Steyn: From “Let’s Roll” To “Let’s Roll Over”

Scathing commentary from Mark Steyn.

DumpDC provides an alternative perspective, as in turn does RTC.

To the doubters, I say only:

We shall see.

And then?

20 responses to “Steyn: From “Let’s Roll” To “Let’s Roll Over”

  1. The alternate perspective is pure propaganda BS. Dump Israel? Not a chance. We are stuck to the Islamist Tarbaby because of the greed of Wall Street. The real “tragedy” is the way Dubya and his minions responded to this attack and did the touchy-feely “religion of peace” shtick. This country should have been put on a complete war footing. The borders should have been closed, every Muslim non-citizen should have been given 72 hours to leave the country, all Muslims in all branches of the military should have been cashiered with honorable discharges, and all mosques and madrassas surveilled and infiltrated, just like the French police do. Muslims will lie, connive, and go to any lengths, per their “religion” to subvert and overcome us infidels. Judging by the pathetic events descrobed in Styen’s column, they are winning their holy war against the Great Satan.

    • Exactly…the best part was GWB having a meeting with a group of Imams the week after a group of Islamic nutjobs kill 3000 of us. But the hilarity only got crazier because a couple of those Imams were later indicted as aiding terrorists.

    • Well stated, JM.

  2. DumpDC is a “TRUTHER” and you link to him? WTF? Stop giving folks reasons to think that patriots are nuts.

    • John:

      The editor at DumpDC is a secessionist and a good man. I happen to disagree with the Vance piece, but it represents a significant POV in the West, and thus is noteworthy.

      For my money, Islam is antithetical to all Western values, and must be extirpated. Part of the groundwork for that task is to understand the enemy’s POV for subsequent exploitation.

      • Just as I cannot read Denninger anymore after finding out he was stupid enough to vote for Obama I am worse about anyone even beginning to entertain the thought that the US Government did 9/11. That is so incredibly stupid as to discredit everything else coming from that brain…sorry but credibility is a big deal and we have just the words that are written to judge a person’s credibility. So a person needs to be careful of believing stupid shit.

        “I am convinced that the 9-11 event was planned and executed at the highest levels of the Washington government. And Islam is the perfect foil for a rogue government desperate to find a new enemy now that the Soviet Union preceded America to the ashbin of history. ”

        Pretty fucking stupid thing to write…for a variety of reasons not the least the incredible ignorance of Islam’s history of attacking the west for the last 1500 years. Shores of Tripoli and such…

  3. JM-

    We are more willing to kill our own children than we are to be “un-PC” and do the “rude” things that need done.

    It’s easier that way.

    And war pays.


  4. Assuming the official story is correct (and I have my doubts), if the US had simply turned a few large, choice areas in the Mideast to glass after 9/11, and threatened to do more of the same if the Islamist states didn’t act to prevent further acts of aggression against the US and her allies, then the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would not have been required, nor would the massive loss of rights at home. It would have also meant much less loss of life in the long term — on both sides.

  5. And that, Ace, is why there will be “100 (rag)heads” following the NEXT attack. And probably “100 (pig) heads” as well, for it is THEY who put us here.

  6. So, AP, how many of your own children have you “killed”? I get your analogy, but it’s still lame. Still fighting that ole’ Viet-Nam war are we? Nations, Empires, States, whatever you want to call them, survive and continue because if they percieve a mortal threat, they do like Rome did. They put their young men into the mud. I realize it’s been grossley mishandled and wasted in Iraq and Afhanistan, but, c’est la guerre, and you well know the morons we got in govt. couldn’t find their ass with both hands. I actually got children in this fight, do you? You pays your money, and you takes your chances, as the carnival barker used to say. War pays? Tell me something I don’t know. While a Combat Infantryman in Viet-Nam(emphasis mine), I easily saw the waste and bullshit, and when I got home, I learned how it makes a lot of people rich. And by the way, I wholeheartedly reject the link that took both the side of the “Palestinians”(murdering thugs) and OBL. Absolute rubbish. Yes, Einstein, I know we done pissed them off beyond all recognition, and that’s why they hate us, but you know what? Tough Shit. They should be glad a bastard like me don’t have nothin’ to say about how this thing is done, because “sea of glass” doesn’t even start to describe how I don’t care about Moslems and their crap. Fair, is not part of my lexicon. They can all die tomorrow, and that’s that.

    • Sean,

      Thanks for your feedback on my lame opinions.

      There are other, more effective options out there besides this quasi-war. That was my point. Glass parking lot is one, as is profiling and repatriation/immigration controls.

      Since my opinions are lame though, I won’t bother. Sounds like you’ve got ‘er all worked out.


    • AP is referring to abortion, not sending young men off to die for questionable purposes.

  7. Sean,

    I’m still disappointed in the military sort-of-response by President Bush.

    ICBM response on Mecca and Medina (grid pattern air-burst, delay 1-hour, 2nd grid pattern ground-bursts focussed on special ground sites , just to be sure) at noon on 9/12 would have been appropriate. Announce that future attacks on the CONUS will be responded to in kind.

    I don’t care if they hate or love us, but they should fear/respect us.


  8. Look lets not fall into the cliche “nuke them into glass” stuff. Nukes are dirty and lord knows what would happen after the fallout started spreading around. Besides we could have accomplished it all with well placed ARCLIGHT strikes. I like to see the BUFF’s getting some airtime.

