Towers? What Towers?

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I’d be grateful to readers who could find links to the actual documents with the WH’s “suggestions”.

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  1. “The heroes of 9/11/2001 were many, but we must remember, during this Ramalongadingdong Season, the nineteen Citizens of the Global Caliphate who gave their lives to make it possible.” -first draft of Obama speech in mosque. Deemed too outrageous for the pre-2012 election continuous campaign.

  2. We pay for in blood, the things we refuse to see.

  3. This is why you can’t find the actual doc.

    The internal documents — provided to the paper by officials in various federal agencies — set up instructions on how to honor the memory of those who died on Sept. 11 and warn Americans of the possibility of another terrorist attack.

  4. 911 was an inside job, so be assured there will be another attack just as soon as the PE feels it needs to kick us in the behind to get us moving in their direction.

    • Yup.

      And we are long overdue for another one.

      Get ready.


    • Semper Fi, 0321

      True, but the masses refuse to believe it. So when the next one comes along, we just play reruns of 9/11, along with all the ‘new’ terrorists we have to go attack. Probably ourselves this time around!

      • If you really, honestly believe that the US Government murdered 3,000 American citizens on live TV ten years ago, and you haven’t shot anybody yet, then what will it take for you to saddle up and bust caps?

        Either you’re lying, or a coward.

      • Tam writes: “If you really, honestly believe that the US Government murdered 3,000 American citizens on live TV ten years ago

        I don’t believe the US Government bought the hijackers plane tickets. I do believe the US Government beat on foreign hornets nests with the army until America got stung, thereby producing the unifying attack wished for in the Republican strategy document.

        and you haven’t shot anybody yet, then what will it take for you to saddle up and bust caps?

        Show me how that strategy is a win given the real, not the wished for, civilian attitudes. If most of the middle class Americans will submit willingly to dekulakization, then the better strategy is to flee for your life.

        Either you’re lying, or a coward.

        You’re not being honest about what most Americans are willing to do. That’s intellectual cowardice.

  5. Nice cartoon. At a first big glance, it made me think that it was the old Mark Trail cartoon. Where’s that guy when he’s needed?

    As to the rest: What better behavior might be expected from the regime currently in power? Voting, or staying home, has consequences, this sort of stuff is a minor sideshow for most. For families of victims, it hurts worse. But I imagine that Zero got a fair amount of votes from this slice of voters in ’08.

    Dissonance is key for the current regime. If what they do rings badly with the bulk of people in fly-over states, that lets them know that they are currently still on their track.

  6. Never forget who was president when 9/11 happended. Never forget who said Islam is: “a religion of peace.” Never forget who spiritied the Bin Laden family out of the USA. Never forget the terrorists were SAUDIS, not Iraqis, Afganis, Syrians, Never forget there was no declaration of war, and we did not go to a war footing or seal our borders. And, when Congrssman Paul called for Congress to issure LETTERS OF MARQUE AND REPRISAL, he was hooted down. We may have a Mohammedan in the Oval Office, but the Bush Family and their minions put him there.

  7. William Clauss

    Fuck the muslims and their religion of peace. Let us kill the bastard anywhere they are at. Our borders are wide open because that is what this present government wants. Let us take back our government and our country. Seal that border with a fence, send all the illegals back to where they came from. Become like the Isrealies and tolerate no attacks from enemies domestic and foreign.

    • William, you’re starting to sound very much like a Mahommetan, yourself. Their demon-inspired book says “Slay the infidel wherever you find him.”

      You can’t kill someone for what he says he believes. If 5% of the people who call themselves “Christians” actually believed in and strove to follow the teachings of Christ, the world would be a better place. If 5% of the people who call themselves Mahomettans actually followed the teachings of Mahomet and the demon he heard on the mountain, there would be unbelievable violence against innocents. You can stop a man only when he is in the act of trying to put his violent beliefs into violent physical action.

