Fred says it all.

Read it and see if you agree.

10 responses to “Disengagement

  1. No, I don’t want to go live in a trailer and spend my days reading books on a kindle and watching stolen videos.

    Yes, it is hard to have allegiance to an utterly corrupt nation such as the USA.

    Yes, home schooling can be good for some kids. At the other end there are a lot of dysfunctional families where home schooling would be a disaster.

    No, I don’t agree that universities are a waste of time. Perhaps that’s because I’ve had major surgery three times in my life,

    I am seeking a full restoration of a society that is well ordered and is capable of producing great things – art that inspires, athletes who amaze, inventions that improve life, and eventually colonization of space.

    I don’t believe any of this will be achieved or even helped along by guys who hit 50, give up, shack up with some Mexican chick south of the border and spend their days drinking cheap beer. I’m at an age when people I know are either planning or doing such escapes and it strikes me as a cop out.

    What about Fred’s kids? My kids are in their twenties. My best friend has two grand kids now, and I’m looking forward to some one day. I want to leave a decent society for them. I don’t see that Fred’s advice is helping with that project.

  2. Jackson:

    I want many of those same things.

    How does one drive 200+ million socialist parasites and their overlords either
    -towards those same goals or
    – at least out of the way and their desire to steal your goods on the way to their dreams?

    Not snarking – but sincerely interested:

    How do you propose to get those dreams of a “decent society”, to use your phrase?

    NB: “Voting” ain’t gonna do it.

  3. Fred’s criticism of “university” is probably not against the system that makes MD’s or DDS’s, but rather against a system that turns out Feminist Studies or Racial Agitation (against paternalist Western male dominators) Doctoral Candidates with $275K in .gov-subsidized/guaranteed debt that can not be discharged in any reasonable way (especially not any kind of productive work).

    Concur on uselessness of dropping out, especially to a 3rd world country who only appreciates your steady funding of their low-productivity economy.


  4. The article is a personal manifesto and advice on how to approach the coming darkness. . The cop out charge is frequent and usually by people who couldn’t even begin to cope with a foreign language and culture in the first place. So they always attack the expatriate.

    “Seeking a full restoration of society that is well ordered” sounds more than a little creepy to me.

    People who take the road Fred is talking about are in fact some of the ones who create the art, expound the ideas, and inspire other people. We need the malcontents and the rebels even more now than ever.

  5. I recall when that happened some forty years ago…turn on, tune in, and drop out, was the mantra of the sixties. From that bunch we got the socialist SOBs running the federal government today.

    No, thank you, this is my country and if they want to take it away from me, they will have to use violence to do it. I’m done backing up with a smile.

  6. oldsmobile98

    Agree with much of Fred’s post.


    The difference between a hard drive full of pirated music and a government coffer full of tax money used for unconstitutional and unlawful purposes is only one of degree, not of substance.

    They’re both stolen goods.

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    keep pounding away at your job and put that money away in a 401k. There’s still hope if you click your heels twice……

    Spot on! Like Fred, I’ve traveled the world, speak 3 languages, and strange places and people don’t scare me either. Call me a loser, but be prepared to back it up with something solid, besides fear.

  8. First post by Fred I’ve actually liked, and mostly agreed with. I’ve traveled the world, and speak (some) of 4 languages, and strange places and people don’t scare me neither. But I would prefer to stay out of the larger metro areas of the US right now. With the coming Darkness, it would be wise to avoid large populations of tax feeders and the like.

  9. Alan W. Mullenax

    And what about Atlanta? How many of you are going to Atlanta?

  10. Grenadier1

    Well I understand the idea that at times one must assess the situation and make the decison to flee ones local for more fertile environs. My ancestors did that 250 years ago from Scotland and Ireland. There are a few similarities to their situation. They lived in a land controled by tyranical forces. No resistance could be mounted because of the factionality of the different clans many of whom had been bought and paid off and were set against one another. The foreign debt was cruching and the tyrants occupying army suppressed all desent. The difference was that they at least had one more go of it BEFORE packing up and leaving (the ’45). We have not even gave more than a simple whimper. We are folding like a lawn chair because we are so damn concerned with following THEIR laws. I dont roll like that! I am not going to pack up a leave without first giving it a go.

    Alan, I will see you on the green