PLA Declares War on Georgetown


Think about why the ChiComs did this.

Remember that the printing press that Turbo Tim and The Ben Bernank are using is actively devaluing the ChiCom asset holdings as they also destroy American purchasing power.

Do you think the Chinese Communist government, history’s greatest mass murderers, will take that financial raping without consequence to the perpetrators?

Do you think war between the anemic USA and the PRC can be avoided?

Can your wives and daughters shoot well, with both sidearms and longarms?

If not, why not?

Tempus fugit.

29 responses to “PLA Declares War on Georgetown

  1. Whether they shoot well or not, shoot they will, or be shot.

  2. Wa hell, as the saying goes. Why link the Chicom threat with weapons competence of your family? As has been said before by a person better than me, there’s plenty of sons-of-bitches right here.

  3. PF:

    For sure re enemies domestic.

    The (too vague) reference was to enemies foreign who will come to collect what is owed them. The Han repo men, IMHO, will be looking for collateral both physical and human – hence the allusion to the ladies.

    Or I could have just gotten too much sun at the statehouse Friday…

  4. Quote to remember:

    “In the year 2000, the PLA had more students in America’s graduate schools than the U.S. military, giving the Chinese a growing understanding of America and its military.”

  5. When you consider how many of these “student” athletes have rap sheets, the above picture begins to look more like Africans getting a taste of their own medicine for once. Just think of it as an in-game flash mob.

  6. As has been said before by a person better than me, there’s plenty of sons-of-bitches right here.

    True. But that doesn’t mean the other sons-of-bitches don’t exist.

  7. They won’t shoot our wives and daughters. They need them. Men out number women in China 5 to 1 as a result on their one child policy. everyone talks about the threat from the ChiComs, and yes they are dangerous, but mainly because they are in an uglier situation than we are.

  8. Sons of bitches aplenty!!! Here, there just about everywhere.

    Not only must we all know how to shoot, everyone must be willing to pull the trigger when the time comes.


  9. And as GardenSERF has pointed out, the Chinese are, through a number of differnt companies buying up large pieces of property for very strategic reasons. Compression along another axis of the CW2 cube, friends.

    They Are Coming in more than one way and from more than one direction.

  10. Veimar led to WWII in more ways than just getting Hitler elected. Germany had nothing to pay international debts with other than land. Is it just coincidence that the owns so much land out west – in the American Redoubt?

  11. The United States has been, and continues to be, strategically encircled by Chinese Communists. The poisons take many forms: “Made In China”, the supremacy of government as the source of all answers and the solution to all problems, group think, order and obedience over freedom and individual liberty. The Chicoms have a three hundred year plan. The Americans have a three-week plan – at best, and violate and erode their basic principles daily.
    As Gandalf would describe the situation: “We cannot get out. A shadow lurks in the dark. We can not get out… they are coming.”

  12. Let them have their chunks of redoubted land,JWR and company have vast areas of it covered. And we’ll know exactly where the PLA is.


  13. No, I don’t think the PLA is any sort of threat.

    The number of firearms sold to private citizens in the USA in the first 9 months after Barry was elected was equivalent to the total number of personnel in the Chinese and Indian militaries combined.

    The Chinese are perfectly capable of seeing that sticking their hand into that sort of meat grinder is just not good business, and that it’s much better to let the owners of those firearms shoot at each other instead of being given a handy external threat to unite over. I’m not saying they won’t want their money back, of course they will. But they’ll do it by puppets and front companies and corporatist exploitation, not militarism. The Chinese military will invade Taiwan long long long before it starts thinking about forcible impositions on the other side of the Pacific.

    The exception to this might be in case of a breakup of the USA, in which case there might be an intervention under UN colors “to preserve order” especailly on the west coast where there are a lot of Chinese-Americans. After that things become more unpredictable, in all ways.

  14. Meanwhile we keep talking about Iran getting the propaganda machine ready for yet another dirty little war to dump treasure and blood. The reckoning we have have coming for this stupidity is going to be ungodly. Thanks for link.

  15. Wife? Not at all. Can’t even be convinced to just watch a basic explanation of how they operate. Pure hoplophobe.

    Daughters? Once passable but no doubt very much out of practice. Neither will take time to go to the range.

    You can lead a horse to water, but they struggle if you hold their head under…

    Still, I continue to prep and pray that when the time comes the things i’ve done will help simplify and flatten their learning curve…

    God help us…

    • Same here. BUT>> The wife just went to a conference for her job. zit was cunducted by state employees and involved, among other things, implimitation of obamacare against the poor of the county. What actually occured was a political campaign were they tried to get peopel to sign up for different obama committiees and rais money. I have known my wife for 46+ years I have never seen her aware of what is actually happening. We went out today and bought extra food…which we don’t need but I’ll take that as a start!
      Keep the faith!

    • Sorry about the typos…my regular computer is being repaired…..this on is hard to use!