  8. And especially don’t forget WTC Tower 7. Lightly hit, and several hours later, it collapsed into its own footprint. You can watch the puffs of smoke blowing out the windows on the video of its collapse, along the structural beams 1/4 of the way in on either side. Gee, I wonder what those were.

  9. Love hearing this stuff. Some one please enlighten me as to why the US govt. would wound itself severely, cause it’s own economy to nearly collapse, murder 3,000 of its own citizens in broad daylight, almost start a nuclear exchange with other countries, etc. Yeah , I know, and I saw the puffs of smoke. Show me something besides conjecture about what caused them and all of this and I’ll believe you. I got doubts about a lot of 9/11 too, and this conspiracy stuff is getting old. If it WAS a govt. inside job, it sure as hell looks from here that they shot themselves in the stomach, not the foot.

    • Sean,

      What do I think about WTC 7? I think that perhaps Saudi terrorists did fly planes into the buildings. I think WTC 7, because of what it contained and the potential security leaks, was rigged well beforehand for demolition. And that it is likely that Tower 1 and 2 were also rigged, so that in case of emergency, they could drop them where they stood to minimize the loss of life in surrounding buildings. I don’t know if the whole thing was an inside job, or merely whether they let it happen as a neat pretext for endless war, which hurts the American populace, but is ever and always the health of the State. Every time a bomb drops, there are munitions producers and politicians who make money.

      I don’t know why, who, or what. But I saw WTC 7. I heard the firsthand reports of what people heard. And it doesn’t jive with the official story. I know the agents of the State lie whenever it serves their purpose. They’ve created or allowed dozens, if not hundreds of incidents in the past to help foment war.

  10. I can’t tell you why about 9/11/2001. I can’t tell you who. But, the evidence doesn’t lie. There was military-grade nanothermite detected and the buildings fell (they shouldn’t have fallen at all with one aircraft each, even with full tanks of fuel perfectly burned inside the elevator cores) in a perfect collapse-on-footprint of a professional demolition. Video shows the perfectly-sequenced puffs of the structural beams being cut to allow a 1-gravity perfect free-fall to ground.

    Who has the capability (money, organization, skills) to do such a thing and the connections to mis-direct all investigations by MSM and professionally destroy/discredit any who might get on the path of truth? The list is very short.

    Who benefited from the attack? Who believed that they would benefit from “A New Pearl Harbor”?

    All I know for sure is that I have been systematically lied to in a coordinated fashion.

  11. Oh, for chrissakes…

    “military grade nano thermite”? REALLY?!

    Thermite has NEVER been used for building demolition – it’s too SLOW!

    Thermite is rust & powdered aluminum. Rust from the countless tons of steel & aluminum from two airplanes – no surprise there was lots of both in WTC dust.

    Here’s a vid of a jet turning to powder upon hitting a concrete wall:–_RGM4Abv8
    There’s your “nano-thermite.”

    While we’re on the subject, those pics of steel beams cut off on an angle, that look like they were cut with a torch? They look that way BECAUSE THEY *WERE*CUT WITH A TORCH! – by the clean-up crew who were cleaning up the mess! Just look through the rest of the pics and you’ll see them in the process of being cut!


    There’s PLENTY about 9-11 that deserves suspicion, but “imploded buildings” isn’t even on the list!

    That shit is a red-herring that makes all the SANE people dismiss ALL concerns, thus stopping the LEGITIMATE inquiries like the “National Security Exercise” that created all the confusion that prevented a proper .mil response!

    By continuing to spread that disinfo, we only HELP ENABLE THE ONGOING COVERUP!

    STOP IT!

    All the babbling about “nano-thermite” not only wastes the babbler’s time, not only causes the sheeple to dismiss EVERYTHING we says, but also keeps them from learning about the REAL enemies – the Banksters and others who have pulled off the greatest robbery in history, and not only robbed BILLIONS of people of TRILLIONS of dollars, but destroyed our Republic in the process!


    • OK Dad, please explain the Nanothermite in the remains of Building #7, the one that was not hit by any Airliner. Usually I agree with most of what you have to say, not this time.


