One Day In The Life…

Of those who make it through the initial chaos?

Read it and decide.

Keep training.

6 responses to “One Day In The Life…

  1. I read that many years ago in school. Time to again.

  2. This book is worth reading about once a year, just to keep your mind in shape. It ranks right up there with Atlas Shrugged and 1984, but is a quick read.

  3. Don’t lick your bowl.

  4. also available as an audio book, listening to it right now

  5. Read all of Solzhenitsyn’s books. They will stiffen your spine and teach you how to resist. In grad school I wrote a Masters Paper analyzing his work – and suffered the consequences too (sort of proving my point) … but remained defiant and ultimately won (which proved Solzhenitsyn’s point).

  6. This is our fate if we do not resolutely continue the fight.

    “It was the evening recount (one of several each day) on their return through the gates that the prisoners, freezing and famished, found the icy wind hardest to bear. A bowl of thin cabbage soup, half burned, was as welcome to them as rain to the parched earth. They’d swallowed it in one gulp. That bowl of soup–it was dearer than freedom, dearer than life itself, past, present and future.”