Sí, se puede

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Then pass it to your tribe members.

Yes, we can.

7 responses to “Sí, se puede

  1. When the transnationalists are ready to destroy the US Dollar they’ll push a few buttons and scared Americans will round around in the streets and accomplish the rest for them.

  2. Well, on the bright side, assuming I can still feed my family, the mortgage will be easier to pay off….

    Not trying to make light of the situation, mind you, I’ve just accepted it. Peace through acceptance.

    Now that I’ve accepted the “when” as opposed to the “if”, I may as well make the most of it…


  3. AP: Sorry, normal folks will get mortgage “translated” into new color currency, so that it’s still 35-70% of net income. If you are holding PM’s with the intention to pay off debt, absolutely correct. The PM’s will also pay property tax (after translation to the local fiat), so that you get to keep “owning” your dirt.


  4. In Laos, the old currency was replaced TWICE by the communists within a few years. People were “allowed” to exchange their old fiat currency for the new one at a given exchange rate, but only to a certain amount based upon the number of people in their household. This was done at the same time that food stores and “excess land” were seized and “redistributed.”

    Eventually the Lao Kip deteriorated to the point where 10,000 Kip was equal to $1US. This stabilized and now the Kip is doing a little better compared to the dollar because of our leaders’ shenanigans. Regardless, my point is that transactions in Laos of any relevance in the main urban areas are done in foreign currencies – the Thai Baht, US Dollar, or Euro. Every single shop keeper finds out the exchange rate two to three times a day and rocks a calculator for every transaction. When I saw this transpire, I told my wife, “That’s where we’re headed!” I don’t like being right on this point….

  5. If’n you ain’t got some silver(still available, and will be usable after the collapse) and gold( the smaller size is better, but costs more) git some while you can. Gun shows and weekend flea markets always have that stuff around here(Texas) and the prices are still reasonable, for now. A dollar is probably worth about 3-2 and 1/2 cents, and that is only because it is still in circulation on the world market. It is backed by nothing. I’ve had neighbors hire me(for free) to go and get it for them. A 401K worth $100,ooo in 2000 is worth $75,000 now, and since the dollar is only in market worth .03 cents, that investment is in actuality worth $2,250, which will disappear into nothing, once the run and inflation go giddyup, the run being when the run on the banks start. There is less than 9% of actual physical dollars available to hold in ones hand, if you count investments, bonds,money market accounts, retirements. Almost all of the total money flying around everywhere is DIGITAL. Electronic. If everyone who had money in a checking or savings account in the US went to draw it out today, the banks would be out of actual cash in 15 minutes. So, if there was a run, few would get their money, and being it was a run, with flaming inflation, their dollars would purchase less in MINUTES. Those that had money would find it purchased squat. Along with those who didn’t get to the bank in time. It could and might deteriorate into chaos very quickly. Along with other preparations( food,water,guns,ammo,medicines,energy plans) having physical silver and gold will be key to your survival, and to that of your tribe.If it ain’t already part of your plan, get busy.

  6. Alan W. Mullenax

    I have food, water, weapons, and ammo among other things.

    Push come to shove, I can get anything I want.

    Who’s going to Atlanta?

  7. I’ll be there in Atlanta, Alan. I’ll make sure I stop by and shake your hand this time. I saw you up in NC when Vanderboegh spoke, but I didn’t know who you were back then. I’ll be sure to come up to you, shake your hand and talk.