Legal Obedience

H/t to Sam for linking to this Walter Williams column.

They cannot enforce but a tiny, tiny percentage of their silly rules.

Laugh at them.

And live freely.

5 responses to “Legal Obedience

  1. My comment left in the prior post, would be more suitable for this post.

  2. There’s legal obedience and then there’s forced compliance.

  3. As I said on another site, It is each individuals responsibility to determine what “laws” they are going to pay attention to, and which ones they are going to ignore.


  4. From a 3/27/09 WRSA column which talked about the idea of “stress inoculation”: Quote from that: “Start to wrap your brain around the fact that you will likely be committing multiple felonies, misdemeanors, and regulatory violations as part of you personal path to victory.”

    I have taken that advice to heart. It cheers me, to pick some felonies to go for. And it makes me feel better about the other, unknown to me, felonies that I commit by breathing free and living my life.

    Sometimes I wish that Janet would be more direct in her characterizations of who she sees as being potential domestic terrorists. She has a problem, in that the MSM is not quite yet totally on board with her Big Sis sniping comments at the people who pay in the money to fund her operation. Her lack of being direct with her attacks on her enemies, makes me sad.

    Doing misdemeanors… I would say “huh”, but for some, doing those dastardly little deeds is decent low-level/low-risk practice for people to get their lives up into the bullseye as the other folks see you. After all, as some of those other folks have said in the past, you are all criminals, you just haven’t been charged with any crimes just quite yet. That will be arranged, hope everybody’s ready.

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