SK: Political Messiahs In Tailored Suits

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…When a nation’s leaders are corrupt, then the nation can be saved, but when the people worship them, then all is truly lost. In the coming time, we will have to determine who will go forth to stand for us in the district, the state and the nation. And balancing pragmatism against principles, having done the best we can, cast our die and hope that a higher power will guide our hand.

But all this depends on keeping a clear head when we play the game and on remembering that our cause is not the man, but the idea of freedom. We do not labor to find ourselves a better master, but to make ourselves the masters of those who would rule over us. And if we fail to do that, if we close our eyes, then our blindfolds will become our chains.

And those we should command will rule over us instead…


11 responses to “SK: Political Messiahs In Tailored Suits

  1. Underground Carpenter

    Yep, the latter. Voting is an admission of your powerlessness. As long as you think you can vote the rascals out, you’ll keep getting worse rascals.


    • Voting is nothing of the sort. It is ignorance and fear that renders voting useless. I know many people that don’t vote third party for fear of “throwing away their vote.” That’s BS. As long as you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, all you ever get is evil. Last presidential election, I voted for Chuck Baldwin (why vote for McCain, when he is just Obama lite?) if other patriots & conservatives would have done the same perhaps he would have won. Voting is not powerlessness, unless it is used unwisely by being manipulated by others or their fear tactics. This time, I think we should all support Ron Paul, to hell with what anyone else says (Rush Limbaugh) that he can’t win. Fuck the controlled opposition.

  2. Don’t forget that we end up with salacious and corrupt leaders devoid of any morals, because we as a whole have become corrupt, used to hearing nothing but lies, and accepting them as a way of life. The rot always begins at the bottom, and works its’ way up. The state of our nation is the state of us. Not all have answered the siren call of Dishonesty. But when enough do, the End comes.

    • I disagree, Sean. I know many moral people, as well as corrupt ones. The real problem is that Americans have been attacked from so many directions all at once, a little at a time to the effect that they didn’t realize what was happening. Public education succeeded in dumbing most the people down, and elections are rigged, not just corrupted but phoney candidates meant to pull votes from a real contender, media propaganda meant to confuse and finally, government regulation of churches stifiling speech, leadership and real morality. So it’s not just corruption of the people, but the coordinated attack on so many aspects of our lives that have left many Americans totally confused. But remember there are a lot of us that still believe in freedom, have a moral perspective, and recognize the attack we are under, and have educated and prepared ourselves for the things to come. Apparently you are one of those.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        good points, but the fact remains, most Americans that I know and work with are too dumb to make any sort of decision. Their lives are ruled by toys and TV, and without endorsements from Faux News, they honestly can’t give you an opinion of any given situation. And the same goes for politics, they won’t study or research any given person, they just go along with whoever is leading the polls on their news station. It’s a MSM personality contest today, nothing more. And most people today aren’t good, look around you and tell me 60% of your neighbors will return your wallet with $500 in it.
        I’m with Sean, until the world reaches max tilt, we won’t see things get better, only worse every day. Morality will not return just because we wish it so. There’s only one way to reset, and we’re heading there at 9-oh!

  3. Well said Warrior Class III.

  4. Be someone who survives to rebuild a moral world.

  5. Semper Fi, 0321,

    Start hanging around with a better class of people. Don’t wish it so, make it so. Move to Texas. Meet your neighbors, make friends, drink whiskey with them; really get to know them.

    Talk to Brass; Be someone who survives to rebuild a moral world. Be you. And the rest of us that think like you think.

    And keep doing what you are doing.


  6. I did say that not all had answered the Siren Call of Dishonesty. When enough, I don’t know how many it takes, have swallowed the big lie, a nation ceases to exist. I know many here in Texas who are good, and many who are not. When our “govt.” goes really hot for the outright tyranny they plan for, a lot of scared and weak people are going to flock to it. Our greatest danger is not govt. gone wrong, it’s the people on our block gone wrong. With our govt. already practicing tyranny, just not the Nazi type right now, and as many people as there are playing lapdog to them, guess what it will be like when those ass-clowns in DC drop the mask. The Gestapo never numbered more than about 10,000 actual agents. The leg work and day-to-day betraying was carried out by millions of ordinary Germans.

  7. Don’t refer to WarriorClass as WC. WC is ‘water closet’, aka toilet.