Sultan Knish: Edge Of The Spending New Frontier

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The reality is that most junkies damage or destroy all around them, and finally kill themselves with their demons.

Shan’t be any different this time, either.

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  1. I have some liberal acquaintances. I would say “friends” but honestly their politics have made friendship impossible. Could you be freinds with someone you know was a their or child molester?

    Anyway, I see this one fellow often. He used to put up a pretty good fight. When Obama was elected everything was going to get better. He had been a big Bush basher forever, he’s a “progressive” who believes in most of the lefty causes.

    He’s slowly withdrawn from conversation with me and the others in the group as the enormity of the failure of the left has become apparent. It’s not just Obama. Those who have supported is so ferverntly are right to STFU and sit down. Hopefully most of them will. He’s mentioned he might not vote in the next Presidential election. Good, all the idiots who have elected the morons who are destroying our society should follow his example.

    it’s every do-godding socialist program going back to at least FDR – some of them created by Republicans, like Bush’s prescription drug benefit. The world the left has built doesn’t work, is founded on lies, harms those it pretends to help, and is now in it’s well deserved terminal state of decline.

  2. I left the following at SK.

    I think you are wrong in your choice of drugs for the “ruling class” both right and left. I submit to you that a better choice would have been “power”, possibly the most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet. Social justice is merely the currency (think “votes”) with which it is purchased. The social justice addicts are the ones that supply the votes, like pigs at the trough.

    So let’s have a paradigm shift in the way we describe the populace. I would add swine to the list. Sheeple, wolves, sheepdogs and now…..swine.


    “If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.” ~Orson Scott Card

  3. “I would submit to you that there should be no limit on the government’s debt ceiling. None. It should be unlimited. It is illusion and misdirection to think that any entity which can simply force assets and wealth from a captive population would think these limitations important except as a good, if insincere, public relations campaign with the host they are draining. Within the next six months, these united States will achieve a signal triumph: an alleged national debt that is equal to the established consensus on the amount of the GDP. We are presently at 95 percent of that goal and rising. Russia is at 19 percent and China is at 11 percent. Even communist countries know better. Mind you, I didn’t mean to besmirch the communist idea in front of the chattering classes as they may find that disturbing since that is their philosophical touchstone for economic prosperity. Much like a demonic telethon to enslave young and unborn generations to enormous debt obligations, the good ship USS Leviathan continues to happily navigate toward these dangerous fiscal shoal waters. Mind you, I say alleged debt because we are all certain the government cooks the books and hides spending it wishes not to reveal, therefore future financial historians may discover evidence of the real debt as they poke and prod the ruins of a former global hyper-power in North America.”

    See the rest:

  4. CA: I didn’t pay much attention to your “junkie” post the first time around – though perhaps I should have…

    I too have “history” – mine with cocaine. I enjoyed my “career” in a time and place where eight-balls were $100, and consistently cooked up 80-90% pure. It wasn’t long before I was smoking an eight-ball a day.

    As with most REAL junkies, it wasn’t long before feeding my addiction became the focus and REASON for my life! I worked – to pay for the coke. I helped other people – to preserve my access to the supply. Everything I did went back to feeding that hole in my head.

    I can’t truthfully say that I’ve NEVER touched it in the decades since I gave it up — on more than one occasion I’ve been at a party and a mirror went by — one line and I’m reaching for my wallet, because one line is too many and a kilo wouldn’t be enough. Thankfully I’ve been able to stop myself from REALLY LEAPING (not falling) off the wagon…

    I’ve since come to understand the reasons why I am so susceptible to this drug – I lack endorphins. My brain doesn’t produce the normal level of “feel good” chemicals that most people’s do. Add to this that I’d made countless bad decisions in my youth, and thus had very little to feel good ABOUT, and… It would have been incredible if I’d NOT been addicted by my first taste!

    On any given day, I just don’t feel good. Never have. Not that I feel BAD necessarily, just… not GOOD. For as long as I can remember – all the way back to childhood – I’ve always been this way. Not really “depressed” (though I’ve been profoundly so at times) just… not “GOOD.”

    On the other hand, fire some coke into my brain and I feel like SUPERMAN! Life is AMAZING! I actually looked FORWARD to getting out of bed every day! Not only that, but I was POPULAR too! and SUCCESSFUL to boot – both in my career and with women! This shit is MAGIC, MAN!!

    Of course, we all know better. There’s nothing “magic” about it – and as time went on it took more and more “magic” to get me even close to my usual “normal.” Eventually, it consumed the money I should have been spending for food, clothing and shelter. I alienated all the people who cared about me, including the one woman who probably, REALLY, loved me – and was also the one truly pure, innocent person I’ve ever known. Though I never “abused” her, she deserved far better than she got from me, and I’ll always regret losing her the most… But I digress…

    I’ve come to believe – I believe I’ve come to UNDERSTAND – that a similar defect drives most liberals. They too have nothing “special” to feel good about – most suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of any real accomplishment.

    But “doing good” gives THEM a burst of endorphins! It makes them feel GOOD about themselves! By “supporting” their “cause” they earn good feelings for themselves!

    Being somewhat below-average, most are just not capable of any real accomplishment of their own – but they can VOTE! They can all gang up and go attack some “evil corporation”, or send their elected enforcers to do what they lack the balls to do themselves…

    In short, they get from their totalitarianism (or support thereof) the same thing I once got from coke — and they’re just as addicted! Try to explain to a Lib why his “ideas” are dangerous and harmful, and tell me his reaction isn’t just like a junkie whose addiction is threatened!

