Barnhardt: How Liberty Dies

From Ann Barnhardt:


The “media” is abuzz this morning with calls for Obama to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling himself. Rep. Clyburn, who is third in line in the House (and who named his daughter ‘Mignon’, as in ‘Filet Mignon’, because he is really, really intelligent and classy like that) is now calling for Obama to unilaterally raise the ceiling.

We know from the exposure of “Journolist” that the media and press colludes on these talking points with guidance from the Obama regime. We also know that all of the debt ceiling negotiations are total and complete kabuki. There are no spending cuts – only booking as “cuts” money which the government says it will NOT spend ten years from now.

It is all meaningless.

Guys – ten years ago today the Twin Towers were standing. NOTHING Washington says about “ten years from now” is ever going to happen – and every single one of them know this. And also understand that ObamaCare, if not fully repealed, will cost AT LEAST TEN TIMES what they are saying it will cost. ALL government entitlement programs cost 12-20 times their initial cost estimate. They are saying $2.6 trillion. It will be $26 trillion at minimum – which OBVIOUSLY would collapse the country just by itself. I doubt very seriously that this Republic will exist in its current form ten years from today.

It appears that Congress is going to do nothing, London will downgrade our credit rating (we are almost certainly going to be downgraded no matter what), interest rates will uptick, Obama will then unilaterally raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion in order to “save the country”, which is what Geithner told Congress was going to happen back in May anyway. Due to the additional economic pressure caused by the interest rate uptick, the Federal Reserve will then declare that QE3 is “necessary” and print several trillion more dollars. The Dollar Index will drop below all-time lows at 70.80, and then it will be over.

And so, what we will have is exactly what the Obama regime originally wanted back in May, except Obama will now have dictatorial, super-constitutional power in addition to $2.4 trillion to hand to the Unions, GE and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is how liberty dies.

With thunderous applause.

12 responses to “Barnhardt: How Liberty Dies

  1. Liberty, Miss Barnhardt, is already dead. When it dies in the hearts of our countrymen, no force can retrieve it. And our countrymen do not want liberty, they want security. They deserve neither. We got lazy, complacent, and apathetic. Back into bondage we go. See you in whatever Mad Max scenario we wind up in. My hope for you, me, and others like us is survival, and that we flourish. Liberty, after all, having grown once, can grow again.

  2. Bingo.

    In discussing the coming fugliness with a friend a couple weeks back, I realized the following:

    The world is not coming to an end.

    It’s just the old world coming to an end.

    Embrace the new.

    There will be opportunities.

    Many opportunities.

  3. The Trainer

    I respectfully disagree that ‘liberty is dead in the hearts of our countrymen’. At least some of us. We are still at the stage, I’m afraid, where we’re taking the punches ‘Rocky’ style and haven’t gotten ‘mad’ yet, as ‘Paulie’ would say.

    God help OPFOR when we do get mad….

    Liberty is alive and being nurtured in many homes, many groups, and many places all across this land we call the ‘united States’. (no typo on the ‘u’, either).

    I would ask those like-minded reading this to not despair; we will find each other; we are many.

  4. Alan W. Mullenax

    I’m giving the invocation in Atlanta.

    Will you show up to hear it?

    Will you shake my hand and look me in the eye?

    I will answer any and all questions you have of me.

    Atlanta. Atlanta is the Green. Be there. Liberty calls.

  5. Judge Hand said, “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.”

    Liberty has died in the majority of the hearts of American people. We need to bring the love of liberty back into the hearts of most Americans. Maybe after the collapse, we can spread the libertarian ideas that our founding fathers believed in. Get liberty back into the heart of every man and women.

  6. Ann, while I agree with what you say, leave out the snark. It’s OK for the left to act like fourth graders but it serves no purpose for us and only serves to demean yourself. Mignon is a French word that means delicate or dainty and has a long history of use as a woman’s name. Let’s stick to the moral high ground.


  7. Mignon is the French word for cute.

    It is fair to look down on Clyburn for not knowing the difference between the masculine and feminine forms of the word, but that is just typical American provincial backwardness; any true Frenchman would know not to expect any better.

    Claiming he must have named his daughter after a side of beef, however, isn’t fair on Barnhardt’s part. Naming one’s daughter “Cute” is no worse than any of a number of other slightly fantastical names being applied to children today.

  8. Love you, Ann, and agree completely.

    All the above mincing with Mignon is pretty faint criticism.

    It’s past time we gave the left a dose of their own medicine… it’s why they do so hate Ann Colter. Jeer and point to your heart’s content!

    Jon III

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