Who Holds The Reins…

Sam urges folks to consider a realpolitik approach to governance during the Collapse.

Read it and think, please.

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  1. I, for one, don’t think one shouldn’t vote…

    I mean, have at it. It may change something.

    It won’t stop what is coming, I agree. When congress is at the end of the wrong end of the people’s fury (ie the “ruckus” scenario), it will indeed be us against them, no matter how politics shape up.

    Until then, Super-Congress, and other such provisions strip even the elected officials of any real ability to make a difference in either our nation’s course or trajectory.

    I’ll likely vote in 2012, I think.

    I will not, however, vote for a Dead Elephant, RINO, Obama, or anyone other than a real Constitutionalist with a solid track record.

    If such a candidate appears, I’ll vote. Otherwise, I’ll share in the guilt.

  2. As I’ve said elsewhere, I will continue to fill out a ballot, but anyone who really thinks it will make a difference is completely in denial. The politicians we voted into office in 2010 just proved how worthless they are. Not only has Obamacare not been repealed, they just allowed Boehner to shove it up our collective anuses once again.

    Sorry, Sam: you can put all the Tea Party induhviduals into office you want, but “continuity of government” where government still rolls over you is no help. If these fools couldn’t simply say “NO” to more spending, hold fast on the debt ceiling, why on G-d’s green earth would you think they will make a difference when things get even worse? If they cannot do it when it is easy, it’s a bit precious to think they will do it when it is hard. Dream on.

  3. Who we elect matters most for the days when SHTF…not for today.



    Good read. In my little corner of Amerika, we still vote and have succeeded in keeping the local tax&spend political hacks at bay. Also important on a local scale is the public exposure of those collectivists who think the rest of us worker bees owe them a living. Any time you see some Hillary wannabe PTA or school board member start yammering about “for the children” , get your ballot ready adn vote them down

  5. Who is in office may matter before SHTF. Malevolent bastards who want to “change” things that work can make things bad well before they might have to be.

    For example, the City of Portland Oregon has a huge debt overhanging because our “Planning Classes” decided that light rail is the best way to get people around (they hate liquid fuels and personally-owned vehicles). DoT encouraged this be providing “free” Federal funds for “alternative” transport. It is fun like Disneyland to ride an electric trolley from the Airport to downtown and out to the “Silicon Forest” in Hillsboro, but for most people, it is useless. Even for people who ride busses (carless), the utility is minimal. The people who have made the most use of the Portland MAX system are gang members who find that free rides (very low ticket enforcement) from subsidized stack-’em-&-pack-’em ghetto warrens in Gresham to the wealthy hunting grounds of suburban Clackamas County and Downtown Portlandia without showing a visible license plate makes it difficult to track or prosecute them. Crime is significantly up within about 10 blocks of EVERY light rail platform, and even armed police officers will not ride the light rails alone during off-peak times. Portland is an attempt to be a curious blend of NYC (self-loathing, pandering, socialist self-censoring speech controls, carefully corrupt) and urban Belgium (Internationalist Red Melting Pot). Clark County and Vancouver WA have been shielded by the Mighty Columbia River from much of the Red Influence, and are resisting pressure by the States of Oregon and Washington (and Fed’s?) to connect the Gang Delivery System to their downtowns. Seattle had the prototype elevated Monorail as a 1962 World’s Fair leftover, but The Planners liked the results of light rail in Portland so much that they rammed it through against the results of elections in Seattle. Damn the cost! Full Speed Ahead!

    IMHO, a slow collapse and a long disorganized darkness is much worse than a quick sharp shock, if only because there won’t be time for reasonably healthy folks to die off from starvation and lack of professional (now routine and inexpensive 1950’s med-tech) medical care. It hasn’t happened yet. How do I know? Heavy packages from AIM Surplus still arrive to my address and sit on the porch for a while without being stolen.


  6. Over at Kerodins’ site, there’s an ad for a Steyr SSG-008. Nice. $4,000. While I have no problem with people who have enough disposable income to buy a nice rifle like this, I wonder at the utility of thing that can be purchased at Academy in .308, or 30.06 . for about $400.00, and can easily be tinkered with to shoot as well as the Steyr, and for as long. And yeah, I still vote, but with ajauandiceed eye. still vote

    • 5% hardware, 95% shooter. If you are an 80%+ Awesome shooter, it’s probably a good thing to spend a couple grand on a rifle and a couple more on more practice.

      I will continue to “get by” with a <$500 (base price) Mauser-type bolt-rifle in one of the standard US Military .30 sizes. Imho, the Steyr precision rifle is an over-optimized weapon (not "over-priced", because it is a very fine piece) for almost everyone. I would speculate that only a tiny fraction of their market has the shooting ability to justify it on a cost/utility basis, but it "sends a message" about money/status/class by hanging over a shoulder, like driving an Audi R-8 instead of a Chevy Malibu/Impala.

      Holding position and being a "credible threat" can be as important to the cause as an elite warrior, for much cheaper, allowing quantity or diversification of force. The enemy will be forced to move slowly and carefully with armor or larger-than-desired convoy to get safely past all those cheap-and-improvised-gear Militia, buying time for the FreeFor and costing the OpFor plenty, all before firing a shot.


  7. This damned leave a reply area is !#~!$~@##$!@! toothless.

  8. pdxr – it took one spin on the MAX for my wife to understand why I carry daily. It’s WORSE in the routes in the eastern burbs than downtown for exactly the reasons you cite.

    PDX meet and greet?