VDH: The False WWII Analogy

The Prof skewers current statethink.

Bonus question: In 500 words or less, describe how the citizens of Attlee’s Britain subsequently awakened to the multifaceted civilizational threats of IngSoc and redeemed their society.

You have 30 minutes for this essay.

17 responses to “VDH: The False WWII Analogy

  1. Who says anyone ‘awakened’?

  2. “In the immediate postwar years, only a capitalist, self-confident America was poised to supply foreigners with much-needed manufactured goods, expertise, and capital to raise the world from ruin.”

    And ruined it was, to the point that America had no foreign competition, which was why the post war period was a boom for the American Economy. For others, not so much.

  3. WarriorClassIII:

    And now it seems they’ve decided it’s OUR turn in the barrel…

  4. “”WarriorClassIII sez:
    And now it seems they’ve decided it’s OUR turn in the barrel…””

    I think a lot of our ‘friends and neighbors’ have decided that for us. Or so they think….

  5. Bastiat’s parable of the broken window.

    While we all participated in breaking Europe’s window. Europe paid us to fix it.

  6. They embraced InSoc, and finally learned to love Big Brother.

  7. Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the debt bomb.

  8. Any idiot who uses the spending that occurred during WW2 to justify Keynsian economics needs to be kicked in the head.

    There are so many flaws in that thinking that it would be difficult to summarize in even a few posts.

    We have been paying the costs- economically, culturally, and socially- ever since WW2.

    The problem is that these Keynsians are unable to think in long enough of a time span, and they deny that there are consequences for all behaviors, whether those take days, years, or decades to manifest.

    Yes, I guarantee that killing off another 50 million people would result in someone’s enrichment. It would allow for the debt bomb to be delayed a bit, or it could precipitate its explosion. Whichever way it goes, there will be winners and there will be losers. Whenever one loses fiscally, another benefits. Someone, somewhere benefits.

    I guess my problem is with the entire premise, ie that the “economy” is a separate and distinct entity, to be manipulated and used rather than being
    treated as that which it truly is- a series of exchanges between individuals looking out for their own interests. Whenever economies are manipulated through artificial means, Keynsian or not, theft and corruption ensue. Those who the economy should serve end up being forced to serve it.

    We, the people, lose. We lose big when governments force us to be servants to the economy rather than allowing it to serve us..

    We lose, but someone profits when we do.

    The poor goddamned Brits have completely and irrevocably lost their nation. It is too late for them.

    They did not “win” WW2. It sowed the seeds of their destruction. As I’ve said at my place, the only “winner” to emerge from WW2 was international marxism.

    It is alive and well, stronger than ever.


  9. Diamondback

    Awwwwwwwwww, come on guys. This here is the US of A. Stuff like that can’t happen here. It just can’t. Because this is America and everybody knows IT can’t happen here. Say what? Oh, DWTSs is on! Bye everyone, DWTS is on. All is well. Quit worrying. SYTYCD will be on too before long.

    • We just need to get EVERYBODY to join the FSA – THEN we

      • … Wouldn’t have no more problems!


        Then we could ALL be singing the NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM (!) – “It’s FREE! (Swipe ‘Yo EBT!)”

        C’MON Y’ALL!

        SING IT WITH ME!

        “It’s FREE! (Swipe ‘Yo EBT!)”
        “It’s FREE! (Swipe ‘Yo EBT!)”
        “It’s FREE! (Swipe ‘Yo EBT!)”

  10. To answer this:”In 500 words or less, describe how the citizens of Attlee’s Britain subsequently awakened to the multifaceted civilizational threats of IngSoc and redeemed their society.”

    They have not.

    Britain is lost. It just took this long for the seeds of their destruction, sewn in WW2, to start to bear fruit.

    It is too late for them. Any attempt at an awakening and correction in Britain will result in a scenario that will make the London riots look like Vacation Bible School.

    Same applies here.


  11. Bastiat’s parable of the broken window:



  12. In 500 words or less: “Many who saw- did nothing but retreat (starve monkeys) and wait for others to do something. A few who saw tried to awaken their neighbors, but were ostracized (vets, christians, tea party, constitutionalists in fly over country) by the media and by ingsoc. So they never became pro-active… instead waiting for event after event after event, never punishing criminals/traitors, but rather constantly backing up and thereby rewarding/encouraging even more tyranny. These ostracized outliers became useful ‘internal enemies’ justifying ingsoc security clampdowns, and they were hunted down individually and neutralized with lawfare. This is how Western civilization was lost. The end.”

    That’s the story to date. Is there a different ending?

  13. ++ungoodthink. ++good victorygin. ++ration.

  14. 2 words:They didn’t.