RTC: Post-Rally Flash

All well.

Good turnout, including quite a few from the several States.

Good speeches.

Good weather.

LEOs acting as peace officers only.

Thanks to all who came and/or were there in spirit.

Back on the road.

More later.

UPDATE 2050 EDT 19 AUG 2011: From a participant:

Decent showing with about 40 showing up… actually quite pitiful and surprising, considering the times.

As usual we had the RTC “regulars” and citizens from all walks: black, white, men, women, young and old. During the rush hour traffic we handed out Pocket Constitutions and information on the “Constitutional Carry” push for next year.

We had an active crowd working the sidewalk passing out the literature and making contact with the citizens that were walking and driving by. We got quite a few thumbs up and honks from fellow patriots, along with a couple thumbs down and some disdainful head-shaking… most likely ObamaBots.

We had some speakers including John Brigham who set up the event, [Concerned American] of WRSA and a few others, had a great time meeting and talking to fellow activists, including some patriots from as far away as Texas and North Carolina.

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  1. Wish I lived closer, I would have attended and now I’m seriously considering our own movement here in AZ. Please keep it up!

  2. Do it, Joe.

    Thanks also to Karl Denninger for the link and support, along with David Codrea and his War on Guns: Notes From The Resistance radio show for his support.

  3. Craig Cavanaugh

    Forty people… I’m gonna need a bigger boat…

  4. I wished I lived closer as well. I would have helped hold up signs.

  5. Because of a family issue, I was unable to make it! I was really ticked off about it, as I had been planning for months to make it, and even had the day off work! Anyway, I’m glad it turned out as well as it did! I’m really ticked I didn’t make it, as I enjoyed both of the RTC rallies that I have made it to.

  6. I posted this on my facebook. I don’t know if anyone will care, but if a few do, we will have company.

    This guy saw it coming 10 years ago, Doug Noland.

    Note the Quote:Texas governor Perry was lambasted for his verbal attack on “treasonous” Federal Reserve “money printing.” “Presidential” it was not. But do I expect this type of message to resonate? Bet on it! American society is showing the increasing strains of monetary mismanagement. More and more, it seems that only the PhDs and stock market punditry actually believe that Fed policymaking is on the right track. And it really is a fascinating and frightening dynamic where the general populace has this right and the policymakers have it dead wrong.


  7. The Trainer

    Excellent job, CA! The PT shows! 🙂

  8. Its legal in GA to walk the streets carrying a loaded AR-15 and other rifles and shotguns????

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  10. Great job guys, wish I could have been there!

  11. I too hate that I missed it…

    Family took priority…

    Next time, though!

  12. Cool to hear the LEO’s were behaving, but I have to ask, why were they even there at all? Who is paying them, and where is the money coming from to do so?

  13. Binger guess what.
    One of the Capital Police actually took these photos!

  14. It was good stuff. Got to meet some fellow WRSA boys. I will refrain from outting them they can speak for themselves but it was a honor to stand with’em

  15. Amen, G.

    Encouraging for me was everyone in attendance – as in I have more courage today than I had on Thursday.

  16. Hey, Allen Mullinex, what was that awesome looking gun you were holding and what extras have you done to it? It looks sweet!

    • alan w. mullenax

      Nothing more than a Mossberg 590 tactical shotgun.

      The only thing I’ve added is a Viking heavy weapon sling.

  17. Joe in AZ, Check out the Oath Keepers rally in Quartzite, AZ on 8/27/2011. Go to the Oath Keepers website to learn more.

  18. Patriot1776

    The only thing missing from Oath Keeper’s musters is long arms.