Barnhardt: We The Stupid


The Tea Party has failed.

In the words of commenter Hedgehog on the Barnhardt article:

This is nothing more than larceny on a scale unprecedented in human history. The only possible way that any of this makes sense is if you look at through the prism of a Communist coup d’etat. The House has just given Obama and his Communist handlers the green light to finish the job, consolidate power and bring on totalitarian rule.

Abandon your illusions, even as the Bad People tighten the screws even further.


20 responses to “Barnhardt: We The Stupid

  1. What??? Where is your faith in the system?

    I mean, what (besides objective evidence, hard numbers, historical precedent, the actions of our current .gov officials, and the willful and complicit ignorance of many Americans) supports your pessimism?

    After all, we’ll show ’em by coloring in a little circle on a sheet of paper next November, right?

    That’ll show ’em, when we vote for the choices they provide for us.

    I would normally say something customarily defiant and fiery here, but I won’t this time. I’ll just say

    Ain’t it fun?


  2. Clarity is helpful.

    I can see clearly now.

    And so can others.

  3. A. S. Layman

    Being a former bubblehead I have a tendency to watch all the boat movies that come down the pike.

    Toward the end of the movie “Hunt for the Red October” the captain of the alpha class fast attack has his torpedomen take the safeties off the weapons for the next run. These safeties include anti-circular devices to insure the weapons don’t circle back and hit the launch platform.

    One such weapon was launched and it did what it was suppose to do. Just before it impacted the alpha one of the crewman in the control room turned towards Captain Tupelov and said, “You arrogant ass! You’ve killed us!

    The safeties have been taken off and there’s a weapon in the water.

  4. Pounding the sand… “You maniacs – You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!”
    -Charleton Heston, Planet of the Apes

    We are living in historic times: A communist coup as everyone stood watching, and wondering if anyone would stop them.


    As long as there is plenty of freebies for the slobs like the one pictured above won’t give a rip. If Barry hyperinflates the currency, he’ll have legions of snitches out there to make sure the greedy, evil, right-wing businesses hold down their prices. The Borg Collective will be in place. It will be ably assisted by the Hollywood Left, MSNBC, CNN, et al. Then, the Dream Act will be passed and legions of illegal aliens will have the right of franchise. All, of course, will register democrat, as directed by their union bosses or parish priests. All that is left is earnest, focused, preparation. And, avoid the Tea Party rallies and other demonstrations. They are now pointless. My local Tea Party here in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon was co-opted by Dead Elephants awhile ago. The dance is about to begin.

  6. Disciple of Night

    “Send thy hand from above; rid me, and deliver me from great waters and the hands of strange children, whose mouths speak vanity and their right hand is the right hand of falsehood.” – Psalm 144:7-8

  7. Well the odds were long from the beginning and I think we all knew it.
    Thirty years ago we may have stood a better chance, before the legions of the Free$hit Army became manifest. But that is conjecture this is reality.

    We cannot, however, go softly into that good night. That is an anathema and we must not disgrace the memory of the Republic that could have been. I will vote if for no other reason than to make life as difficult as possible for these vermin, as little as it may be.
    As Kerodin pointed out, Life does go on.
    We do not know what the future may bring, history is rife with those that continued on without hope only to sometimes find it unexpectedly.
    God be with you all.

    • Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedel

      Good Point Rhodes. Likewise, I too will continue to vote but not to make life as difficult as possible for the vermin. No, I will continue to vote so that when the time comes and I have these vermin kneeling down at the side of the pit with a pistol to the backs of their heads, I can say to them with a clear conscience that I availed myself of every peaceful and lawful means (including the ballot box) to reform the system before resorting to the extra-judicial method of the bullet box. They say that every man should leave his mark on this world. Well then, my mark will be a twenty-foot slit trench filled with the lime-covered corpses of the treasonous vermin whose corrupt hands brought us and our nation to the point of ruination. I only hope that there is a special place in Hell prepared for their poor souls.

      Remember Alexander Hamilton’s command in Federalist 28, Paragraph 6: “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, . . . . The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.

  8. It’s obvious that Jack Hunter is correct, the TEA Party hasn’t been extreme enough, yet.

  9. Grenadier1

    Get yourself quickly to the FREEFOR_1 .onion site. Read, absorb, grok, contribute and act! Least we all go down with this stinking shit-can.

