Gunwalker: The Plot Thickens




3 responses to “Gunwalker: The Plot Thickens

  1. “Dad, are we there yet?”

    Stranger by the day…

  2. Let me know when someone actually gets charged with something.

  3. With all that, if your local news happens to cover it and calls it a “sting gone bad”, well then you have known better for the past six months or so The coverage of it here, from SSI and Codrea, has been faithful since this past December.

    Meanwhile, since nothing will come of all of this, how are you doing with your resistance plans? Are you working on your comms for when cell phones and internet are no longer available to resistors? What is that durned number that you are supposed to divide the frequency in MHz by in order to construct a correct antenna length? Got comms? If you don’t, do more pushups, and think while pushing your ignorance away, that a person might want to find an independant way to communicate around the world, un-interfered, beyond cell phones and internet. Recent history has shown that cell phones and internet are transitory concepts in some places.

    Somebody is going to win the fight, either you or the other guy. Neutrals just go into boxcars at some point. Quite a few neutrals have proven their historical use, by working with the OpFor. The figure in East Germany, seems to have been one in seven citizens being a Stasi informant.

    Think about that: One in Seven, in that police state. That place was fairly efficient due to citizen participation. We are not trending towards a police state… right? We can ignore the DSH siren of “If you see something, say something”… right?

    So think hard, as you make your plans to move, shoot, and communicate, about how you deal with the people you meet in daily life. Chances are… well, you know what the chances are.