  16. You might also want to consider the racial aspect. While the Chinese are noted for their general xenophobia, within that parameter, they are especially contemptuous of Blacks, whether from the USA or Africa. We Whiteys are called Big Nose or Red Face, and are teased for hairiness, Blacks are Apes or Monkeys, or worse. I was told this by a close friend who went to the PRC as an exchange student in the eary 1980s. John was (still is) conservative and not prone to PC, but he was still shocked at the intensity of Chinese racial hostility. And you can presume that Chinese students who have returned home have brought back plenty of stories about Black behavior and crime in this country.

  17. Rurik is right.

    I once had a chinese boss who would say it flat-out…
    He rolled up his sleeve and laid his arm near mine on the desk –

    “See you skin? Have hair all over. See my skin? Have none. This because you very much close to ‘da monkey.”

    You don’t want to know what he said about blacks, or even those a bit more swarthy than my nordic looking self…

    The funniest part of all of this is that he tried – later – to accuse ME of being racist – “you not like me because I am chinese.”

    I responded “No – I don’t like you because you’re an @$$hole. The fact that you’re a CHINESE @$$hole is pretty much irrelevant, at least to me.” I walked… But I digress…

    In my experience, they’re tied for “most racist” with some black folks…

  18. Target rich environment

  19. Knuckle Dragger

    How much of our debt do the Chinese hold? Consider what the cost would be if China were to declare open war on U.S. Think of the damage U.S. would inflict on their homeland, even though they would likely be victorious. The consequences would be felt for generations. Now consider the cost of feeding the addicts until they self destruct, during which time they struggle to service the debt and buy goods at the same time. I don’t think the Chinese give a tinker’s dam about the debt, although it makes a good lever to exert more pressure. People, the goal here is a crippled and insignificant U.S. without ever having to fire a shot in anger. You’re looking in the wrong direction. Nothing we can do about it but CYA until the masses get on board. Will they? Before it’s too late?

  20. And as GardenSERF has pointed out, the Chinese are, through a number of differnt companies buying up large pieces of property for very strategic reasons. Compression along another axis of the CW2 cube, friends.

    Much has been made of the fact that the Chinese are buying up land and property. What I’ve not seen addressed is the fact that revolutions tend not to respect property rights. When/if those assets are seized on behalf of a revolutionary effort, how will the Chinese react? Will desperation make them impulsive?

    Also, in the event of direct military confrontation, Russia will take advantage of any reverse the PLA suffers, as will the Uighurs.

  21. My seventy-two-year-old handicapped wife is more comfortable shooting my three-pound Taurus seven-shot revolver with the the six-inch barrel than she is her Keltec P-32. Go figure.

  22. .357 revolver

  23. The little tet-a-tet was the Asians versus the negroes. Nothing more.

    The Chinese aren’t coming here, they’re too busy achieving prosperity to risk that.

    Besides, they’ll eventually need a country to supply cheap labor, you know, the one who’s wasted a large part of its wealth policing the globe.

  24. It’s all about the beans and bullets folks. They do not have the 800 ships to surround Okinawa like we did 60 odd years ago and provide the logistics for any type sort of invasion. Now scale that up several orders of magnitude. The US military is going to have to get A Lot weaker and the Chinese naval capability increase by incredible levels before they would even consider such a thing.

    Our immediate threat will be from the parasitic classes. The “leader” caste will attempt to lord over what supplies that are apparent, the “voter” caste will go beserk when the snap and link cards stop working. Keep a weather eye on the Chicoms, but plan for danger close first.

    The Chinese will have their own problem of a whole bunch of freshly unemployed young men. The “global” economy is also a global suicide pact. If our economy goes, the whole world goes, and then it’s straight into anarchy. China would go after Russia before us, simply because they can walk there. But the first thing I can see them doing to keep their people busy is to ramp up their adventures in Africa, with it’s huge natural resources largely untapped and plenty of real estate to develop. This is a bit of supply chain problem too, but there are no African nations that have SSN’s to leverage against the Chinese conga line of naval vessels. Even more important, there are no African nations with SSBN’s to leverage against the Chinese. Even with a manchurian candidate in the oval office, they could never be sure that all those boomer captains are co-opted. All it would take is one skipper to say “hell no” and light the sparklers.

  25. Oh, and have to brag a bit here. Yesterday the wife was watching me cast .45’s from wheel weights and asking questions. Wife and two oldest have been to Appleseed with me, wife qualified Marskman and the oldest was 9 points shy. I have a little single shot .22 Savage Cub that the two youngest shoot, everyone else is versed in 10/22, Mini 14, Moss 20 gauge pump and AMD-65.
    Most important, the wife is full on mama grizzly. We’ve been laying in ammo, rice, beans and canning from the garden like crazy.

    We’re not where we need to be, but making progress. Wish I had woken up 10 or 15 years ago, but have to play the cards we’re dealt.

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