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Towers? What Towers?

Read this essay.

I’d be grateful to readers who could find links to the actual documents with the WH’s “suggestions”.

Two For Over Coffee: The Coalescing ‘Reparations Army’

Spartacus: Data Points For Your Consideration

Causapatet: The Race

The wise man digs his well before he is thirsty.

Tempus fugit.

Quote Of The Week

Posted at The Smallest Minority.

Read it all, but here’s a sample:

…And make no mistake about this: being taken seriously, being considered dangerous marks the difference – the only difference in their eyes – between players and little people…

Read the rest.

Honey Badger approves.

Gunwalker: ‘Scratch One Flattop’

Former Acting BATFE Director Kenneth Melson

Former US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke

Make that two…

Mike gives the latest on Gunwalker, including this flash from David breaking the news.

First scalps on wall.

Bravo Zulu to all participants.

Keep hammering.

VDH: The False WWII Analogy

The Prof skewers current statethink.

Bonus question: In 500 words or less, describe how the citizens of Attlee’s Britain subsequently awakened to the multifaceted civilizational threats of IngSoc and redeemed their society.

You have 30 minutes for this essay.

Legal Obedience

H/t to Sam for linking to this Walter Williams column.

They cannot enforce but a tiny, tiny percentage of their silly rules.

Laugh at them.

And live freely.

Steyn: Depraved But Not Deprived

The latest from doommeister extraordinaire Mark Steyn.

Just remember – the looters vote.

A lot.

Volk On Freedom: Practice Target

Oleg explains.

GardenSERF: While America Is Ransacked

Please read the latest from GardenSERF.

Stay strong.

Help others.

Muir: The Circus

From Chris Muir’s Day by Day.

Spartacus: Atlas Shoves Back

The latest from Spartacus.

You have put his place into your blog-rounds, ja?

What Is Your Pitchfork Factor?

John Robb both asks and explains.

Read and think.

Consider a new Thirty Years War.

Train, learn, and provision accordingly.

More On Steyn’s Latest

Insty links to this interview with Mark Steyn on his latest book.

Worth the read – especially the last paragraphs.

Yes, Virginia, It Is Really That Bad

Two links to curdle your morning creamer:

More Tales From The Over-Regulated State

How Government Prosecutors Have Fun

Keep this post in mind as you hear the jackanapes yammer this election season about “American freedoms”.

My country, my ass….

An Inspiring Achievement

Alvie explains.

SK: Political Messiahs In Tailored Suits

Read please the latest from Sultan Knish.


…When a nation’s leaders are corrupt, then the nation can be saved, but when the people worship them, then all is truly lost. In the coming time, we will have to determine who will go forth to stand for us in the district, the state and the nation. And balancing pragmatism against principles, having done the best we can, cast our die and hope that a higher power will guide our hand.

But all this depends on keeping a clear head when we play the game and on remembering that our cause is not the man, but the idea of freedom. We do not labor to find ourselves a better master, but to make ourselves the masters of those who would rule over us. And if we fail to do that, if we close our eyes, then our blindfolds will become our chains.

And those we should command will rule over us instead…


DoD Annual Report On PRC Military Capabilities


Some highlights from Zero Hedge


See also

PRC still largest foreign holder of US Treasury debt

I’m sure it will be fine.

[eye roll]

Free Your Mind

Please read the latest from ZeroGov.

It is a great time to be alive.


Spartacus: The Rhetoric Heats Up

Spartacus notes the rhetorical escalation by Congressional Black Caucus member Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

If she and her ilk think the invertebrate, Establishment-captured “Tea Party” is the enemy, what do you think they would be willing to do to folks who believe that government at all levels should be slashed by fifty percent or more, with the remainder constrained in both power and compensation to the functional equivalents of under-assistant West Coast promotion dweebs?

100 million or more of your Free Sh*t Army “countrymen” want you and your tribe plundered and/or beaten into submission.

Or dead.

Remember that.

Volk On Freedom

Oleg asks a style question.

See also this observation: