Just played old guy on the airsoft range for a day-and-a-half, including a night op that wrapped at 0000 today.

AAR/LL to follow later in week.

First key lesson?

More cardio.

4 responses to “Beat

  1. WSRA, You can almost always benefit from more cardio. Well until you are losing muscle and spending all your time doing it then it is time to cut back.

  2. Boss, I like dem games you was out playin’. That stuff us good for ya. But don’t get discouraged by the youngins outrunnin’ you and bein’ faster. It’s good training, but, remember, actual combat is confused, noisy to distraction, and heart-pounding craziness. People forget shit, including training. Some just go “tharn”, and find a place to hide. People, unless well trained, and often experienced too, will do everything wrong, including the exact wrong thing at the right time. They will stand up during a firefight. They will attract unwelcome attention to themselves by lying or standing in a clear area, no cover, no concealment. They will suddenly forget everyones names and their jobs. They will babble incoherent rubbish on the radio, and then wind up screaming at it, to try to make themselves understood. And they will run, fail to use their weapons, be baffled by stoppages, and go somewhat crazy, and instead of fighting, they’ll open a can of peaches or something, and start eating. Many, at the first sight of blood and brains and guts, will go catotonic. So, it’s all fun and games till the game begins in earnest, and then, you’ll just have to see what happens. But training is always good. Gives you a useful outlet, muscle memory, and a chance for a dry run through of the real thing. That way, when you encounter a babbling buddy, who looks at you uncomprehendingly, you can say, “Remember your training”, and have about a 50% chance of it getting him into the action. It does work. Had to use it on some of my NCOs too. Later, when they come up to you sheepishly to start apologizing or making excuses, you gently cut them off, and say, ” Man, I can’t remember a damn thing about that last one!” And you look at them with a little conspiritorial smile, and you both never talk about it again, but you both are relieved, and have a good bond between you that can grow to an everlasting respect.

  3. Sean,
    I am glad to have met you in Atlanta and I am glad you are on our team.

  4. I just got back from running a stage at the IDPA World Championship that me and a few of the guys designed and built. The course of fire had you parry a shotgun, engage threats on the run, take low cover, ground weapon, simulate CPR on a down man, then retrieve weapon and engage charging/appearing/disappearing threats. It was easily the best stage of the match considering comments received.

    It was amazing to see so many shooters hyperventilate, shake, fall down, run into barrels, go blank, freeze, fail to engage targets, flub reloads, miss shots, etc. I even disqualified an individual who negligently discharged into the barricade.! Even more amazing was the number of individuals whose physical condition contributed to their poor performance.

    And the were no rounds coming their way.

    If you can keep your head. And you can stay in shape. Your odds are increased. It is demonstrable.