.

    Once the decision has been made to form up and attack there will be no stopping them. They know it as this has been the same Playbook used by every dictator since time began. It is not rocket science to understand how far the opfor are willing to go in order to succeed. They are, as has been stated by several associates of mine, quite willing to go all the way.

    That quiet little question we keep stumbling over and nattering on about without coming up with a solid answer is how far are we willing to go in order to stop the Orcs? All the way?

  9. I’m going to Atlanta, for the RTC gig. Like Alan, I’m asking, who else is going? Might be time to nut up, or shut up.

  10. Their playbook is to pay quislings to create new realities on the ground from within existing power structures, maneuvering to deny any trigger event; just certain movement in a constant direction. And a media wing happy to hide news of Guerena behind Weiner, and industry wrecking EPA policies behind stories of weather and other distractions. Murdoch’s recent troubles are just an attempt to throttle what’s left at FOX.

    The war is on, full force, and we’ve lost almost every battle thus far.

    The jury is still out on the newly elected Congress holding their ground. Several RINOs keep trying to sell out to Lord Vader. Best case there is a stalemate in the legislature; but expect more taxes through ‘policy’, ‘court decisions’, and ‘orders’, coupled with generational theft in QE3.Holding anywhere is rare, so Congress holding out would be important. But it’s ‘holding’, not advancing.

    “Gunwalker” remains the only visible breach into their line,s with the chance of ondoing some of their plans, their mechanisms, and key personnel. Gunwalker also reveals how many in media, law, bureaucracy, and enforcement agencies are involved in treason for employment and enrichment. Tories.
    And how few rally to the breach.

    Can anyone name any other efforts thwarting any other aspect of the attack on civilization: law, education, industry, science, finance, property, liberty? Bueller?

  11. Sean and Alan,

    I’m working out of the country right now, but live in Florida, about 6 hours from ATL. I regret that I am not home right now. I would be happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you guys, and others like you. Am way past ready to nut up.


  12. Jimmy the Saint

    @sofa: “Our civilization refuses to fight back against the rapist. So more rapists come. And more.”

    At some point, refusal to fight effectively morphs into consent. I’m not sure it can be accurately called “rape” anymore. At this point, it’s just a rough gangbang.

    To go further down that road – Western society is simply a stupid whore: we forgot to get paid up front. We agreed to sex in exchange for free money in our old age, free health care, free everything except freedom. Sure, some of us got to enjoy it, but most didn’t/won’t. Smart whores know to get the money first.

  13. Once again, it was “Slick Dick Willie” with an Executive Order in 1992.
    What to do? Prepare, Train your Mind,Body and Skills, you will perceive the time to act, we all will, the situation will continue to devolve, we must be mobile and effective, silent with discernment of who can be trusted. This is their last push, Obama is their “PUSHERMAN”. All is not lost. Stay the course Gentlemen, they have no Honor, they will be shown no mercy.

  14. Alan W. Mullenax

    “The war is on full force, and we’ve lost every battle thus far.”

    Oh, for sure the war is on full force. I’m quite certain that all of us are in agreement on that.

    However, I’m not sure that we’ve “lost” every battle thus far. You have to actually show up on the Green to lose a battle. I would submit that thus far all the battles have been ceded. Virtually no one has stood a post on a Green.

    They’ve been ceded because pounding a keyboard really doesn’t do all that much. It matters not how intelligent the individual is, how brilliant his argument, or how strong his beliefs.

    You have to show up on a Green to fight. Physically. With voice, raised fist, and weapons. You have to establish a presence and stand before the tyrant.
    And look him square in the eye.

    Then, let him make the next move.

    To be sure, there could be some rather nasty outcomes when showing up on a Green. Up to and including death. That’s just the nature of Liberty. And all of you know this as well as I do.

    Gentlemen, set aside the keyboard. Kit up and get to Atlanta. That’s the Green at the moment. Liberty demands your presence.

    Otherwise, it is quite useless to lament about “lost” battles.

  15. Nothing interests me less than rending garments and bemoaning our fate. It’s worth remembering, again and again, that the enemy’s preciously held ideology is based on lies. Lies are not sustainable. Eventually, they will always collapse under their own weight.

    I think the canny Machiavellian politician looms so large in our collective imagination that he’s become a bogeyman. I think the numbers of such politicians are actually quite few, and the majority are true believers. And they believe in lies. Liberalism runs strong not because it has any basis in truth or objective value, but because of the innate stability of its host. A cancer patient doesn’t die right away, but that is hardly a recommendation for the cancer itself.