  12. Semper Fi, 0321

    WOW, denial is a very powerful tool, for yourself!!!
    Deny for yourself, but don’t deny others the choice, to think and see for themselves, what they see to be truth either.
    It’s all a matter of perspective, on where you are in relationship to reality and truth. Whether it’s religion, politics, or just everyday life, we all see things through different eyes, from our own growth, education and background, someone else told us what and how to think. Now, the choice is, do we change, or continue on with our own dogmatic thinking?

  13. The only forces acting on the buildings are gravity and wind. Gravity pulls straight down. The buildings want to collapse into their footprint, there is no other force pushing them to do otherwise. Trees falling and five story buildings collapsing topple over because the pieces are strong enough to resist gravity even when broken. Big buildings aren’t that strong, they’re delicate.

    Maybe the firefighters set demolition charges on WTC 7 after the attack happened. Maybe the building was a loss and it was simpler for the insurance paperwork and removed a safety hazard if they just knocked it down rather than to try and salvage it. That’s enough conspiracy to prevent anyone from admitting to it, but not the big conspiracy you wanted.

    Imagine you were the terrorists, and you had secretly wired the two main towers with explosives. What would you do? You would push the buttons and blow up both towers at the same moment without warning. Terrorists WANT people to be scared and believe they can arrange to blow up buildings without warning. They certainly wouldn’t cover up their mad-bomber accomplishment with airplanes. When the world trade parking garage was blown up earlier by different terrorists, they just blew it up, they didn’t crash a bus into it first. Terrorism is much scarier without a warning. Nothing to react to, nothing to see and possibly prevent. Since there WERE planes, the main towers were NOT set up with explosives.

  14. This vid takes care of the whole thermite/thermate discussion imho.

    Sulphur came from the drywall.


    I’ve seen the “fires not hot enough to melt steel” argument… First, it doesn’t have to liquefy, just get hot enough to sag and stretch to the point that stress causes joints to separate – which would likely make a bang-noise that would reverberate, but I digress…

    Coal-fired is also not hot enough, yet blacksmith have used it for eons & steel mills use it TODAY!

    HOW? BLAST-FURNACE – of which a forge is a miniature! Remember all the subway tunnels under the buildings? The big holes near the top? The elevator-shafts?

    The effect would be like a blast-furnace, especially when fueled by countless computers, furniture, many tons of paper, carpet, etc!

    Once one joint pops, the next will too, and so-on until the top begins to tilt… This puts lateral-stresses on joints never designed got them and… Once the collapse begins, ther chain-reaction takes over and… You get what we saw!

    As to the “puffs of smoke” during collapse? SIMPLE. As the floors collapse, all that air has to go SOMEWHERE! where it didn’t have an opening, it blew out windows. Where there was dense smoke (most of the building by then) you’d see “puffs”!

    All the so-called “evidence” has perfectly normal and plausible explanations.

    Then one must look to Occam’s Razor.

    Put another way, as I keep saying – SPARKLIES! LET’S STOP CHASING THEM!

    One last point – NOT ONE OF THESE BUILDINGS “COLLAPSED INTO ITS FOOTPRINT. Every one caused EXTENSIVE damage to surrounding buildings.

  15. PS: When I watched those towers fall, I stood up and YELLED!


    AS I was then in a big conference room with half the other Geeks in my .com company, we were all pulling up videos and comparing them – and they even stood up to the side-by side comparison!

    It took a while for me to give up this first impression and admit I was wrong.

    But WRONG I was!

    The reality is that the logistics involved in a demolition would make it impossible to hide. Go find the vids showing REAL I’m plosions, and see how much has to be done inside beforehand.

    It’s just not POSSIBLE!

    Occam’s Razor.


  16. Months of preparation work are required to ready a building for implosion. Non-critical components such as glass are removed. If the Twin Towers were rigged for implosion, they would have been stripped down to their bare structural members.

    That is not counting the fact that the impact of the airplanes would have dislodged the shaped charges.

