Two For Over Coffee: The Coalescing ‘Reparations Army’

Spartacus: Data Points For Your Consideration

Causapatet: The Race

The wise man digs his well before he is thirsty.

Tempus fugit.

26 responses to “Two For Over Coffee: The Coalescing ‘Reparations Army’

  1. Don’t forget, that the best way to engage large unruly mobs, is with a crossfire of semi-auto fire. Hardly anyone talks about this tried and true method. Even if all you have is two people to engage forty or more in a mob, the effect is devastating, given rapid and suprise effort. As long as you engage them from at least 100 yds, and reposition to keep distance between you and them, you can cut their numbers by half in no time. And always go for the big mouth leaders and the larger size mobsters. It discourages the rest exponentially. If they run, engage in limited pursuit, and shoot the ones who show you their backs. If they reform for another charge, as soon as they form, shoot them before they start forward. Molotovs’ are a good force expander. And never let them get a clear picture of you, or where you are.

  2. They sleep somewhere. They have something or someone that they care about. if you want to break them, or drive them into a mindless frenzy so that they’re easier to eliminate, go for what they care about and destroy it first. Recon that now, and know where it is.
    War, real war, is a cast iron SOB. I’ve said it before, if you have a soul, you’ll try and vomit it out before the end. No ones armor is going to stay shiny, like in the popular literature. Still think you’re ready?

    • Alan W. Mullenax


    • “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his immortal soul?” Violence is only moral to directly stop an aggressor.

      • What does it profit a man, if he loses his wife and children to a threat he knew was coming but failed to head off?

        Defense is a losing game.

        I will not let my family suffer for the sake of my soul.

        That’s just damned selfish.


  3. Once they start it the best response is the most violent action you can bring. Brutal unrelenting violence until the threat stops or is eliminated.
    Thats a mindset I have fostered in my self defense for a long time. Extending that to a larger scale will not be that hard.
    Its not clean and valiant but I never claimed to be some knight in shining armor anyway.

    • Exactly.
      My first sensei taught “Peace! By force, if necessary.”
      If I am forced to use force, I will use every possible option at my disposal to bring OVERWHELMING FORCE for as long as it’s necessary to stop the threat.
      There are no rules, except “stop the threat!”

  4. Amen Sean.

  5. There used to be a Speaker of the House during the Clinton era, a guy from Missouri. He talked about the winners of life’s lottery needing to pay more taxes, as he spewed his stuff (I do think that he was a character in “Unintended Consequences.”) Dick Gephart.

    Life might be considered to be a lottery. People make their choices on which way they think future events might roll. On this low-level stuff of opposition to “our” way of thinking, those other folks will be the losers of life’s lottery, in a big way.

    The other folks must do their play. Handwriting is on the wall for them to see, their ideas are not real popular and their goals will not be achieved short of violence. So violence might be coming. Let them start it, and we’ll see who sues first for an end to it. The other folks coming up from the underbelly of this society are ruthless enough, as they have proven. What will beat them, is talent. Got yours?

  6. For those times you find yourself alone in the crowd…

  7. You’ve all said it quite succinctly and quite clearly. I agree with what you are all saying. It is time, it is coming and I there is no other way around this. Just a matter of steeling oneself for the inevitable. Just don’t want to let you fellows and he country down. Good luck.

  8. Brass, I’m a soldier, not a saint. According to the Master, once He has your soul, nothing can remove it from Him. It is well known that you deplore violence, and I got nothing against that. It would be intelligent of you, not to get in between me, and what I intend to do.

    • Sean,

      Where does the Master say that? I heard Him preach about the Prodigal Son, who left, but then came back. I heard him say, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” I heard St. Paul say “But I chastise my body, and bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, when I have preached to others, I myself should become a castaway.” But I never heard Jesus say, “Once saved, always saved.”

  9. The violence to come will not be organized, it will be the random lashing-out of the entitlement-classes (aka officially-sanctioned-victim-groups) against everyone who doesn’t look like them.

    When Fred Reed’s “great-white-cash-spigot” finally dries up – as it inevitably MUST – he’s not the only one who wants to be somewhere else.

    We’re already seeing the first tentative waves, in the “flash-mob” violence, the State Fair riots, Richmond’s “First Fridays” fiasco, and so on. As TPTB continue to show their impotence, the mutts will get more and more bold, and the inevitable first-defender will probably be ripped to literal pieces by the surviving mob.

    All this is part of the plan, it’s being encouraged by the Demmunists daily, because they KNOW the collapse is coming, and want to be sure they are not blamed for what they caused when it finally comes.

    They would rather see it all destroyed if they cannot rule over it.

    I only pray that enough FreeFor will survive to see they get their gaited-share of the violence to come…

  10. gaited == fair – damn you, Swype!

