An Inspiring Achievement

Alvie explains.

5 responses to “An Inspiring Achievement

  1. My comment from Alvie’s place:

    I still haven’t made my planned visit to his grave…

    Question for those who may know:

    Is his headstone made by Kohler, Sloan, or American Standard?

    Is it a single, or a trough-style?

    The latter would seem prudent – so as to accommodate more simultaneous visitors, but….

    I just hope they didn’t go with the “waterless” version – though it may SEEM more eco-friendly, I’m afraid the sheer volume of liquid “mementos” likely to be deposited would burn the grass and cause brown spots if not diluted with flush-water…

    In any case, I’ve been looking forward to my visit for a long time, since I first heard he was sick. I’ve been training so as to ensure that when I finally get to pray my respects I’ll be capable of a volume and force of stream befitting his myriad accomplisments!

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    There once was a Senator from Mass
    Who wanted a good-looking lass
    He lucked up and found her,
    Then fucked up and drowned her
    And kept getting re-elected for life

    (I know, I know – it sorta falls apart there at the end)

  3. …And kept getting elected by trash.

  4. And suffered election for life