  17. Also, there is one way you can tell nanite was not used. Nanite burns hot enough to release ultraviolet light, with peak emissions in the blue (if you are familiar with black body radiation theory). As a result, burning thermite would appear white to the naked eye.

    The flames were mostly red and orange, consistent with temperatures between 800 and 1200 degrees.

  18. Okay, sorry it it seems if I am spamming but I have to say I meant to say *thermite* instead of nanite. Sorry!

  19. Dedicated,

    Look at the WTC 7 video. Tell me why only the windows on the same vertical line on each side, 1/4 of the way in, are the ones that explode, emitting dust and smoke.

    All the people who were in the building, and said they heard sequential explosions: were they all wrong?

    It would have been impossible to hide, unless the explosives had been incorporated into the structural support system a long time ago.

  20. Maybe they were weaker windows for some reason. Maybe a stairwell. Maybe they were already broken from debris-strike and thus just the paths of least resistance… Occam’s Razor demands that all other possibilities be exhausted before declaring “DEMOLITION! CONSPIRACY! INSIDE JOB!” ETC…

    Besides – I thought it was done with “nano thermite”?? You DO realize that thermite BURNS – that it’s not EXPLOSIVE – right?

    Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. Then there’s the fact that the individuals in question are OFFICE WORKERS, not demolitions-experts or EOD techs. I believe they heard loud noises, and that they believed the noises were bombs – but that is all we can KNOW.

    Have you seen the vids from the tower lobby? Remember the INCREDIBLY LOUD “BOOMS”? Lots of people thought THEY were explosions, but they were really the sounds of jumpers’ bodies hitting the ground in the courtyard. They reverberated through the whole area!

    Ever heard a steel cable snap? It will CRACK like a rifle shot! I was once (stupidly) leaning on a steel safety-rail, ~150-feet up, when the welds broke all the way down the line and the whole section of rail was GONE! But for the Grace of G*d I’d be gone too – but I digress…

    When it happened, the sound was almost identical to a submachine-gun – “PoPoPoPoPoPop!” – and for a moment I wondered “who’s shooting the Uzi?” Had this happened near a gun-range, I’d probably be dead – but since the sound didn’t fit the situation I realized in time to save myself.

    In THIS situation, the sound of “explosions” DID FIT their scenario, and lacking knowledge to provide other posibilities, that’s what they decided it “had to be.”

    The reality is that there are numerous other possibilities.

    – Exploding aerosol cans.
    – Exploding flash-bang grenades cooking off in the cop-shop locker.
    – Steam-pipes exploding after being stretched/weakened by fire, heat, and building deformation
    – building beams’ joints failing as the building collapsed – each successive failure would cause a HUGE “bang” for the same reason a cable sounds like a rifle-shot when it snaps.
    – as floors pancake, the air between would be massively compressed, and when it blew out a window it would make a “pop” similar to popping a paper-bag, but on a much larger scale …

    Ever tossed a can of beans in a campfire? Sounded like a bomb, didn’t it? Seal a bit of dry-ice in a soda-bottle – when it goes it IS a bomb, capable of blowing off a HAND! Just THINK how many things in a building that big could make sounds like that, especially when magnified by echo and reverberation!

    I’m sure if I thought for a bit I could come up with many more possibilities – but these should be enough to make the point that in the absence of clear and convincing evidence, “pre-planned explosion” just doesn’t belong on the list!

    Now let’s get REAL – SERIOUSLY-REAL – for a minute…

    It’s easy to see Cheney, Silverstein & some other fat-cats in a conference-rom somewhere, cooking up this elaborate scheme to blow the buildings for the insurance, but not even CLOSE to realistic.

    First, it would take a few hundred people to pre-wire hundreds of tons of explosives throughout those three MASSIVE buildings – two of them among the biggest in the WORLD. Further, you’d have to pull it off without being SEEN -an impossibility given all that must be done inside to prep.