  11. John 6:37. Brass, you and them Lutherans really oughta read that Bible you TALK about so much, once in a while. Also Romans 10, vs 9-13. Agnostics work hand in glove with the devil, to convict people that somehow, through their sins, they are unworthy of salvation, when, in the end, it is a matter of God’s Grace, not anything man says or comes up with. It’s GRACE, get it? And, Non-sequiter, you never heard Christ say, Once saved, always saved, because, yep, you guessed it, HE NEVER DID SAY IT. If you’d like to send a few people to hell, go right ahead, because it doesn’t make any difference to God, and I will get my popcorn and sit back to watch your wrestling match with Him. But please, spare me your diatribes about salvation and etc. because I do know Christ, and my Bible, and all you seem to know is how to scold.

    • Sean,

      Does a man need to cooperate with God’s grace? Is it necessary to strive to “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect?”


    We(if you’re old enough), our parents, our grandparents-we let our presumed ‘public servants’, academians, media and cultural providers, and most of all the goddamn bankers create this problem. We let THEM lull us in the middle class into a Ozzie and Harriet TV fantasy image of America while they’ve spent the past half century systematically dismantling the economy, gradually dumbing us down in their schools, brainwashing more statist and maxist acolytes in their universities.

    Meanwhile, the poor created by their systematically moving industry offshore… industry about all of our ancestors were lulled into working in instead of being self sufficient… all the industry moved offshore along with lingering racism led to, guess what? Millions of Americans needing public assistance.

    That public assistance was rigged rule wise so as to break up the family. The ghettos sprang up among the ruins of former American factories, as did the gang problem as Americans totally fucked in the ass by the banksters, the marxist academians, the media and cultural elite, and ‘public servants’. The CIA got into the action in the latter decades of the 20th century by importing cocaine by the planefull via Mena, Arkansas and the Clinton/Bush cabal… same cabal trusted to run this country into the ground since Reagan was shot by Bush’s buddy John Hinkely. It’s only gotten worse.

    Is there any surprise there are millions of government dependent slaves? I mean for a lark I stood in a food line in 08 and this fat dude was telling me in a conspiratorial manner while we were having a intelligent discussion of the whole situation: “America is going Communist. Obama’s going to become President and we’re going to get ours from the Middle Class.”

    And all those people are victims, like we are-but we’re being pitted against each other.

    IF we don’t start communicating about the root causes we will be doomed.

  13. This is coming.

    It is real.

    Deny the concept of “race” as you wish, but denying the realities of race and nature has brought us back to square one…

    A bunch of tribes competing for land and resources. As we always have and always will.

    My tribe first.

  14. If there is to be trouble let it come in my time, that my children may be free……….

  15. Arctic Patriot, Sean, Dedicated,

    Would you torture the children of your opponent? Would you gang-rape his wife and send him a videotape? Would you burn down his house with his wife and children inside? Would you do as the narcotraficantes do? Hang up their opponents upside down while alive, legs splayed, slice off their genitalia, and hack them into pieces?

    If you do those things, you WILL DEFINITELY be fighting on the famed “polygonal battlespace.”

    No good can come directly through the means of someone losing his soul. It is a contradiction of reality to assert otherwise. Seek first the kingdom of God. And THEN, everything you NEED will be given to you, besides. Christ does not say to seek first your physical well-being, or that of your family. He says the soul is more important than the body.

    Sean, I don’t send anyone to hell. Not even God himself sends anyone to hell. I am telling you that certain actions result in the actors sending themselves to hell.

  16. Sean, I do know how to scold. When people are breathing savagery, I WILL scold. You say you know the Bible. That’s great. But do you take it seriously? Do you believe St. Paul when he says, “And why not say (as we are slandered, and as some affirm that we say) ‘let us do evil, that good may come from it?’ Their damnation is just.”

  17. Brass: not sure how I got pulled into this, but…

    No. I would not do the things you listed – at least not intentionally (as regards burning occupied houses). In fact, I would proudly follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps and kill every man involved in such evil.

    As to the rest, taken literally, you seem to be advocating prayer and… Meek submission to whatever happens. In my opinion, this is both sick and evil.

    Life is a gift from G-d, and refusal to defend it tantamount to suicide. Scripture is full of examples of defensive, and even OFFENSIVE, VIOLENCE. Even My Lord indicated that we’re better off naked than unarmed when he admonished anyone who did not have a sword to sell his garment and buy one.

    The header of this very blog comes from scripture.

    I believe it is up to each man to decide what he believes, and incumbent upon him to live by it. If you wish to submit to evil, I’ll pity you, and even moreso any women and children thus deprived of a man to defend them, but I’ll respect your right to live your convictions.

    As for me and MY HOUSE, we will serve The Lord as I believe we should – resisting evil by all necessary means, seeking guidance in all things, and “fighting the good fight” so long as I am able.

  18. Correction:

    I’ve always believed the dictum ” Do not give in to Evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it” came from scripture – but whilst searching for the citation I find it is actually a quote from Virgil.

    I stand corrected, though I still believe the spirit off the quote to be doctrinally sound.

    Mea Culpa.