  9. “Nukes are dirty”
    Can be, but don’t have to be. Our friends downwind know how to deal with hiding from fallout for a month, by which time being outside in the park will be just the same as the previous spring.

    Nukes require zero loss of US air crew life. Manned aircraft have a non-zero chance of loss.

    The mushroom cloud should join Islamic mythology as to what happens when going too far with Jihad. “Soul Killing” is the ultra-secret un-discussed effect of being vaporized by a nuke: no Heaven, no virgins, no resurrection. Don’t let this happen to you or your tribe, so leave the Americans alone.

    • Just like every problem is not a gun problem on a personal level every international issue cant be solved with a nuke. Get serious or you open yourself up to ridicule by pacifist weenies. Not that it matters what they think but still dont give them any ammo.

      • “every international issue cant be solved with a nuke”

        But the Islamic problem can.

        In fact nuclear bombs are the end result of a development process aimed directly at this problem: large hordes of savage barbarians more willing to die than your own people. Remember

        Whatever happens
        We have got
        The Maxim Gun
        And they have not.

        That was an earlier big step forward. Nuclear bombs are the latest. The only thing missing now is the will to use such tools – which, really, is just the will to live.

        Any civilization that successfully opposes Islam will use such things, because Islam has shown that it will not be stopped by anything less.

  10. I think DumpDC jumped a shark there. I can believe a lot of bad things about FedGov – Gunwalker included – but ‘9/11 was an inside job’ is a bit beyond the pale. It just doesn’t make sense. Cui Bono? What have those in power gained in the last ten years that would possibly exceed the costs of that day and all the days since? Money? Power? A person would have to be sociopathic on the order of a Hitler or a Stalin to be able to see the upside of killing so many of his fellow citizens all at once. Remember that following 9/11, the news that ONLY a few thousand had been killed was the GOOD news. The expected death toll was an order of magnitude higher. Also, why, when Muslim holy-warriors are so fond of blowing themselves up, would FedGov need to manufacture any? Why, when the same site had already been hit by the same folks, would FedGov need to encourage anything at all? The Truther point of view just doesn’t hold water – not logically and not psychologically.

    Finally, the one thing about the Lew Rockwell article that burns my bacon is that Haji finally comes out and says they are fighting to “[make] the word of Allah supreme over any religion or system” and for the “much awaited Muslim caliphate”. One of them finally drops all the pretenses about occupation and Israel and so on and finally tells the truth. That truth, all by itself, makes our opposition to said push for a worldwide Caliphate under Sharia an act of self-defense. That, by itself, should have ended the article, right there because it reveals their other arguments as specious. We might argue over methods and effectiveness, but if Haji is arguing that our determination not to be Dhimmi slaves somehow authorizes mass-murder, he’s more full of crap than I first thought. If Muslims want to rape and butcher each other in the name of their god, I guess they have enough freedom as human beings to choose slavery for themselves. Do they want us to respect them for it? They’ve got another thing coming. Do they expect us (and the Jews) to stand idly by while they annihilate the Jews? Nuts.

    I’m sure those other things (our dealings in Iraq, our support of Israel, and so on) burnt their not-bacon. Some of them we probably shouldn’t have done, but even regarding things we probably shouldn’t have done, Haji’s self-defense angle falls apart. It’s not self-defense to plan to kill a guy a year from now for some he did to somebody else (that you never even met) five years ago. Even if he was wrong to do what he did back then, what you do so long after the fact is vendetta, not self-defense. So some guy you’ve never met did something to piss you off, maybe even very personally. Tough cookies. And yes, I apply this standard to myself. There’s a guy whose ass I really want to kick because of how he treated my wife back when she was in high-school. I learned about it long after the fact. What he did was wrong, but that doesn’t mean I have a right to do kick his ass unless he tries it again. What Haji did on 9/11 was even less justified than any of that. Instead of waiting a year to kill a guy for something he did to another guy five years ago, Haji waited for a few years and killed a whole bunch of people whose crime was having the same citizenship and language as the first guy, plus a certain number of people who weren’t even that closely related to the putative first guy.

    When a man swings his fist without a damn good reason, he accepts the risk that whether he hits or not, the guy he swung on might hit back. If the first guy gets stomped for his aggression, he can’t right complain about ending up on the ground in a pool of his own piss. That’s a lot of I hear when Haji talks about why: “They fought back! No Fair!”

    Finally, when Mr Smith knows that Mr Hussein can lie to him with a clear conscience, then Mr Smith shouldn’t ever expect the truth from Mr Hussein regarding touchy subjects like motive (except as a happy accident). Mr Hussein can do precisely that because of taqqiya. Haji’s statements shouldn’t ever be accepted at face value as the whole truth, unless Haji A is talking to Haji B, and maybe not even then.

  11. My gut tells me “sea of glass” – but my head tells me it would only make thinks WORSE.

    What I have a SERIOUS problem with are the “Rules of (Non) Engagement” that tie our boys’ hands and make them sitting-ducks.

    We NEED a Declaration of War – not only because The Constitution DEMANDS it, but because of the CRITICAL difference in mindset it brings.

    We’re not there to make friends, “spread Democracy”, build schools…

    We’re there to KILL THE FUCKING ENEMY – otherwise BRING THE TROOPS HOME!

  12. FYI, it looks like the link to DumpDC in your blogroll is broken….