Sultan Knish: Obama Wins, And Other Servings Of Doom

SK saves me from having to reload the doom-hopper myself.

Keep an eye on Turkey.

Not good.

13 responses to “Sultan Knish: Obama Wins, And Other Servings Of Doom

  1. Love the graphic. Isn’t that the “Gravy Train”?

  2. I was just reading a bunch of comments on a story about how Apple has more money than the State.

    80% of the comments are Socialist. All about how it’s not “fair” that the mean corporations are moving overseas because they’re being taxed out of productivity. They actually believe that we can be taxed into prosperity. The groundwork is laid for straight-up Communism here, boys. The public schools did their jobs real well. “It doesn’t have to indoctrinate them with ideas. It simply has to prevent them from getting the tools they need to think rationally and make sound judgments.”

    There’s a tsunami of stupid about to crash down on America. When the economy collapses, all the good little State-stupefied State-sow-suckers will be squealing about the greedy (productive) people being responsible for it. And mama Sow will have to fill the trough with all the money from all the productive people.

  3. Highlander

    I do not think obummer won anything. Boehner is still just a elitist shill and has shown himself to be so openly. The 22 “teaparty” Representitives delivered the victory to the Conservivitive cause by standing up to the GOP. This is becoming the feared third party even though they would rather rebuild the GOP as a conservitive party. I don’t think it’ll happen. like the Repubs in the 1850’s the Tea Party will be the third party and once that happens the GOP will either adapt or be sent to the wastbin of history.

  4. While the elected politicians argue over the dead carcass of our former republic, I continue prepping for the worst I know is to come.
    I have been doing my best to forget domestic politics, because I am thoroughly convinced there is no upside in resuscitating the corpse of this country. Brass, Mountainhouse and silver are the order of the day.
    What gloom for me and my family.
    We need to reboot once the nation fails. I hope we are able to.

  5. Rick, I agree with you and am doing the same. Highlander, the Repubs are lost souls exposed by McLame’s derogatory speech regarding the Tea Party as Hobbits. Little does that elite idiot know Palin was the only reason the last presidential election wasn’t a Tsunami for Obummer. The Repubs will pass into the night with the Whigs. A redefining will take place as the Communists (Democrats) continue with their take over. Allegiance to the Constitution is the line in the sand.

    • There hasn’t been allegiance to the Constitution from the Republicrats in decades. That document is trampled every day by the Republicrats and the Demopublicans.

  6. …Twas simple uncorruptible hobbits who pitched the evil ring into the Crack of Doom heralding the defeat of Sauron and the fall of Mordor.

    The high and mighty Gondorian steward would best serve the beloved republic he was entrusted with by joining those “tricksy hobbitses” and Rohirim alike in both action and prayer for as good an outcome against the minions of Barack-dûr.

  7. I’ve been calling D.C. “Mordor-on-the-Potomac” for years now.

  8. Grenadier1

    Lets hope he takes a flaming leap instead we dont need his “assistance”
    His time is past