    And that’s just the BEGINNING. To pull off ALL of it – EVERYTHING that happened on 9-11 – would require THOUSANDS of people to be complicit, and for EVERY SINGLE ONE to continue their silence to this day.




    Again – there’s LOTS that REALLY STINKS, AND SHOULD BE EXPOSED – but not THIS crap. This is pure “COINTELPRO”, and has done a STELLAR job of making sure the REAL “baby” gets tossed along with this idiotic “bathwater.”

    There’s no shame in being fooled – like I said, I was too, for a good while. But when you REALLY think about out, it just doesn’t add up!

    Not even close.


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    • I never mentioned “nanothermite.” The simplest explanation? There’s nothing very simple that explains how that building completely crumbled nearly straight down, instantly, all in one lump. After a fire that burned for a few hours on a couple of floors. Do you think it’s really a leap to assume that the government (the same government that performed human radiological experiments, syphilis experiments, plotted coups, assassinated foreign rulers, plotted to kill its own civilians in false flag operations, actually DID kill foreign civilian children in false flag operations (both Operation Gladio) and fostered lies to justify their wars (Nurse Nayirah, Havana Harbor, “Bloody-handed Huns raping Nuns in Belgium,” “The Lusitania wasn’t carrying munitions,” Tonkin Gulf “Incident,” “WMDs”, would be unlikely to cook up something of that sort to suit their political ends, though the general population suffered?

  21. Hey how can ya wake someone else up if YOUR STILL SLEEPING!


  22. I have ZERO doubt that is capable of false-flag attacks, or (as, I believe, in this case) allowing an attack that COULD have been stopped to proceed, if it furthers some political goal.

    That still doesn’t make it possible to rig a huge, densely- building for demolition without anyone knowing about it.

    That they fell really isn’t all that difficult to understand. The fires caused cross-beams to sag, which put lateral stresses on the support-beams that they were not designed or equipped to handle.

    Once the first joint failed, the test was a chain-reaction. First one failed, now the next is carrying DOUBLE its design load, so IT failed. Now the NEXT is carrying TRIPLE–fail. And so on…

    And this would assume a top-down failure. Since we know the Real Xollapse.began several floors down, so the stresses would be many times greater and thus the collapse move faster,,,

  23. BBC reported building 7 had collapsed – before it had collapsed. Nothing to see here, 19 Arabs did it, so let’s invade Afghanistan (never mind all the opium there) and Iraq etc etc etc… They hate us for our freedom, donchaknow?

  24. Not totally convinced of the accuracy of that claim, but let’s stipulate for purpose of discussion…

    Firefighters were pulled out because of structural instability, having already seen two buildings collapse and seeing similar signs in building 7, they few feared collapse was imminent and so told fire crews to pull back.

    It’s no stretch for a talking-head in a newsroom several thousand miles away to misunderstand and turn “collapsing” into “collapsed.” There was massive confusion on that day – rumors flew and many were reported as fact. “it’s coming down…” – spoken as “…before too long” but heard as “…as we speak…” then reported a few minutes later as “past tense” isn’t hard to understand at all…

    Let’s say though – for the sake of discussion – that your inference is correct. NOW you’re alleging that “The BBC” was also party to this vast “conspiracy.” At a minimum – since we’re talking about a TV news broadcast – everyone affiliated with said broadcast would have to be “in on it.”

    So now, in addition to hundreds of demolition techs, all the security-staff of all three buildings, presumably all the janitors and maintenance folks, and so on, – we’re now adding an entire MAJOR-NETWORK’S news team to the conspirators? If so, this would necessarily include everyone, from the writer who programs the teleprompters through all cameramen, sound techs, grips, producers, directors, and on and on and on.

    For what purpose? How does including all THESE people help forward the object of the conspiracy?

    Given ANY thought at all, it should be obvious that IT DOESN’T! In fact, it would only increase the chance of discovery and exposure!

    Thus the whole thing – when given even cursory consideration – is LUDICROUS.


    Simple mistake or evidence of some grand “conspiracy?”