JohnGaltFLA explains.

Any questions?

4 responses to “FUBAR

  1. Y’all got that right.

  2. Please secure your items in the overhead compartment and place all tray tables in the upright position.

  3. Mt Top Patriot

    Yup. FUBAR

    This is a must watch. It parallels John GaltFLA.
    A most candid disclosure of how FUBAR’ed it is from an inside trader.
    the other thing to watch is how aghast the TV dupes are at such a display of the cold hard truth. Most telling.
    Amazing this got broadcast time.
    Somebody in the Fifth Column screwed up.

    Great stuff all.

    Goldman Sachs Rule The World Not Governments BBC Sept 26 2011

    If your so inclined, check out ZERO Hedge’s take:
    “BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Good picture of another successful graduate of the Ziad Jarrah Flight Training Institute.