The Essential Question

(graphic courtesy of totallynotadrian via Vanderleun)

Please view this speech by Elizabeth Warren, then read Jerry Pournelle’s commentary on same.

Me? I’m with Billy Beck on “social contracts”.

Produce a copy of it, with my authentic signature on it, and then we can talk.

Until then, I’ll wonder just one thing about Warren and others of her ilk.

Will they shred?

And by the way, campers, you do know that the US military will ultimately be the enforcers of the Federal tax laws and the resulting upcoming excitement, right?

It’s an American tradition.

9 responses to “The Essential Question

  1. Impossible. American human nature is different from human nature in other countries. U.S. government soldiers would NEVER commit the terrible atrocities committed by the soldiers of every other government for the past 9,000 years.

  2. @Brass…. I assume that you’re being sarcastic?

  3. Indeed Brass! We’re different here.

    Its always amusing to bring up to the national healthcare supporters all of America’s past sins they themselves often shriek about in response to their idea that “government can run healthcare better” or my favorite “I trust a gov worker to take better care of me and my health than some insurance worker just there for a paycheck”.

  4. Another fucking communist.

    Why don’t these parasites just move to Russia, or China. or Viet Nam?


  5. How in $**&$ did MA. go from patriotic to communistic in 240yrs?

    • Connecticut and Massachusetts were centers of Puritan culture, and after the religious aspects were watered down later with the 19th century “Great Immigration” from eastern Europe, the “we know better than you what you need and will kill you to get it to you” mentality was left.

      Couple that with the illicit victory over the Confederate States AND the immigration of huge numbers of “Forty-eighters” you realize that socialism isn’t new to MA, it’s been going on a long time.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Read the original governing documents of the Massachusetts Colony – they’ve *always* been pretty communistic.

    • Massachusetts was communist when the pilgrims first landed. Read “Pilgrim’s Progress.” The pilgrims had a common farm, and nobody wanted to work on it. They starved. Only once people got their own plot of land to till did people begin to grow their own food diligently.

  6. SameNoKami, I think it went commie because of ………… money. Wealthy people have lots of time on their hands, and since Marxs’ little tome was laying around……… besides, communism is fashionable because it pits the little good guys against the big, evil, capitalists, and those idle rich FEEL so much for the little good guys that, for their own good, they steer them into socialism, which is communism, with a smiley face on it. And not only can smiley faced socialists STAY rich, they can engage in any kind of gangster activities they want to, during and after their little socialist take-over. They justify it saying to themselves that it’s for the common good, even though they are quite aware they’re doing nothing but tyranny with the willing cooperation of the serfs.