GardenSERF: While America Is Ransacked

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6 responses to “GardenSERF: While America Is Ransacked

  1. The sobering thing about this article is that it did happen in Argentina and the people took it. They surrendered to the “greater good”. Sure, they may have demonstrated and banged on pots, but when the dust settled, they went home, ate the government’s s**t, and life went on. That is what will happen here. Too many have the “bread and circuses” mentality. You will not see any banksters or politicians swinging from the streetlamp posts.

    Don’t be so sure of the streetlamp comment. There are some who are looking for such oppurtunities….


  3. Here we are.
    No thieves, tyrants, enforcers, nor murderers are swinging.

    The ‘power structure’/mutual aid society rewards them with paid leave and bonuses when they do particularly heinous things.

  4. alan w. mullenax

    I’m ready to move when y’all are.

    I will not do it alone. I have no desire to to be a 2 minute story on the 6 o’clock news no matter the fact that I believe I could make one hell of a statement.

    Get back to me when you’re ready.

  5. And then you’ve got to get back up, brush the sand off, and keep going.

    Oh, and a good woman along for the ride makes it all a little easier.

  6. Semper Fi, 0321

    haven’t you figured it out yet? Until something blows up in our faces, until we are all starving and chained to a machine 12 hours a day, wondering WTF happened, NOBODY is going to do anything!
    We still have it too good, lots of food and gas, still have TV, and with football season just around the corner, don’t bother me. Faux News will tell you when it’s time to worry or do something, trust me.

    I’m with you, I completely understand, but most of my friends and family don’t even understand that there is something wrong, as with most Amerikans. We are watching the New Socialist Utopia developing in front of our own eyes, and most folks welcome it with open arms. So, be patient and hunker down, the time will come soon.