DoD Annual Report On PRC Military Capabilities


Some highlights from Zero Hedge


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PRC still largest foreign holder of US Treasury debt

I’m sure it will be fine.

[eye roll]

12 responses to “DoD Annual Report On PRC Military Capabilities

  1. stand by for heavy rolls

  2. When it hits the fan here, Obongo and Co. will invite the Chinese in, using our transports, air and sea. He is, after all, on their side.

  3. The new “leaders” of Libya have torn up long standing contracts to sell oil to China.

    China isn’t going to tolerate Europe and the US government cutting them off with illegal military operations much longer and I don’t blame them.

    When they do business in good faith, that should be the end of the issue, but the US government apparently thinks it can muscle China around. That is what will end soon.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    @ Pat Hines: “When they do business in good faith, that should be the end of the issue”

    China? Do business in good faith? When has that ever happened?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      When has the US ever acted in ‘good faith’ in a business transaction? We were always the big bully on the block, now China is moving in on our turf and the US doesn’t like it. Showdown time.
      We’ve been screwing the Chinese since long before the Boxer Rebellion. Read Gen. Smedley Butlers book, “War is a Racket”, he explains how he and the USMC acted as a muscle man for Rockefeller Oil in the 20′-30’s. China is way past putting up with our bully tactics. The US wouldn’t tolerate them doing it to us for a minute either.

    • Exactly, China defaulted on its debt to the US, so why shouldn’t we return the favor?

  5. When China moves it will be a strategic surprise. Everyone expect them to keep building up for decades but what if China’s ready now? If something bad happens to the USA or is made to happen guess what China will do.

    Oh, Fort Bend deputies caught July4Patriot:

  6. And for those who think the PRC lacks the logistics to do what it deems in its national interests, learn more about COSCO, multimodal transport, and the North American container ports.

    Start here:

    Would you let some filthy foreigner eff you out of six-figure money?

    Then why would the ChiComs do the same when the filthy Americans choose to inflate their currency and devalue the ChiCom holdings of FedGov debt?

    • The thing is CA, they have done this to us previously.

      Not that I disagree with you, but turn about is fair play. Problem is we are turned against ourselves, and well, a house divided, …

      You know damn well what the future holds, which is why you have been saying what you have been saying…

      Gird up your loins, prepare for the battle.

      Looks to me like you have plenty of friends on your side. I myself am a Texan, and so is Dennis. That right there gives you a majority.


  7. Well, there’s one thing that is a certainty, we will see in the future.