Volk On Freedom: Practice Target

Oleg explains.

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  1. http://www.tryondailybulletin.com/2011/08/19/spartanburg-sheriff-introduces-scrap-metal-permit/

    Sorry about the other thread here, but this goes well with the theme of this blog. South Carolina has found a way to confiscate metal money from all “non licensed” holders.

  2. Bummer! I lived in sparkle city when i went to USC and it was a great place then. Johnny Law was never a problem.


  3. alarmrideratl

    The crotch area is where to aim against a target in body armor. Mobility considerations limit how much armor can go there. You’ve got femoral arteries in the thighs, the bottom portion of the spine, and other important stuff down there. Plus there’s slower death, meaning the target’s accomplices are distracted for a longer time trying to save the guy. And then there’s the screaming and the psychological impact.

  4. Along with the crotchital area, be prepared to direct both your handgun and longarm fire into shoulder areas and hips/buttocks on targets which are perpendicular to you.

    Spend some time also with human anatomy diagrams considering target presentations that are not directly in front of you Think also about what aiming point changes are needed to achieve transection/destruction of key systems as your firing position changes (e.g., AP lower when shooting from ground position, etc.).

  5. And while you are at it, paint the helmet blue.
    Directly behind the philtrum (little vertical groove under the nose that stops at the upper lip) is the medulla oblongata, controlling all autonomic functions, like heartbeat, respiration, etc. If the mouth is open, insert 147gr FMJ from a 7.62×51 or even 7.62×39. Still a good chance of hitting the medulla.

    A pelvic shot may cause the loss of function of the leg it hits closest to. Centered, it may prevent the induhvidual from polluting the gene pool any more than he/she has already. 12 ga directed at inner thighs may damage femoral artery sufficiently to bleed out in just a couple of minutes, as previously noted. Seen also “gene pool” above.

  6. On the mouth shot, I meant to add that it is called the Lon Horiuchi/Vicki Weaver technique. We should return the favor, don’t you think?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I agree, but then a .416 FMJ to the SAPI plate should leave them flopping around like a fish while their entire chest cavity floods. Something to the tune of 5,000 fp/e! Ouch.

  7. Another reason to practice the Mozambique drill…


    Please share this with others, we don’t have much time to prepare.