    Watch as they devote more and more resources to their “feel-good” plans, and ignore all evidence that they’re harming themselves and everyone around them! Just like other addicts, they keep on going until they hit bottom or die.

    The difference is that while I succeeded in screwing up only my OWN life – they’re going to take down the greatest country in the history of the human race! And for no other reason than that they’re incapable of seeing past their own selfish need to hide their inferiority-complex…

    This meme can be carried out to fit every aspect of The Enemy – but I’m out of energy for expanding it here…

  5. That is a great analysis, DD.

    I know how difficult it is to face one’s mistakes that way. You have made a transition that most never do and have used it to expose the Enemy Within just a little more.

    Thank you, and bless you too. You can rightly Feel Good about yourself.

    Jon III

  6. I didn’t really intend to “sign” that post – but since it’s out there now… what the heck…
    I should add that a couple of decades ago – though it was the last thing in the world I wanted at the time – I was suddenly given a “purpose” for my life — a newborn baby girl…

    Unfortunately, the woman who birthed her was (and IS) a truly screwed-up human being. I’d given up the drugs several years before, but still had no PURPOSE prior to this…

    I found reasons to feel good in my new responsibilities. The fact that Mom was so screwed up made it mandatory for ME to do all I could – to “be all I can be” — and with hard-won success earned through hard-work and self-bootstrapping came the self-esteem I’d never had before.

    Being a Dad was the most important job I ever had – perhaps the ONLY one – and I devoted myself to it with even more gusto than I ever had anything before.

    As my drive improved, so did my work – and with it my career. Those successes made me a better Father – which made me a better MAN – and that self-supporting / self-reinforcing spiral made me more focused and better at my career. This improved my kids’ lives – which only served to make ME feel better too…

    The SECRET is that by doing RIGHT – working hard and being the best Man one can be – there’s a spiral of AFFIRMATION — self-improvement – that will buoy one UP just as surely as addiction and its self-destruction will spiral him DOWN.

    Today I don’t NEED coke to feel good about myself – I need only look at the life I’ve built for my kids and how infinitely better off they are as young-adults than 99% of those around them…

    Knowing that *I* EARNED this for them (owing also to the Grace of G*d) is all the “endorphins” I need…

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    Very good,DD!
    I have noticed from many of my socialist, liberal friends that your comment rings true! Lack of self esteem and most males are actually women in drag. There is a serious lack of testosterone in most males today, they are led around by their wives and do exactly what they’re told, and then both get this warm smarmy feeling of accomplishment, however wrong or misguided it may be.
    And on another note, a friend just finished raising his daughter and seeing her off to college, after a lifetime of drunkenness and debauchery, he too succeeded at being a wonderful father and mentor. Congratulations.

  8. Support on both sides of the aisle for a plan to reduce the budget deficit by $3.7 trillion over 10 years. Operationally defines headupassitis…a fatal disease with no known cure. Sure, Save 370 million a year while the deficit increases by over a trillion, makes sense to me… Heheheh…

    Can you say crash and burn. How ’bout; Keep your powder dry…

  9. SUMBUDDY shud tell the “oathbreaker” blog dude to enable anomynous comments on hiz blgo

    or iz he a plant?

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  10. Vern Lendel


    Please post this as an entry. This needs to be loud and all over the country. Shows how the Only Ones view someone who carries a firearm without the Holy Badge Of Untouchability.

  11. TV is on in the other room this morning and an ad plays every 9 minutes (it seems) encouraging people to find out if they “qualify” for a medical marijuhauna card. Duh. Everyone does, if you have a chronic joint pain or get bored easily or have trouble affording a gram from the local all-kinds-of-dope free market dealer YOU QUALIFY! Come on down and get a free sample, along with a packet of seeds that you can grow in the yard.

    It’s just another measure to cheaply pacify the population. In the early 1990’s my Buck Sgt. supervisor said that one of the main jobs for kids back in Thailand (he was half-Thai and his wife was all-Thai) was to keep the cows from eating that junk along the road because it makes them stupid & lazy.


  12. “The left exists only in two phases, as governments and anti-governments. The Nanny State and the anarchist. Both are two sides of the same coin.”

    Are you a closet leftist, Pete? ;^)

  13. Malthus,

    I think that Left and Right like the word unconstitutional has no descriptive value whatsoever..

    A far better descriptor of the competing world views is collectivist versus individualist and the prefix of non-interventionist and interventionist. In this world, I would be a non-interventionist individualist. The lion’s share of all political creeds tends to be interventionist collectivists from the traditional Left to Right. Excepting the blink of Harding and Coolidge in the 20th century, the American Presidency has been the Western bully pulpit for steadily increasing collectivization of human life.

    Sign me up as anti-government anytime. Call me an anarchist or abolitionist and I will respond to both. As with the word conservative, different folks perceive different meanings of the word. Being pro-government is nothing more than the advocacy of slavery except you can say it in mixed company without people filling their pants. You will hear the shamblers and usual suspects mumbling about civil unrest in the absence of the police and the steady mewling of nervous folks wondering who will protect them if their “owners” decide to leave them to their own devices.

    It may come down to the observation that if you have to convince a man to embrace freedom, he may not deserve it.

    Two quotes from Ed Abbey are appropriate:

    “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
    “Grown men do not need leaders.”

  14. Rufus13 – Eric Holder must know that it’s easier to control a citizenry that is stoned than it is one that is sober, informed, and armed. Why do you supposed he declared states’ medical marijuana laws invalid? Because states HAVE no rights, and he didn’t personally approve the laws? It did recently pass in my state, though I voted against it.