Congress And ‘Buy Me Drinkie’ Bars

John Venlet explains.

They no love you long time.

No money, no honey.

So sorry.

13 responses to “Congress And ‘Buy Me Drinkie’ Bars

  1. That’s no shit.


  2. Wha you get? Eeeeevryting you see! Me love you too much!

  3. A. S. Layman

    Welcome to Zimbabwe courtesy of Obamugabe. He numbah ten…

  4. JuicyBar girl never drinks alcohol, while customer gets formaldehyde Budweiser until money is gone. Lesson learned relatively cheaply (married and flying as wingman) while doing Federal Service in RoK. Juicy bar girl is usually being coerced in some way by means of paying off a family or personal debt without actually being required to turn tricks. She knows that turning tricks is the next stop if being a Juicy Girl doesn’t work out well enough.

    Don’t let your daughters grow up to be bar girls unless she owns the bar.


  5. No more mercenary than “western” women, and FAR better at all things feminine.

    Personally I wish I’d been smart enough to buy one a jeepney instead of TWO of these biatches a house apiece…

    If I ever get the matrimonial urge again, I hope to be smart enough to find me a flip, thai or etc… If that is I don’t do the SMARTER thing and just eat a gun instead…

    Sorry-more than a bit soured on the whole mess ATM…

    We really have RUINED them…

  6. On the bright side, she’s already said she’d go to the camps rather than vhf out, and the way things are going I probably won’t have to worry too much longer…

    See – there’s a silver lining in EVERY cloud!

    ; oD

  7. DD:

    Hang in.

    Retain counsel.

    Do what you need to do.

    Thanks for the reminder.


    Feral Singleton

  8. Venlet is right on. All that’s missing is the morning after STD.

    But I’m sure that Sugar Daddy O has that covered as well.

  9. “vhf out”==”BUG out”.

    IOW “If SHTF, I’m going to the CAMPS!”

    AND, FTR, HELL NO! I ain’t going, and she knows squat about my preps…

    Laptop ate its CPU fan, working on an Android Tablet.

    Not bad but this auto-correct needs work…

  10. PS: “feral singleton”== SMART MAN, though from what I’ve seen asian & SudAmericano women still know how to BE women…

    FredReed haas written much on the topic & all seems right on …

    Know a couple of guys with Russki/Eastern European fems & they’re all happy too…

    Some days I envy the homos, exempt for all that homo crap… (/sarcasm)

  11. Alan W. Mullenax

    Uh, yeah, ok. Got it. Understand.

    However, anybody have the name, address, and phone number of the young lady in the photo?

    Just askin’.

  12. I think my post count as “dibs”, brah…

    ; op

  13. alan w. mullenax

    Ok, ok. Does she have a sister?