Yes, Virginia, It Is Really That Bad

Two links to curdle your morning creamer:

More Tales From The Over-Regulated State

How Government Prosecutors Have Fun

Keep this post in mind as you hear the jackanapes yammer this election season about “American freedoms”.

My country, my ass….

17 responses to “Yes, Virginia, It Is Really That Bad

  1. Time to shoot back, folks!

  2. Reading one of Jesse Ventura’s books, when he was governor, he asked his staff (and I’m paraphrasing) to name anything in their lives that was not regulated by some law. After thinking about it, one gal answered sleeping. Ventura told her to look at that tag attached to her mattress.

    The fact is, you can’t eat, sleep, or crap without it being regulated in some way directly or indirectly. You would think, after 200 + years of legislation, they would run out of things to legislate … IF … they abided by our constitution.

    Folks, it has long been past time to stop saying we need to save our constitution. There has been no constitution for years because no one defended it. And there will be no constitutional restoration unless enough people decide to restore it … and it ain’t gonna happen by voting.

    How long are we going to wait until “they start something”? When your childrens ears have been awled to the government door post and their hands and feet are fettered with chains … and turning YOU in?

    JFC! We have waited so long, that when … if … it happens here, it will make Beirut look like a walk in the tulips. All I got to say, is no matter how it happens … if it happens … is good luck.

  3. I heard about the Gibson raid as I drove to the IDPA match this evening and thought “now maybe all those left-leaning musicians will realize how bad an unchecked government can be”.

    Then I realized that was pure fantasy.

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  5. WhatsInAName

    Yet another incentive to move the operation to Communist China, where they do not suffer from the affliction of believing they are a just and free people.

  6. Got wood?

  7. There are alot of us Constitutionalists that have Gibsons too! I have a Les Paul. They can take it at thier own risk.

  8. Yet another vector for the thugs to detain and confiscate private property until they can “verify” that your 30 year old guitar is actually 30 years old and thus grandfathered.

    another brick in the wall

  9. Coming to a search warrant near you…toothpicks!
    Time to start standing up to this crap because as long as we comply they will never “start anything”, why would they?

  10. alarmrideratl

    Warrior Class, my sentiments exactly. I long for the day.

  11. Les Paul did NOT die of natural causes people!
    Ooh i love a conspiracy……..


  12. Serves people right for not playing Ovations, the only guitars designed by engineers. Charley Kaman, who recently died, was a creative genius and a Christian gentleman who gave us arguably the best helicopters ever, the best guitars ever, and his own breed of guide dogs for the blind.

  13. The pig taking cameras “to protect the identity of the constituents” while at least three giant cameras recorded both the action AND ALL THE CONSTITUENTS is both telling add disgusting.

    CLEARLY, the only ones to be allowed to record are the “authorized (read: ‘ lap-dog’) media”.

    The one I would start with* would be the one with the uncle-tom-pig’s leash in his hand…


    * No threat, just “a darkly humorous game”

  14. We want a glimpse of our future?

    As for those who have any fantasies about “oath-keepers” joining us, just watch the first six or seven minutes of that vid…

    better practice your neck, thigh and other “precision” shots!*

    It’s coming!


    *No threat, just “a darkly humorous game”…

  15. alan w. mullenax

    They didn’t have guns. Imagine guns. The bastards here must be shitting twinkies.

    It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

    I can put a round in an eye at 200 yards. You can choose left of right.

    I’m ready. God help me. I’m ready.