    Once the standard of living drops, and I believe it must, the Americans will return. Or maybe just the Confederates will. The only thing keeping our countrymen in the dark is physical comfort and relative safety. But the economy is on its last legs, and the state has no control over its pets. Prepare for more flash mobs as the summer progresses.

    The enemy is not omnipotent. Those who lack patience and indulge in despair have guaranteed their own demise. If all you want to do is wail at the sky and insist that we’ve lost because we’ve not already won, do your country and yourself a favor and eat a JHP.

  16. Our enemy is effective. They continue to redistribute wealth at an amazing rate. They are changing every institution into control mechanisms. They are eating out our substance, and have created a huge standing army of enforcers in our midst. Not lamenting, just pointing out that the enemy is effective, and they are enslaving our children into their system.

    The question is how can we be effective? What are the ‘measures of effectiveness’ to achieve the desired end state?

    The collectivists can measure the destruction of jobs, property foreclosed, industries and businesses wiped out, military power and stockpiles reduced, inflation of the money, population on the dole.

    What are our goals? And against what yardstick do we judge if something is working or something else is working better? Nationally, what are the objectives, and how do we measure? Locally, what are the measures that your county,region, valley, state- Is trending toward Liberty?

    “Gunwalker” is a counterattack, and has been effective. How? Because it isolates and personalizes the actions of collaborators, and exposes their methods and motives. One offensive measure of effectiveness will be the number and status of those jailed. Gunwalker also provides a defensive benefit, as the enemy’s enforcement and legislative agendas were disrupted, and may be more difficult in the future.

    War college exercise: What are our strategic goals in this campaign (do’s and don’ts). What measures of effectiveness will tell us when our offense is working? What tactics support those strategic objectives? What are the enabling objectives? What are the enemy strengths (to be avoided)? And what are the strategic weaknesses of their position in each area (legal, political, media, infrastructure, financial, industrial, logistics, coms, etc)? How can each of these systems be disrupted? What sort of systems do we have/need to achieve our goals?

    There isn’t going to be a squad of redcoats marching out to meet us on any green. They just take what they want using institutions, paying quislings and an army of mercenaries. We need to face the reality of their methods. The ‘aggression’ is institutional, but lacking an identifiable “aggressor”. The war can’t be stopped without countering and defeating that tactic. Gunwalker opened agencies up, provided names, made individuals the focus- That’s a battle people understand. That’s one method to defeat the institutional aggression. Colonists burned the businesses and homes of Tories and collaborators who enabled them. Tarred and Feathered was another historical tactic.

    Colonial objectives were something like this:
    Identify and expel the Tories and collaborators from rural communities. Complicate their control of the cities. Chip away at enemy logistics, complicate their movement, limit their options for action.
    Deny them a battle where they can bring their strengths to bear. Bleed them white (yes, starve their monkeys).
    Once the Tories were purged- Establish systems that let our children keep the products of their labor/wisdom (much of ours has already been stolen).

    Are those our objectives?
    What are the measures of effectiveness?
    What are the tactics and enabling objectives to achieve those goals?

  17. A. S. Layman

    When a parasite invades your body, be it bacterial, viral, cancerous, or the ordinary, everyday tapeworm, any sane person will acquire the proper medical treatment to fight the particular parasite. There’s no quibbling about tactics, no arguments how many lines are drawn in the sand, or who’s going to stand on the green. You take the meds and, along with the body’s own defence mechanisms, you kill the bug or it kills you. Simple, effective, and whole lot less yammering and posturing.

    We are being taken over by parasites. They will not stop until they kill the host or the host kills them. Take your meds and prepare.

    • Tapeworms tend to make their hosts hungry the the foods that the tapeworm wants to eat. Tapeworms allow the host to indulge in food orgies without gaining weight. Tapeworms main goal is to infect other hosts.
      The best way to defend from tapeworms is Good Hygiene.

      • A. S. Layman

        Regardless of the tapeworm’s M.O. it is a parasite. It will ‘take’ from you what you have worked hard for and use it for its own benefit. It cannot be retrained to become productive on its own merit, it does nothing but redistribute your wealth, even to the point of training you to feed it what it craves, and gives nothing in return.

        Take your meds.

  18. Interesting thoughts here. Time for some reflection on the manner.

  19. Take out the quislings, individually, brutally, and efficiently, and it will collapse, if not from fear alone. We all know who they are, they are living all around and amongst us, it’s just a matter of when and where. And above all, it’s very small and simple.

