Gunwalker: ‘Scratch One Flattop’

Former Acting BATFE Director Kenneth Melson

Former US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke

Make that two…

Mike gives the latest on Gunwalker, including this flash from David breaking the news.

First scalps on wall.

Bravo Zulu to all participants.

Keep hammering.

12 responses to “Gunwalker: ‘Scratch One Flattop’

  1. I have been posting links to this scandal at PAFOA.ORG since early February and there are a lot of angry gun owners here in the Keystone State who want to see action. Good that the tree is being shaken but this little bit here is not near enough…..Breur, Holder, Napolitano, Hillary, Obama and others are in this up to their necks and we need to keep pushing to get bigger results!

    Kudos to Mike and David for their continued dogged pursuit of these evil bastards.

  2. first scapegoat.

  3. Transfered! Fired!
    Should be Long Term Confinement in a federal pen, at the least!
    Make em “squeal like a pig”

  4. This is as high up the food chain as it’s going. The media-state propaganda arm is fully unified on this and there will be no official call for more heads to roll. Congressmen currently spear-heading the issue will find other things to do over the coming weeks.

    NPR radio was already spinning OpF&F as nothing more than a poorly conceived and managed law enforcement operation where agents lost track of a few guns. Listeners were left with the impression that this was an “oops” and there has been some punishment within the system as a result. One of the comments was, of course, that the problem was the easy access to guns in the first place. Since NPR is fairly representative of the liberal anti-gun media, there will be no further calls for accountability when it comes to the gross violation of US laws and misuse of guns in this case.

    This incident might be dredged up a little just prior to the election, but for all intent and purpose it’s officially over for the denizens of DC.

    Make no mistake, though, when some lone wolf racist nutbag goes violently haywire in public, the media will be there to blame all gun-owners and plenty of reps on the Hill will have legislation in hand as the answer to fix “the problem”.

  5. When you’re moved from one fat checked Gubment job to another fat checked Gubment job after committing murder……well I may just be an old Jarhead but sounds like they won the battle….No victory here folks……move along.

  6. Yep. This is only good “propaganda by deed” to rally conservatives. It worked for that, make no mistake, but this is it.

  7. Drudge reported that Melsom is still getting paid. He’s on administrative leave. How is that different from a vacation, exactly? The checks keep coming while you sit on the beach drinking beer. That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, it doesn’t even sound like really being fired. It sounds more like a coverup.

  8. Sparklie. Nothing changed except for an emboldened FedGov.


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  10. Jimmy the Saint

    Fuck Up, Move Up. The mantra of gummint everywhere.

  11. Been on the Gun-Walker Scandal since day one and haven’t let up, and not about to now. We might be close to having a Special Investegator/Prosecutor assigned to Gun-Walker. So Thanks for all the help even those of you who still call Gun-Walker a Sparklie this Sparklie got attention that is lacking in other AO’s,or did it not.


  12. Zero prosecutions. Lateral moves. Several of those involved are moving into the private sector to cushy speaking & writing gigs. ATF ignores the fact that Congress failed to pass the law and implements the border states reporting rule for multiple purchases, anyway. Melson: A mid-level stand-in Acting Director – a placeholder, not even a real Director, thus no loss, replaced with another expendable placeholder. The public is still convinced that an iron river flows south due to successful PR from the Anti’s. And let us not forget the 13% budget increase to ATF when they were scheduled for a decline…

    Spoons bouncing off battletanks.

    And the worst part: So-called “Patriots” consider career ATF Agents & employees “Patriots” for their role in GunWalker – despite the dozens or hundreds of Olofsons these same ATF “Patriots” put in prison over their careers as Americans simply exercise their innate 2A Rights.

    GunWalker is worthy of being included in our modern long train of abuses and scores high on the Sparklie Meter because not one apology has been issued by those involved, while today FedGov lies about “Zero Net” jobs growth when anyone with a 2nd grade arithmetic capability understands that we are 249,000 in the hole for the month.

    It is a Sparklie. It changes nothing. It distracts from other, ongoing outrages.