  10. I KNOW it’s in the toilet. This is the time, especially right friggin’ now, to stay calm, and think, and plan, and ready yourself. But above all, for now, stay calm. You’ll be suprised what your level headed contemplation of the approaching shit-storm will teach you. Stay frosty. And let that monster inside you grow. You’re going to need him.

  11. oldsmobile98

    Super Congress can be accurately described by a three-word phrase:

    “Taxation without representation”.

  12. Nicely put as always by Ann Barnhardt. And spot on, as usual.

    Let’s not lose heart. What might be your future in your AO, might depend on today’s decisions as to stay or move. If moving, then cut losses and get out this week. If not this week, then next. Same principle: If you feel the need to move and take losses in order to stay above the grass in the future… why make excuses as to why you can’t move right now?

    If you are in the best AO available to you on short notice, how will you cope? Your first challenge, will be for you and yours to survive the first big die-off.

    I recommend going back to WRSA basics: fix teeth, get meds stored ahead; do PT now, knowing that your daily effort is only a fraction of what is going to be required of your bod when things go North. I hope that our host CA might chime in on the WRSA basics once again, the basics that start with fixing teeth… and somewhere in there, there is the WRSA idea of getting used to breaking laws… doing a misdemeanor a day just for the hell of it is helpful, and a purposeful felony/week is a start for your newer and better mind. Never mind Ayn Rand and her talk about how governments make it so a person can’t live without breaking laws. Go from the passive to the active… break some laws, daily, by choice, in order to help your head for the future.

    The whole thing, as it devolves into chaos that the CIA has not studied, is winnable by you and your families. You might get killed for your efforts, but maybe your grandkids will remember what you did.

    What goes on in DC is no big deal. Creditor countries nibbling at the US of
    A is no big deal. The only big deal, is how we-uns prepare ourselves to live out our lives in honorable ways.

  13. Grenadier1

    Seriously the time to practice and drill for collapse is now. FREEFOR_1 has the potential to shape OUR personal future. There are some good things being planned there and they need more leaders from this and other boards to contribute the skills they lack. The focus is on the platform and building the network for later action. Dont be discouraged by the tech its really quite easy.
    Look past the techie geek stuff and see the potential for real operational ability and not another keyboard commando hangout.

  14. Grenadier1: Sorry dude, I’m not going to other unknown places. I sort of like my own AO as it is, and have the concept of bring others into it… if people pass the smell test… rather than me riding to some other peoples’ idea of what the future should be.

    All that practicing time and drilling time that you talk about is over now anyway. I wonder if you, Grenadier1, have vacated your mother’s basement and are on your own now with your own computer. Rotsa ruck to you.

  15. Semper Fi, 0321

    Buckle up. We at going to hit the wall at 9 Oh and there’s no brakes on this ride. Like Sean said, stay cool, and observe those around you. See who comes out on the other side and plan accordingly as the scenario changes.
    Amerika, you earned this one! All these decades of PC warm and fuzzy thinking turned everyone into a neutered non thinking prole. Now when it’s time to take our nation back, everyone’s too cowardly or tranquilized to think it matters. The national IQ is 2 pts below that of a rock, and the rock didn’t get a chance at an education.

  16. Grenadier1

    I wonder if you have the reading comprehension to actully formulate an independent thought? You took things a little personal there dude? Obviously you missed the entire direction of the “keyboard commando” comment and assumed that I was somehow calling you one? I cant even fathom how you even could think I was commenting to you. My comments were intended for the guys who actually WANT to acheive something beyond defending their bonus room. For the record dickbag YEAH I got a mortgage and a wife and kid. I aint here because I think its some real life World of Warcraft. I am here to leave my son a future that does not involve serving in a work camp. That entails actually doing things OUTSIDE of your “AO”! Dont get butthurt over what you THINK someone called you!
    Jesus its no wonder we cant get anywhere when our ranks are filled with fucktards who think the resistance begins and ends at their sidewalk.

  17. Alan W. Mullenax

    Atlanta anyone?

    With the proper number it could be a hell of a statement.

    More reason to go there now than a couple of months ago.

    I know it involves sacrifice. It could be inconvenient. Hell, it might even be dangerous.

    See you there?