  20. Sofa makes valid points and his concerns are important. Rereading what I wrote earlier, I see it was a vent more than anything else. I see myself getting abrasive so I’m going to take a brief hiatus, I think. I’ve been needing to decompress for a while anyway.

  21. Oh, and Alan, if I didn’t live on the other side of the country, I’d be there.

  22. Grenadier1

    1:War college exercise: What are our strategic goals in this campaign (do’s and don’ts).
    Our first goal is to identify an enemy. As gunwalker has personalized a group of agents we must ID and out an enemy group. We must focus on a specific target and act against it. We avoid spreading our resources and efforts across a broad range of targets. We avoid collateral damage and we avoid risky actions.

    2: What measures of effectiveness will tell us when our offense is working?

    We measure the media response and public opinion based on the frequency and content of comments on mainstream media pages. We measure the damage done to the target physically and politically.

    3: What tactics support those strategic objectives?

    Depends on the target. Document release leading to political scandal leading to resignations. Physical acts against the targets property such as fires or defacement.

    The rest of these are depending on our target.

    I will be in Atlanta at the RTC rally.

  23. Alan W. Mullenax

    I’ll not quibble with the ad nauseum who, what, why, where, when, how.

    Understand, I understand.

    I’ll be honest that I don’t have answers to everything. Hell, maybe nothing.
    And I’m resonably sure no one else does either.

    But I do know this. A contingent of armed Patriots standing in front of a state capitol building in a large American city during business hours makes a statement. The larger the contingent, the larger the statement. National news. Heebie jeebies for the masters. A presence established.

    I think letting them know you’re really around is a good first start. This venue is not out in the desert, somebody’s back yard, or an isolated park. It’s in broad daylight in a very noticable place.

    The rest can be figured out as we go along.

    I reiterate. Set aside your keyboard, kit up, and get to Atlanta.

    Liberty is calling. Atlanta is the Green. Your presence is required.

  24. One measure of enemy effectiveness was seen in the murder of Jose Guerena. A standing army murders a citizen, and there are no consequences, none at all; because their methods are effective.

    Government servants break laws, and there are no repurcussions. They are invited back into government bureacracies and even the WhiteHouse after all sorts of crime, unpunished; because they serve Voldemort. Never any consequences between and among ‘chosen ones’.

    One measure of Colonists effectiveness, is that if a Redcoat killed a citizen, then the enforcers, judges, local party collaborators- would each individually know that it would mean that their businesses and homes would burn, and many of them would be murdered in kind.

    During occuppied Europe, one measure of the resistance effectiveness was that German murder of a civilian would mean that local enforcers and collaborators, the mayor and judges, would each personally understand the risks for them and their families. It tends to moderate the enforcers/mercenaries when they know their actions will have consequences.

    The situation today is clearly different. Our enemies murder at will. Each of us knows that “we are Jose Guerena” in turn. And our enemies have no concern for consequences. Absolutely none. Hell, they get paid vacations and promotions as a reward.

    In colonial times, it wasn’t until the Tories felt like sitting ducks, isolated and vulnerable, and held to account for their actions, that they relinquished their tyranny. In Europe the resistance couldn’t turn the tide, but only strike an uneven balance of consequences to moderate the tyranny (until outside forces eventually relieved the situation).

    Sitting ’round the barbeque the other night, folks were starting to discuss such historical situations, and notice how things are very different today. Oh those silly colonists, were they thinking they were gonna win?

  25. Alan W. Mullenax

    Ya know, sofa, you’re beginning to capture my interest.

    Words, nothing but words. Pounded out on a keyboard no less.

    Tell you what. Apply all of your analysis and knowledge (which I freely admit is considerable), and you pick a Green bud. You pick it. Anywhere in the continental United States. I can be there in 36 hours. Jam up and jelly tight. I’ll stand right next to you.

    Otherwise, be in Atlanta on August 19th. Stand right next to me.

  26. Grenadier1

    Well Canton Ohio PD comes to mind.
    The latest in a long train of abuses.
    I wonder if the Canton PD could afford to replace all of their police crusiers at the same time?

  27. Alan W. Mullenax


    Canton, Ohio is a Green. Specifically the Canton police station.

    Greens are not hard to identify.

    Summoning the courage to stand on one is quite another thing.

    It’s much easier to pound a keyboard about the atrocity. Less costly than making the trip. No investment of time. And most importantly, no possibility of getting arrested, injured, or killed.