The Brutal Dilemma: Underestimating The Free Sh*t Army

Vanderleun links to this piece on a partial explanation for the reluctance to cut budgets at the FedGov level.

Read the comments at each site as well.

But honestly, kids – it ain’t about the FedGov minions whose ricebowls would be scattered.

It’s all about the FSA.

Can’t cut ’em off, or they’ll riot.

Can’t keep paying ’em, or eventually, there will be no money for anything.

That is the true ‘brutal dilemma’.

And no one is going to do anything but keep writing checks.

Understand what that really means, and prepare to repel boarders in your neighborhoods.


22 responses to “The Brutal Dilemma: Underestimating The Free Sh*t Army

  1. Within the past five days, there’s been three people in three separate conversations who have told me that they are glad that they are living here as things devolve. I didn’t solicit those comments, they just happened.

    I do think that in general, nationwide, the response of the citizenry to rioting is going to be harsher than it was forty-some years ago. We have a few rogue regimes lately to thank, for that change in attitude. Government on the federal level is increasingly thought to be illegitimate and unhelpful.

    Locally, there certainly will be problems, most likely violent ones. That happened locally a hundred and thirty or so years ago, and the problems got fixed on individual levels.

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  3. I tend to agree with the comments made at the other 2 posts to this one. Just bring it already. It’s just gonna happen.
    And yes it will be on individual levels.
    The name calling by anyone means NOTHING!


  4. The “free shit army” is right behind the US government itself on the list of most dangerous entities to America and Americans.

    They will have to be brought under control and quickly too.

  5. My father has fibrosis of the lungs from about 40 years of being a machinist and working with exotic metals. Mostly military applications. He is retired now and has his good days bad days. Anyhow, my father and I are prone to having some “good natured” discussions for as long as both of us can remember. He has always been a republican … I on the other hand have always been, in his words (good naturedly of course) just a tad shy of paranoid. Of course, my dad usually see’s the light if I point him in the right direction. Anyhow, my father has not really been a gun person. Just here and there and diffidently not anti-gun. Most of the gunning in my younger years were through my cousins and fortunately I had a lot of cousins and my dad let me have a 22. So I was just talking with my father on the phone and he floored me when he asked me what would be a good handgun for him to own. We talked about why. And you can probably figure out the why. Then we talked about the gun. We’re going to get him a combat shotgun first. And of course, I am still a tad shy of paranoid. So I tell my dad yeah, but remember where you were? Here you are. Just a tad shy of paranoid. 😉

    Don’t give up on your family.

    • I have had three more-liberal-than-not female family members come to me for advice on handguns in the past year.

      I am glad to help; I feel guilty for not living close enough to defend them.


  6. Assuming that the nuts actually believe they can pull it off, there is your Civilian National Defense Force. What if all those supplies Fedgov, through DHS/FEMA, has been buying and stocking up on is for the free shit force turned CNDF. Of course, it won’t start that way. But someone could eventually say … Hey. We have a plan for you. Any takers?

  7. this piece on a partial explanation for the reluctance to cut budgets at the FedGov level.

    Well said and posted.

  8. A. S. Layman

    Read up on the fall of Rhodesia, which was at one time the breadbasket of Africa, into that starving socialist morass now known as Zimbabwe. The FSA has its parallel in the army veterans who were promised land when Mugabe took power. The only problem was the land they wanted was the productive white-owned farms. Their solution was to murder, rape, pillage, loot, and burn their way into ownership.

    What farmers could have left, those who couldn’t are dead and now the rest of the world is feeding Zim’s FSA. Obamugabe is leading us down the same path. He will do anything to assert and retain power. Even to the point of enabling and protecting his own.

  9. Um, DUH…
    I was born the son of a VERY racially liberal pentecostal pastor, in the deep South in 65. Dad got his @$$ beat on “bloody Sunday” marching with MLK & Co. Stood up to the Klan when they told him “we don’t mind you teaching them about The Lord, but we better not find you having dinner with ’em.” I don’t recall knowing a white child before I was ~5 our so… At ~7 I first heard “the n-word” and not knowing it was A Bad Word made the mistake of using it near Dad. Still have the scars from the stitches sheng he punched me in the mouth.

    A few months back he asked for my help in arming himself & his household because he no longer feels they are safe in his small, rural and increasingly “diverse” town.

    He wasn’t worried about the Klan in mid-sixties Tennessee, but the FSA has rocked him to his core.

    That’s both sad and scary as hell…

  10. And it is our finest “Law Enforcement” who have enabled them to become Preferred Species, and made this country what it is today. When TSHTF, make sure to address the REAL problem first.

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  12. Steak N Eggs

    The Free Shit Army isn’t solely about getting shit for free. Just as important, they desperately need to suppress and eliminate private enterprise activities outside the scope and influence and official-tax-stamp of FedGov and its subordinates. FSA cannot tolerate non-sanctioned personal achievement, self-sacrifice, entrepreneurship and other values that tend to generate value and wealth and financial independence for the individual, the family, or small business. Here is a most basic example: Watch the video covering the “evil capitalists” and note how fast this innocent protest escalates to arrest.

  13. The free shit army is not only related to race. Consider a young, white woman I know who works for cash and receives WIC subsidy for her groceries while her husband is in Iraq.

    I am not a military person but I did hear tell that once upon a time the mindset in military was; If Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife and child while you were under arms they would have been issued to you.

    • Thank You Kevin!
      Apparantely I am not the only one that knows this.
      When I was in Boot Camp we heard “If the Navy wanted you to have a wife or kids, they would have issued you one with your seabag”
      I got married and had kids AFTER I got out.It is not that tough of a concept.

  14. Concerned American, I mean the poor performance of the black troops. Everybody was under-equipped and poorly equipped but senior Army leaders thought the 24th Inf. Div. had not acquitted itself well.

  15. Col, Bunny, Sir,
    I think you are referring specifically to the 24 Infantry Regiment and their regimental song, “The Bug Out Boogie”.

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